PENDING ISO Attainable Whiskeys FT Beer List

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    Moving in June and trying to whittle down the cellar. Looking to stay as close to $4$ as possible. Message me if interested.

    WhistlePig Old World
    WhistlePig Farmstock Rye
    WhistlePig 10 Year Rye
    Angels Envy Rum Cask
    EH Taylor Single Barrel
    EH Taylor Small Batch
    Stagg Junior
    Elmer T Lee
    Macallan 12 Double or Triple Cask
    Macallan 15 Fine Oak
    Macallan Edition

    Bourbon County
    ā€˜18 BC Vanilla
    ā€˜18 BC Bramble
    BC Wheatwine
    BC Midnight Orange


    Kentucky Coffee Fluffernutter (Dawg Barrel)
    Kokomo Vibes (Dawg Barrel)
    Brunch Sunday Morning Style (Dawg Barrel)
    Iā€™m In Love With The Cocoa (Dawg Barrel)
    You Sexy Thing (Dawg Barrel)
    Bourbon Paradise
    BA XMAS Bomb
    Apple Brandy Noir

    Maple Bourbon Coconut Cake Break
    PB & Thursday
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