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  1. Gytaryst

    Gytaryst Initiate (30) Mar 3, 2015 Arizona

    I'm wondering what the best online beer shops are, based on your personal experiences. If there is a thread already dedicated to this please point me in that direction. I did a quick search but wasn't sure where to search.

    I live in the United States and I'm primarily interested in Trappist ales and glassware. I've already had most of the beers and collected most of the glassware. The two breweries I haven't had yet are Zundert and the new one in the UK, Mount St. Bernard Abbey, (Tynt Meadow). I've used Belgianstyleales and I believe Beliuminabox. Just curious if anyone has any experience with any others? Belgianstyleales has Spencer beers which I can't get here, but I think I can get the rest where I live. Beliuminabox has the Belgian ales, but not Tynt Meadow, and I'm not sure about Zundert.

    Anyway - there are some beers here in the states I'd like to try that I can't get as well. I looked into trading a few years ago but it seemed way too unnecessarily complicated and risky. Back then I think trading was one of the only ways to get beers from different regions. Now there's more online stores - I'm just wondering which ones are on the up and up.
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  2. Dragginballs76

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    In your neck of the woods I have used Craft Beer Kings and Best Damn Beer Shop both in California. Never had an issue with either.
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  3. sportscrazed2

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    Only time i ever ordered beer online was France 44 when I wanted Surly so bad. Now I can find it easily enough locally. It all depends on local laws etc.
  4. Bitterbill

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    There were way more online stores when I first started buying online. The future looks kinda bleak for the business, imho, as I've seen many more stores stop shipping than new stores starting.
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  5. Gytaryst

    Gytaryst Initiate (30) Mar 3, 2015 Arizona

    Thanks guys. Hopefully the laws will change here in America soon and lighten up on beer distribution and shipping. But maybe that's not so good for local breweries - who knows?
  6. nw2571

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    More freedom is always better for everyone. Always.
  7. Big_Steve23

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  8. dcotom

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    Zundert is available stateside now. It's part of the Merchant du Vin portfolio, along with Rochefort, Orval, and several others. Ask your bottle shop about it.

    I still need Westy and Tynt Meadow myself. :slight_frown:
  9. woodchipper

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    What about bottle dates? I have never seen an online store mention them. Has anyone received out-dated beer from online stores?
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  10. nc41

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    I have from Fl. But years ago I was ordering every other month or so from SD and getting killer fresh Alpine. I’ve ordered beer from France 44 too, and it’s usually right on the money, but one time they sent me some old ass Abrasive and it sucked. So, it’s all over the place and I’d ask about the canning dates. That means talking to a human being and not just clicking boxes on a web sight. For the money your spending you need to know exactly what your buying
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  11. tigg924

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    I also received past date and close to date beer from France44. I ordered a mixed case of six packs and some of the beer had a expiration date within two two weeks of arrival. I contacted them on their website and got call within two business days. To their credit, they replaced all of the beer with dates further out.
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  12. dcotom

    dcotom Poo-Bah (2,129) Aug 4, 2014 Iowa
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    I've used Keg N Bottle and was very pleased with the service and turnaround time. Anyone else tried them?
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  13. Bitterbill

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    Wow. They have Courage Imperial Stout in stock. Well done.
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  14. DavidK1126

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    I'm really interested in anyone's recent experiences of using on-line stores that ship beer and ale from Europe--particularly from Belgium--to the United States. Any recommendations? Tips? Warnings? Both posts and private messages would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm a fairly active on-line U. S. beer store customer. Some of the on-line stores ship only to certain states, so it's important to clarify one's eligibility to shop via any particular website. That said, I've had mostly wonderful experiences.

    I think that is the best. It involves using a phone app, so Tavour is not strictly on-line. Tavour is based in Seattle, and they send a couple of notifications each day of what's available. There is no on-line catalogue. The breweries carried by Tavour are largely--but not exclusively--from the Pacific Coast and Colorado, and the beers skew heavily to IPAs and coffee stouts. From time to time, Tavour will offer high ABV brews from Belgium, or Canada, or someplace in the U. S. outside of their typical footprint. I've never had a damaged bottle, and I've never had a missing bottle. Check their shipping policies. is from Ashville, the locus of some interesting and quality breweries. I think that it is a retail store that ships, but they have a searchable on-line catalogue. Whatever I purchased from them showed up on time and undamaged, and I was happy with every bottle.

    I've also had success with in buying stuff from southern California breweries. They have a searchable catalogue.
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