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PseudoSue. The question is not if, but when...

Discussion in 'Midwest' started by Ri0, Aug 14, 2013.

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  1. Ri0

    Ri0 Jul 1, 2012 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    It is now in third place of APA's behind the top dog, ZD. Rather amazing considering just how limited it is. It had a few small bottling runs that made it to certain parts of IA, MN, and WI. To have moved already to third by just having kegs and growler fills in IA, and the outskirts of MN and WI lead me to believe that once this is bottled and readily available for trade it will take over the #1 APA spot that is held by ZD.

    So, how long will it be? If TG gets bottles rolling in 2014, I think it could make a run by the end of 2015. It sure will be fun to watch.
  2. EdwardFortyHands

    EdwardFortyHands May 3, 2012 Iowa

    Never, it is not a better beer than ZD.

    Even if TG becomes FFF size they will equalize but PS will not be able to exceed ZD's amount of ratings.
  3. sacrelicio

    sacrelicio Feb 15, 2005 Minnesota

    Agreed. I love Pseudosue, but Zombie Dust is a masterpiece.
  4. Stevedore

    Stevedore Nov 16, 2012 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    ZD is a bit more fuller and brighter than pseudoSue. But I venture to call it an IPA rather than APA anyway.

    Three Floyds' will always have more hype among craft beer drinkers. Always.
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  5. shawnp

    shawnp Jan 15, 2010 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    Toppling Goliath will always have better quality for craft beer drinkers. Always. See Assassin v. Dark Lord..........
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  6. Stevedore

    Stevedore Nov 16, 2012 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    This is BeerAdvocate my friend. And we are talking about hype here. These two things go together hand in hand. :cool:

    (For the record, I agree that Assassin >>> Dark Lord even though its not a fair comparison and that TG >>> FFF. I am the furthest thing from a FFF fanboy)
  7. Stevedore

    Stevedore Nov 16, 2012 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    I think a more fair comparison would be MD >>>>>>>>>>> Dark Lord.. since Assassin is barrel-aged.
  8. RKPStogie

    RKPStogie Nov 4, 2011 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

  9. Ri0

    Ri0 Jul 1, 2012 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    Clearly you are forgetting the biggest variable of them all...FIBS! Once they get a taste and can acquire TG beer on a semi consistent basis, they will cast aside 3 Floyds as some has been brewery. FIBS man... Never forget the FIBS; for they are the greatest hype machine in the region.
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  10. BottleCaps80

    BottleCaps80 Jan 12, 2013 Iowa
    Beer Trader

    ZD is not the beer it once was (something has changed...just not sure what). Sue easily beats it for me when it comes to all Citra hopped APA. If I was a betting man, I'd put money down that Sue will beat ZD in rating by 7/1/2015.
  11. bnuttz

    bnuttz Apr 12, 2004 Wisconsin

    I think Sue is better, and I can actually get it on a regular basis, so there is that.
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  12. psychotia

    psychotia Jun 27, 2009 Minnesota

    Omfg it's alllll good... Can't we all just enjoy the beer?? Offer me Sue? Yes please! Zombie dust? Of course! The beer is good. Drink it!
  13. Ri0

    Ri0 Jul 1, 2012 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    No. Only one beer can be supreme leader of them all. We must have discussion about which one it will be!
  14. mattafett

    mattafett Mar 9, 2009 Iowa

    How do you explain their (TG's) extreme batch variances then? Golden Nugget is a fine example. One batch has excellent clarity, and great taste, the next is like fog and tastes off very slightly.
  15. shawnp

    shawnp Jan 15, 2010 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    So, does 'off very slightly' still imply good or better than average in your opinion? Extreme batch variance says to me one may be a 10 and the next batch may be like a cat walked up to you, stood on your head and shat on or in your beer.
  16. mattafett

    mattafett Mar 9, 2009 Iowa

    I rate this beer a 3.5 when it is at it's best. When taste is off, and appearance is jacked, it tumbles.
  17. 4DAloveofSTOUT

    4DAloveofSTOUT Nov 28, 2008 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    This exactly. I prefer PsuedoSue to Zombie Dust though I still really enjoy Zombie Dust. I strongly agree that ZD should be an IPA based mostly on bitterness levels and its on the cusp of having a bigger body than most APA's. PseudoSue is so drinkable and juicy and so darn citrusy it is just magical and legendary APA. I think PseudoSue is #1 APA hands down.

