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    Social Media is dead, long live being Social (on BeerAdvocate)!

    Currently, this feature is exclusively for Respect Beer Society members and Pooh-Bahs.

    BeerAdvocate's forum software supports Profile Posts, which allows you to drop a quick status-like update on your profile page. Your most recent profile post becomes your "status" (at the top of your profile page and member card) and other users can view, like, and reply to your posts.


    Profile posts are also searchable (within the forum) and will also appear on the following feeds:
    You can also access it by going to Members > New Profile Posts in the site navigation.

    How to Post
    There are several places that you can post from:
    1. From the Nav: The easiest method is to click or hover of your avatar in the main nav. This will expose the post window.
    2. Profile Pages: There's a post window at the top of the Profile Posts tab on your profile page and other user profile pages that allow you to post to them.
    3. Elsewhere: You'll also find post windows where the New Profile Posts feed is displayed.
    • Authorized members can create new profile posts (on their own profile page or another Society member's profile page) and reply to them. Everyone else can only view and like.
    • Posts are limited to 140 characters. Links work, but don't spam.
    • HTML, images, and other rich text features aren't currently supported, but will be in future updates.
    Managing Profile Posts & Alerts
    • You can control who can post messages to your profile under your Privacy settings: Uncheck "Post messages on your profile page" to disallow others from posting your profile page, select "Members" (default) to allow everyone, or "People You Follow Only."
    • Getting too many alerts? Adjust your Alert Preferences as needed under "Messages on Profile Pages."
    • And see the post tools under each post to manage profile posts on your own profile.
    Moderation of Profile Posts
    We want to keep this feature fun, so we're going to treat profile posts a bit like "What beer are you drinking now?" threads, however, our Terms of Service, Code of Conduct, and Trading Rules still apply.
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