Printer's Row Brewery (2020)

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    This is a small brewery currently brewing out of Lake Effect Brewery (Montrose between Cicero & The Edens).

    Printer's Row is planning to open their own taproom and brewery on Lawrence and Austin, as reported by the local newspaper (Nadig).

    Looking forward to another brewery option on the Northwest Side!
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    I saw this posted to my neighborhood FB group today. It will officially be the closest taproom to my house now, so I’m excited about it. Although I know nothing about them and their limited portfolio, the taproom sketches look like they will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood.
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    Well they are the third most popular brewery in Illinois and #31 in America (they even had a laugh - see post below).


    Printers Row Brewing
    February 1 ·

    Right, yep, this toooooootally checks out. Good ol' Printer's Row Brewing, #31 in the nation and #3 in Illinois. Sure, makes sense. I mean, you could fit our entire operation in one of Revolution's fermenters, but whatever.

    Like many of us, I am waiting to try my first pour soon. Une Annee's new location is the closest brewery to me with their new location; Printer's Row will be equidistant. Alarmist is another nearby option I like, primarily because in addition to their several standard taps, they also carry 1-2 cask pours, one of the few cask options in Chicago.
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    Hopefully their brewing knowledge is better than their knowledge of Chicago’s neighborhoods.
  5. dukeandduke

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    The source of their name was mentioned in the Nadig article.

    Ten years ago the brewery began as a concept discussed by two friends, Virgilio Mazzeo and Jonathan Wolf, while they were living in the Printer’s Row neighborhood. Then five years ago the two friends started formalizing their plans and the business was officially launched in 2017, as they began brewing beer in a 650-square-foot commercial space on Northwest Highway in Gladstone Park.

    Currently Printer’s Row is operating out the headquarters for Lake Effect Brewing, 4727 W Montrose Ave., as part of a proprietorship agreement in which they alternate use of the kettles.
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    Kinda like how Hop Butcher was called South Loop Brewing but brewed their beers at different northside breweries. (I think they initially started at Lake Effect as well)
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    Can breweries stop naming themselves after places they aren't located in? I'm going to open up a Chicago Artisan Brewskis in Alaska at this rate. I hope they find something similar to what HB did and are forced to change the name. HB found too many issues with rights to South Loop so they bailed on the name.

    "Want to go to Printer's Row Brewing tonight?"
    "Sure, Printer's Row is right down the street from me."
    "No, you don't understand, they just have some distant connection to Printer's Row and they are actually located way the f- on the NW side"
    "Oh, that's not confusing at all"
  8. HouseofWortship

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    What!!? Does the brewer also write for his own publication or have beer sales fallen that flat since the lockdown? Or was this poll taken using a random sample of 3 people all located near Cicero Ave?
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  9. kodt

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    Are there even any printers or publishers left in Printer's Row?
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  11. HouseofWortship

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    Maybe they should rebrand the brewery to "Brewer's Row"
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    You are indeed correct. Printer's Row Brewery should consider a name/brand change, it worked well for Hop Butcher.

    SLBC’s history dates back to 2011, when the Chicago Journal covered Zimmer’s early efforts towards launching the brewery. The company kicked off an Indiegogo campaign back in 2013 and rolled out their first beers, a couple collaborative brews with Lake Effect, back in July of the same year.

    Clint brews some great beers, and has many successful collaborative efforts with home brewers and startup for-profit brewers. Hope Lake Effect Brewing is also able to open up their long awaited tap room soon. I like several of their beers, Botanic Overload being their most recent (American Wild Ale aged in Gin Barrels).
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    Adding to the next-time-in-Chicago list.
    As I understand it there is no taproom to visit Hop Butcher, right? Kinda like Pipeworks?
  14. Jplachy

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    Correct. Although Pipeworks has a bottle shop you can visit.
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    True, Hop Butcher doesn't even have their own brewery. They brew at Miskatonic in the suburbs. Although I think they do often have one or two Hop Butcher taps on there.

    Pipeworks does have their own brewery & bottle shop, I believe you can try samples there.
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