Poorly Served Draft Beer

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  1. lastmango

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    If the beer was that important to your experience at the restaurant then I believe you did the right thing. However . . . I never go to a Mexican restaurant to drink beer because I do not believe they know how to brew or serve it. I know that will likely trigger some rants but Mexico is not known for good beer. Instead, I get a tequila drink. :slight_smile:
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  2. Tdizzle

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    Why? Just curious.
  3. nc41

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    It's a chain Mexican place, so what were you really expecting? If it was flat just swap it out for a bottled beer, pretty simple. It's a third world problem easily and painlessly solved.
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  4. rgordon

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    It was chilled, then cold, then frozen all before it came to him.
  5. gopens44

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    Certainly, glad to explain - I’ve become far more aware of things like cost and such, but it goes a bit deeper. First off, on cost; there’s a pretty decent chance that save for a really good buyer every now and then, that I have better beer at the house. So, I can either overpay for something I settle on, or just save my beer drinking for said better home beer. Second, we do not eat out a lot, but when we do it’s typically Mexican (wife’s preference). Not a hotbed of craft nirvana. On the occasional BBQ joint trip (Buz and Neds in Richmond on Broad has a great selection), i may have a beer. Truth be said, I get more pleasure out of an unsweet ice tea (that’s how I get profiled as a northerner) for dinner and do my own beer thing later. Aside from all that blah blah blah, I’ve just come to enjoy eating without having to contemplate a beer as well, and I don’t fancy paying for a beer of lesser “contemplation “ for the experience of simply having a beer with dinner.

    Bourbon though, that’s another story.........
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  6. IceAce

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    Ok, I'll bite.

    How exactly does the act of pouring allow you to ascertain freshness...or the lack thereof?
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  7. Troutbeerbum

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    And food.
  8. Nittybeat

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    This has been my experience. I run a taproom with 25 lines. I clean my lines weekly myself. I’ve had too many disappointments to let another person clean my lines lol
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  9. lightman1

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    I probably would have just considered the source and drank it, and never returned. If I had indeed complained and been confronted like you were, I would have left too!. I would have left enough cash to cover the tab up to that time, just to avoid any possible trouble. Actually, I recently had a similar experience, and it was a Mexican restaurant. The service was slow, the beer was flat and the food was only ok. I paid the tab and tipped 10%, never to return. I doubt they are still there!
  10. lightman1

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    We recently, very recently, had another poor experience with a chain tap house. We went in during the afternoon and had very slow service. It was a slow time but several servers walked by our table without paying us any attention. We were beginning to get aggravated. When finally served, the server was courteous. The beer was good, served at the proper temp, and in the correct glass. My meal was pretty good however my Wife did not get what she ordered. She tried to eat it but just did not like it. We mentioned it to the server and He apologized. He also offered to replace it but time did not allow that. He also offered to comp it, which we also declined. I paid the tab and tipped, and was fairly generous. Fast forward a week and we are back there again. Yeah, I know........... Anyway, we met some friends there. The Manager was there and circulating around talking to the customers. We were headed to a local beer fest and struck up a conversation with him about, what else, beer! We mentioned our recent experience to him and he acted concerned. He also offered to comp our meal, which we also declined. I politely told him that he had a nice place, in a nice location, and that I hoped our complaint would be taken seriously and ultimately help as I wanted to see them survive.

    Anyway, my two post show how you can go two different directions. Personally, one place I care something about. The other, not so much.
  11. pjbear05

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    I'm reminded of the infamous Hops brewpub chain down here. Not only did the beers suck, they were served so chilled and in such a chilled glass that part if the beer turned to ice in the glass.
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  12. Squire

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    I've heard people say they like that.
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  13. pjbear05

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    Not me, a beer served that cold shows me you're hiding something, usually bad beer/bad ingredients.
  14. Prep8611

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    Have you ever mowed a lawn in the summer? Give me an ice cold beer, everything has its place...
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  15. Lahey

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    I don't mind a slushy beer from time to time. Of course at a serious taproom I wouldn't expect this. But a mom and pop spot with greasy food and limited beer options? Go ahead and bust out the frosted mug. When in rome...
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  16. HoppingMadMonk

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    I was in a local low key watering hole for a board meeting for a club I belong to. We were gathering around the bar,a few guys had mugs of beer when I watched the woman behind the bar pour a guy a beer.
    She took his used glass,didn't wash it,with a quarter of an inch of old beer still in the glass,pressed it against the tap and began a pour. That meant every dirty glass was pressed against the tap and the old backwash beer just washed up over the spicket and was dripping waiting to get into the next glass. I told everyone around me to order a bottle. That's a really poor,grossly served draft
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  17. HorseheadsHophead

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  18. Squire

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    Having been drinking beer for more than 50 years now I've actually had a number of people tell me they like their beer served in frozen mugs that produce some ice crystals in the beer. None of my business why they like it that way.
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  19. jimmyfishkin

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    It tells me that most of the people that order beer there order beer that isn't out of place in a chilled glass. I've asked the server t o please bring me a non-chilled glass before. I may get a strange look, but I'm used to that.
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  20. jimmyfishkin

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    If I'm at a a place like this I usually just don't order a beer. Not sure I would have turned down the free meal, but the bartenders shenanigans would have elicited a colorful response from me.
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  21. grampaernie61

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    As a 40 year veteran of the Food and Beverage industry, incidents like this never cease to amaze me. Especially considering that this was a chain restaurant. YOU NEVER ARGUE WITH YOUR CUSTOMER. This still happens?? I don't care what the experience of the bartender was, the fact that he decided it was up to him to educate a customer on draft beer is astounding. I think you made the right decision to leave, despite the offer of a free meal. That the manager offered this speaks to larger problems that are perhaps being covered up.

    We shouldn't be afraid to order beer wherever we go to eat, and holding them to a standard isn't only a good thing but it's also the right thing. I would have dismissed the bartender, asked to immediately talk to the manager and made sure that they understood my displeasure with being lectured by a member of their staff. Then I too would have left.
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  22. HopsDubosc

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    My lord. He'd probably end up dumping that beer on me after I was halfway through the tongue lashing I'd unleash.... I frequent chains all the time, and it's not for the food. It's for the friendly service, sports TV, and cheap, large, cold beers (Vermont's ahead of the game it seems as I can get a Fiddlehead IPA or better at the chains here). Can't fathom him coming to your table and 'educating' you that flat and warm is the way a draft Dos Equis should be served..... does not compute.
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  23. MilkLeg

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    Thanks for clearing that up. I thought maybe it somehow froze without being cold first. Even being cold without being chilled would have been quite the mystery :stuck_out_tongue:
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