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  1. Noozle

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    The wife and I are heading up to Portsmouth tomorrow and spending the night (without kids!!!). Im looking for bar and brewery reccomendations. Ive done some research on here and the hot spots seem to be Row 34 and Black Birch for bars. Stoneface and Decidious are of interest to me so I may stop there. Are there any other spots, particularly in the downtown area, that has a good tap list.

    On the other hand, I would love to find a fun environment to watch some of the playoff games so if you could point me to good tap list with a good setup for watching sports then that is a bonus!

    Really all food and drink reccomendations are welcome, I havent spent time in Portsmought in over 5 years. Cheers!
  2. chipawayboy

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    Definatly go across the river into Wallingford Sq to Kittery and hit Black Birch. It’s not really a bar as you can’t just go grab a seat for a beer - you have to wait if it’s busy — but there tap list is basically Portland south. Awesome. You can also hit Anju and the Dram and also get a great beer from there limited tap lists in a killer environment w/awesome food. No TVs in those places — Portsmouth has plenty of places to watch football.
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  3. jhavs

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    Earth Eagle is an interesting spot.

    Great Rhythm often has some tasty brews.

    For the playoff games I would suggest Thirsty Moose. They have a big taplist of craft brews (NH Distro). Food is decent pub style. The vibe is kind of TGI Fridays ish.
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  4. marcrgrenier

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    I love both Stoneface and Deciduous, but both are out of town. Stoneface is about a 10 minute drive from downtown, has a large variety of beers, and the food is great. They do have a big screen that the pull down for games occasionally. Deciduous is in Newmarket about a 25 minute drive from downtown, and is making my favorite IPAs right now. They also have solid stout and sour game as well. THere are a number of good restaurants in Newmarket as well, Oak House is great.
    Theres really no sports bars in Portsmouth that I can think of. Thirsty Moose as mentioned is probably your best bet for a wide variety of beer with the NH Distro limitations in mind. Mojos is good as well, I watched NCAA hoops there this year.
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  5. Seacoastbrewer

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    Others covered the food spots well. It's all about Black Birch for food & tap list, and the Dram for drinks beforehand.

    Sports bars I would rank as follows:

    1. TJs - best environment usually in terms of a fun locals crowd. Decent (for NH) tap list. You'll find stoneface, great rhythm, and some solid nationally distro'ed beers here. Food is very solid pub grub.
    2. Mojos has tons of TVs, parking is easy and free. Tap list is poor, food is mediocre. Good game time crowd.
    3. Thirsty moose has tons of TVs and tons of taps.Food is actually solid. Environment is not as fun as TJs, parking is not free at the garage.
    4. Portsmouth brewery is solid food, and their beers seem divisive around here. I like them just fine. Not a great place to watch the game. Packed with tourists and no game sound, unless their downstairs stepped up their game.

    Portsmouth deserves a better class of sports bar.
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  6. Noozle

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    Thanks for all the recommendations folks! This should give us quite a few options to choose from - appreciate it
  7. T-RO

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    Black Birch opens at 3:30 on Saturdays, a very quick drive or Uber. Great food and tap list, not where you'd watch a game though. Downtown, Row 34 typically has a good tap list. For real local fun for sports I agree with @Seacoastbrewer , stop by TJ's , very good food, good taps (Stoneface, Great Rhythm, Bells, SN, MBC lunch sometimes, Lone Pine (ME.) excellent service. Don't be afraid when you walk in and its loud and packed!
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  8. T-RO

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    And if you want to take a little walk from downtown during the day you can hit up Liars Bench, Great Rhythm, and Loaded Question along Islington St.
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  9. SunDevilBeer

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    I'll put in another vote for game-watching @ Thirsty Moose. Lots of TV's tons of taps, prices are pretty reasonable too.

    British Beer Co (across from Row 34) has a decent beer selection too, especially if you're into...drum roll...British ales. They've got some TV's too. The food there is terrible though.
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  10. papposilenus

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    Tributary Brewing, just the other side of the river in Kittery.
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  11. Piels25

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    Depending where you start in downtown, Liars Bench is a 10 minute walk. At least 20 minutes to Great Rhythm and Loaded Question. It's walkable, it will just be chilly tomorrow - they are all in the same direction down Islington St. though if so inclined - or a short Uber ride.

    This would be about a 35-40 minute walk, or a short Uber ride, from downtown Portsmouth.
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  12. Trull

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    I would second Great Rhythm. It’s probably a ten minute walk from downtown Portsmouth, or a very short uber ride. My wife and I enjoyed a couple of beers there over the summer.
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  13. FrankLloydMike

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    Liar's Bench has been my favorite brewery in town lately--good beers in a range of styles and a very cool vibe, but it can get packed. Great Rhythm is right around the corner and another spot I like to visit--good IPA's mostly, best view of any brewery in town. I'll always be a fan of the Portsmouth Brewery--definitely worth a stop, especially if you haven't been before.

    I'd also recommend a short trip across the river to Kittery--Black Birch and Anju are great for food, and Black Birch and Tributary for beer.
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  14. papposilenus

    papposilenus Meyvn (1,054) Jun 21, 2014 New Hampshire

    Is that Tod himself on your avatar?
  15. AlcahueteJ

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    I didn't know where to put this, so I was curious. How easy is it to pick up an Uber in Kittery/Portsmouth these days?

    Might be heading up this Saturday to Black Birch (I realize there's a potential storm) and would need a ride to Kittery from the Northshore and back.