    TG is also the better brewery. I would like to fast forward to a time when TG has expanded and they are cranking out thier beers on a larger scale. I feel that the quality of TG brewery will remain high even when they start cranking out more volume of craft beers!
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  18. Hopsiam14

    Hopsiam14 Jan 23, 2013 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    Zombie is awesome! No argument there... Can't wait to side by side these two at Darkness Day! For my money, Pseudo is unmatched. But honestly who cares??? They are both beautiful works of art!
  19. AnalogErik

    AnalogErik Jul 23, 2013 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    Girlfriend gets back from a trip last night and opens the fridge, and says "What the hell is that, did you buy MORE beer this weekend?"
    Me: " I went to Hudson, picked up 2 bottles of FFF Dreadnaught, NG Raspberry Tart & Serendipity, A NG Sampler and a growler of PseudoSue."
    Her: "Oh, gotcha."
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  20. Ri0

    Ri0 Jul 1, 2012 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

  21. dc55110

    dc55110 Oct 24, 2010 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    Something was buggy with Zombie Dust's rating, it's fixed now. Sue is still in third place.
  22. AnalogErik

    AnalogErik Jul 23, 2013 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    My awesome coworker got me a sue bomber from his brother in Iowa. I don't know if I should drink it, or just stare for a while
  23. Cyclone8

    Cyclone8 Oct 19, 2011 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    Drink it now. Stop reading this, seriously - GO NOW! CONSUME!!
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  24. AnalogErik

    AnalogErik Jul 23, 2013 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    its taunting me. seriously.

    Im drinking a deschutes Chasin Freshies to hold me over. but the citra hops.... they call to me......
  25. Revenant

    Revenant Aug 8, 2012 Minnesota

    Day Tripper >Sue>Dust IMO!
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  26. runfoodrun

    runfoodrun Jun 18, 2008 Minnesota

    I disagree with your opinion. But more to point I disagree with you lumping these three together.

    Or is Day Tripper all citra hops?
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  27. Phil_H

    Phil_H Jun 4, 2013 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    While I am a huge fan of Zombie Dust and FFF, I will say that Sue is a better beer in my opinion.
  28. AleToTheVictors

    AleToTheVictors Feb 7, 2012 Maryland
    Beer Trader

    I have loved Zombie Dust from the very first drop I ever tasted. It's one of the few beers that has held up as my beer palate has developed over time. When I recently started hearing claims that Sue was a ZD killer, I had to track some down. Last weekend I finally did get a bottle via trade.

    The verdict? Well, damn. From the instant the aroma hit my senses, I knew Sue was going to be very special. And the taste delivered on the that promise. While I wouldn't go so far as to call it a ZD killer, I say it is on equal footing, no doubt about it. Any day I can find and drink either of these brews will be a good day indeed. Cheers!
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  29. AnalogErik

    AnalogErik Jul 23, 2013 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    I still have yet to have a ZD. Hopefully sometime in the next couple months.
  30. Ri0

    Ri0 Jul 1, 2012 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    Had my first ZD last night at about 20 days old. I couldn't pick a favorite in a blind taste test, because they both are o so special. I will get Sue from time to time, but I won't be getting ZD anytime soon unless I find a mule.
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  31. GeezLynn

    GeezLynn May 10, 2009 Colorado

    Agreed, though it's a tasty beer, Day Tripper doesn't taste anything like the Citra pales. The CTZ/Summit in Day Tripper are very obvious to me. Indeed's website says "Willamettes, Cascades, CTZ and Summits".
  32. runfoodrun

    runfoodrun Jun 18, 2008 Minnesota

    I agree as well, Day Tripper is very tasty. But a bad comparison.
  33. nickapalooza86

    nickapalooza86 Feb 23, 2010 Wisconsin

    Would love Indeed to be available in lower MN by La Crosse, Day Tripper is one of the APAs I have had this year that really impressed me. I would love to be able to have a 6er of Moon Man, Hopalicious, Day Tripper and Pseudo Sue available in my fridge at all times!

    Of course TG would have to switch to 6ers, which I hope they do soon, I have bought the Bombers the last couple of times.... But they are getting bigger now, time for a switch:);)
  34. Revenant

    Revenant Aug 8, 2012 Minnesota

    A bad comparison? Why because of the choice in hops? They are all 3 APA, I think it is a fair comparison, and it's only an opinion anyway. So now by your logic it would be in bad taste to compare Pliny and Abrasive?
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  35. dzyneguru

    dzyneguru Jan 15, 2010 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    Zombie Dust blew my mindhole at Darkness Day a few years ago, and I haven't found a beer to compare since. There are many other great pales and IPAs... Moon Man, Hopalicious, and Day Tripper are all great beers. But I'd drive from MN to 3 Floyd's (and I have) to buy a case of ZD. Pseudo Sue is good, but not ZD good.
  36. Ri0

    Ri0 Jul 1, 2012 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    Currently sitting at #2 and inching closer. When's the next bottling take place?
  37. BrettHead

    BrettHead Sep 18, 2010 Nebraska

    They said on facebook that allow with the first xhops they hope to bottle an "old favorite" soon. I am assuming they are talking about Sue, but they could be talking about golden nugget too.
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  38. MNPikey

    MNPikey Feb 27, 2011 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    Zeelander was supposed to be bottled soon.
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  39. AnalogErik

    AnalogErik Jul 23, 2013 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

  40. BottleCaps80

    BottleCaps80 Jan 12, 2013 Iowa
    Beer Trader

    I'm thinking it is Golden Nugget, as Clark did mention that would be bottled in December at some point! Sue OR Nugget....you can't go wrong!
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