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  1. eberesford

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    Just completed a trip around Quebec visiting breweries around the province including, Montreal, Quebec, as well as in the Eastern Townships, the Gaspé, the North Shore, the Charlevoix, amongst other places. What an extraordinarily rich and varied range of breweries, styles, and approaches.
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    Give us a little more... what were your favorite places? Favorite beers? Most unusual beer/place? I love Hopfenstark's and also Brasserie Dies-duCiel, but everyone loves them. Le Bateau de Nuit was my favorite bar in Quebec City but I also liked Le Project a great deal (and you can eat there). What about Gambrinus halfway between Quebec City and Montreal? And what's the brewery in Gaspé? I remember a beer from them but forget what it was. I still haven't been to Toronto, that'll be my next trip, and then I'll probably head west all of the way to British Columbia.
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    I'm a big fan of the Charlevoix Breweries but don't get to see all their latest brews here. How were they?
  4. eberesford

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    The choices in Montreal are Huge. You identify some favourites. I would add the new Pit Caribou Pub on Rachel with a good selection of their fine beers. I would also identify Vices & Versa as an extraordinary one stop shopping place for the best of the regions brews. I also think it would be helpful to prepare a list of the best bottle shops in town with notes on their specialities. I visited four of them, but there are many more.
  5. eberesford

    eberesford Crusader (766) Apr 1, 2017 Ontario (Canada)

    Going East from Montreal on the south side you would have to start. With Brasserie Dunham in the Eastern Townships which offers some of the best beers in the Province. In Quebec City I also tried Brasserie Korrigane, but although the place was pretty good the beers were fairly average. By contrast, Microbrasserie l'isle d' Orléans, just east of the city produced significantly better beers.
  6. eberesford

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    Heading further east we sampled beers in the Gaspé, on the North shore and in the Charlevoix. On the Gaspé the crown Jewel is Pit Caribou, not only are the beers of a consistently high standard but the beachfront location by the harbour is spectacular, and if they don't provide food you can order in or use their BBQ pits to cook your own. Of course, those who arrive by boat can pretty well tie up at the Brewery. Their beers are widely available through the region.
  7. eberesford

    eberesford Crusader (766) Apr 1, 2017 Ontario (Canada)

    Brewery Charlevoix is without doubt one of the best and most consistent in the Province. Both of their series, Dominus Vobiscum, and Vache Folle are well worth exploring. Finally, a surprise in Trois Rivieres offered creative and interesting food as well as some good beers, although the Gose and Berliner Weisse were both a bit disappointing.
  8. eberesford

    eberesford Crusader (766) Apr 1, 2017 Ontario (Canada)

    Overall I would say that the most interesting beers of the region are the Belgian influenced mixed fermentations, the sours, and the hybrid beers. I had several reall fine Belgian IPAs and Saison. Top of my list from this trip, Brett Saison de Seigle from Pit Caribou.
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    I'll bump this and throw La Barberie to this list to hit. Had some of the best beers in Canada so far here. Amazing Grisette and the only ones who can make a decent IPA. They even nailed the hazy NEIPA