On Tap in the Twin Cities - 2020

Discussion in 'Midwest' started by gatornation, Jan 1, 2020.

  1. gatornation

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    Ansari’s has 8 or so BCBS/ & Variants on tap,plus some Drastic Measures and Little Thistle brew.
  2. opwog

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    Long time lurker, 100th time giving a shit.

    Has anybody been by the Red Cow on 50th St. lately and ordered the 2019 Goose Island BCB Café de Olla? I have a 5oz glass in front of me, alongside a 5oz of Odell Bull Proof. Goose Island is supposed to be a 13.5 abv beer over coffee beans AND cold coffee added. Between the two, the Odell is Tru to description and the 12% abv is easily there. The "Goose Island" seems to be obviously lower abv than the Odell and lacks the body of anything in the BCB line, as well as not tasting or smelling anything like coffee.

    IMHO, it has no coffee in the ose or the taste, which is contrary to every review that says that coffee dominates both. What I do taste is cocoa and cinnamon, which would match the Stone Xocoveza, which they also had on during their 12 days of Christmas. It also drinks like an 8% beer.

    I went to the person here that I trust most for their being able to break down beers and she says that it smells like coffee. The Odell beer tastes spot on and I actually had to reverse engineer what I smelled/tasted to go back through their beer list to find the Xocoveza.

    So looking for confirmation if I am nuts (actually, scratch that)... I am trying to see if anybody else thinks that the wrong keg is on tap at the 50th St. Red Cow for the BCB Café de Olla.
  3. nmoe

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    Try ordering the Xocoveza and do a side by side?
  4. Syzygy00

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    Did you see it poured? Bartender may have had a brain fart or server may have grabbed the wrong beer. I’d just ask for a sample of the beer you ordered and compare. If not what you ordered, tell them and they’d make it right.
  5. morimech

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    A bit outside of the metro but Waconia Brewing has a Wee Heavy aged in Lagavulin Scotch Whisky barrels on-tap. So if you like your whisky from Islay, you will probably like this beer. Heavy barrel influence in this 8% ABV ale.
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  6. islay

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    "I say this an Islay drinker..." (in Millenial parlance): I don't think there's much overlap between whisk(e)y fans and whisk(e)y-barrel-aged beer fans. Most craft beer drinkers I know who also enjoy whiskey don't much care for bourbon-barrel-aged beers and the like, and most BBA beer enthusiasts I've encountered don't know much about whiskey. Obviously there are some exceptions. It's much like whiskey and Coke: The flavors don't mesh particularly well, whiskey fans don't want their liquor ruined with carbonated corn syrup, and frequent Coca-Cola drinkers know the cocktail tastes worse than the non-spiked version. The audience for that concoction consists mostly of people who aren't particularly fans of either component.

    Added: HammerHeart put out an excellent Islay-barrel-aged smoke beer in 2017 called Bog Burial. The Islay qualities jibed with the smoked malts instead of being an overwhelming and discordant distraction, as they usually are in beer. That's the only good Islay-barrel-aged beer I've ever had (out of perhaps 5 I've tried). But I'd give this one a go in the unlikely event I happen to be at Waconia Brewing Company any time soon.
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  7. nmoe

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    Disagree. A few friends and I enjoy Bourbons and Ryes quite a bit and my preference in beer is BBA with a strong barrel preference and fewer adjuncts.
  8. Victory_Sabre1973

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    Outside of the cities.

    Tonight at the Boulder Tap House in St. Cloud, they will serving beers from Hop & Barrel in Hudson.
    5pm tonight.
  9. eggsurplus

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    Please bring back Bog Burial.
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  10. gatornation

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    WI, but close enough. The Nova has TG /Binny’s Barrel Slayer on tap @$15/5oz. Too rich for me, other’s may be interested thou?
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  11. gatornation

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  12. shadetree67

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    I had the cafe on tap at turtles and all I could taste was the cinnamon and orange. From what I understand, the bottles have a lot of coffee and cinnamon and very little orange. So I think its just a keg vs bottle variance
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  13. ReadySetBeer

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    Had the Café de Olla last night out of the bottle. Strong coffee, medium cinnamon flavors over the smooth base stout.. Orange was only on the nose.
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  14. MNBeer1017

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    Founders French Toast Bastard on at F44 cheese shop
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  15. fargofallout

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    City Works downtown is closed. I guess it has been closed for a week or two, but I hadn't noticed until today. They have what I assume is the Hennepin County eviction notice on the door, but maybe it's more innocuous than that.

    Either way, their website confirms it: https://www.cityworksrestaurant.com/minneapolis/
  16. gatornation

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    That’s too bad its a cool area and place. Hennepin Ave is in the middle of a 4 year street and sidewalk resurface and upgrade ,that coupled with constant crime between 3rd and 6th street, may have contributed. I work downtown but have stopped going down for entertainment.
  17. iamcool

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    2018 BA Cherry Vanilla Darkness on at Buffalo Tap in Savage.
  18. Backhand

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    BBA expedition at Rock Elm Plymouth according to Untappd. Have not been there to verify...yet.
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  19. Chumley22

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    Sad- but true. No interest in going downtown anymore. Parking has also become an issue.
  20. cheeseheadinMinneapolis

    cheeseheadinMinneapolis Devotee (446) Sep 20, 2017 Minnesota

  21. Dave2234

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    It was there last night, at least.
  22. Douggo

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    For you CBS hounds, Pizza Luce downtown claims it's "coming soon."
    No word on whether it's still on at Acadia.
  23. MNBeer1017

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    The Infamous CBS just kicked at Tilia post - so cunty
  24. Douggo

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    Dammit, I knew I had it wrong.
  25. dbhammel

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    I took over beer buying duties at Tilia about 6 months ago. I'm happy to provide updates here as long as every post won't automatically be met with a "is CBS still on tap" comment.
  26. SudsSavant

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    How about Summit Saga then? :wink:
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  27. Chaz

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    Cue the Sporty’s rimshot.
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  28. dbhammel

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    Haha the ironic thing is that we actually have Saga on tap right now for the first time since I took over. A few highlights from the tap list:

    Ology Purple Telscope
    Falling Knife L Bombs
    Indeed Queen
    Blackstack Honorable Mention
    CW BB Barleywine
    Blackstack Central Air -- will be on tap this weekend
    Humble Forager NE IPA -- will be on tap next week
    Brewing Projekt DMT -- will be on tap next week
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  29. Boat

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    In case you haven't heard...
    BREAKING: MN Gov. Tim Walz announced all MN bars and restaurants will close for dine-in services. Only curbside pick-up and delivery allowed. This will take effect at 5 p.m. Tuesday due to concern about St. Patrick’s Day crowds.

    Also closed: movie theaters, fitness clubs, gyms, cafes, bowling alleys, bingo halls, hookah bars, arcades, and country clubs.
  30. gatornation

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    Well time to revive this after a 3 month Quarantine of Taps. Ansaris no waiting outside patio has Humble Forager Coastal Sunshine on tap.
  31. gatornation

    gatornation Poo-Bah (5,904) Apr 18, 2007 Minnesota
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    Ansari’s again has some nice taps and patio is superb. To name a few BT Rain Drops ,Purple Lamborghini , HF Coastal Sunshine ,Elevated Perspective,several Blackstack and Falling Knife.
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  32. HammsMeASAP

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    If Ansari's wasn't down in Iowa, I would all over that place quite often.
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  33. Bruno415

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    Hahahaha same
  34. maximum12

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    Heeeey now! The southern metro is a veritable beer wasteland. Let us have one nice thing!
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