PtE clone recipe?

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    A friend wants a PtE clone recipe, y'all got any favorites?
  2. PapaGoose03

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    It's available somewhere in this forum, and maybe inside one of the threads in these links:'&o=date&c[title_only]=1&c[node]=8'&o=date&c[title_only]=1&c[node]=8

    If you find more than one version, compare the hops in each recipe. It seems like it's been 5-6 years ago that I recall reading that there was a small change in the hops so that the newer recipe of whatever you find should get you the current version of that beer.
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    I've brewed the Vinny Cilurzo version many times. Makes a great beer!
  5. HerbMeowing

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    that recipe is the classic PtE
    brewed it many many times

    my notes from back-when sez Amarillo became a 1st wort and a 5-day dry hop addition ...
  6. JackHorzempa

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    Below is from the Russian River website (with emphasis in bold by me):

    “Pliny the Elder is brewed with Amarillo, Centennial, CTZ, and Simcoe hops.”

    When I brew my version of Pliny the Elder I use the recipe that Vinnie provided back in 2009 but I augment with some Amarillo as well:

    · One once of Amarillo at flameout along with one once each of Simcoe and Centennial

    · Additional one once of Amarillo for dry hopping

    I am happy with how this beer turns out.

  7. pweis909

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  8. wasatchback

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    There have been some great interviews with Vinnie recently where he talks about Pliny and how it’s changed and evolved over time.

    For a long time it was Rahr 2 Row, 2% Simpson’s C60 and Dextrose. Now it’s a blend of base malts and Munich for color instead of c60 for color due to the negative oxidative effects c60 can have over time.

    OG 1.069

    hops are Amarillo, Simcoe. centennial, columbus, cascade. No centennial in the DH however.

    Honestly it sounds like it changes all the time and has changed a lot over the years depending on the brewhouse and crop year and unless you have Vinnie’s hops you really won’t get close.

    2#/bbl DH split into two additions.
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    If hops are anything like ammunition then civilians/average Joe’s get absolute scraps.
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    Strange analogy, but point was made (and understood) and I agree.
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    I kind of have a love/hate relationship with the Plineys. With the double dry hopping, they taste fantastic. But the hop burn on my taste buds if you drink a few, leaves my tonque in bad shape for 2 days. The only beer I double dry hop.
    I like hops but never could drink (sip) more than one 120 min Dogfish Head ipa.
    Suffer for your art.
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    that’s why I grow and load my own.
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  13. hopfenunmaltz

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    Hop extract is used for bittering and the 45 min. additions at RR to yield more wort.

    You also need Vinnies processes and equipment. He said that a couple of times.

    Ive brewed the Zymurgy recipe a few times, it gets you close, not exactly there, but it makes a good homebrew.
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