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    Hello BA's - My wife and I will be traveling to Quebec City and Montreal in a couple of weeks and I am looking for some suggestions. I have done a fair amount of research here (and elsewhere), so I have compiled some places that will definitely be on our list, but I am looking for other suggestions, as well. Places we will definitely be going:
    • Dieu du Ciel!
    • Vices et Versa
    • Isle De Garde
    • Harricana
    • MaBrasserie
    • Bateau de Nuit
    • Le Projet
    We will also be driving up from Burlington, so I plan on stopping at Brasserie Dunham on our way to Quebec City.

    We both really love Cider/Ice Cider and I know the region has a great selection, so where would be the best places in either city to purchase or try as many as possible? Also, what are your top Cideries to look out for (Clos Saragnat, Domaine Niege)?

    As far as beer suggestions go, where would be the best places for saisons? What breweries should I look our for on tap when I am in the area (i.e. Bellwoods, Dunham, Yakima IPA, etc.)?

    Lastly, where are your favorite cocktail bars or can't miss hangout spots? We would love food suggestions too. We both really love French food, Japanese, Italian, etc. .

    Thanks in advance for all the help!
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  2. rejtable

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    I can't add a ton to this except to say unless you totally fluke out on a tap takeover or something you aren't likely to find any Bellwoods in Mtl/Québec.

    With or without beer, both are great cities, enjoy!
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  3. TheDoctor

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    Apparently so. That looks like a really solid list and you seem to know what you're doing and where you're going. Whereabouts are you staying in Montreal?

    To try: Definitely in the Cantons de l'est. Dunham has a few places right along the Rue Principale as well as a lot more in the general area.

    To buy bottles: You will have to go to the SAQ. There are usually bottles in grocery stores, but they are not the "real" thing. They are good, but they are lower alcohol and don't quite have that little something that the higher proof versions have. The Marché Atwater SAQ (by the Atwater Market/Lachine Canal) is one of the best-stocked SAQs in Montreal in my opinion and is easy to get to. Also very easy to hit without tons of driving around on your way out of MTL back to VT (if that's how you're doing it).

    Dunham. Sutton Brouërie is in the town of Sutton (like 40 minutes from Dunham) and they only do all-Brett beers. They aren't all saisons, but they are all good (including their saisons). Barring something crazy/unusual, you won't find Bellwoods, unless you are at a bar that randomly has one on as a total fluke. We barely get anything from other provinces. Let alone beers like Bellwoods that are hard to get ahold of in their home provinces.

    Lots of great, prix fixe BYOB restaurants of all types in Little Italy, close to Vices, Isle, one of the biggest bottleshops for beer, Mabrasserie, etc. Also, if you are willing, it is absolutely worth it to splurge for one meal at one of the really fancy places in MTL, especially considering the exchange rate for Americans. Joe Beef, Pied du Cochon, Club Chasse et Peche, et al.

    I'd also recommend taking the route through Sherbrooke to get from Dunham to Quebec City, it is a much prettier drive even if it takes a little longer. Also either on the way there or back to Montreal, stop and get a poutine in Drummondville/Victoriaville they are both the purportedly where it was invented.

    If you have any other questions or wanna grab a beer while you're here, don't be shy!
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  4. remsad

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    For Quebec City, You have to go to the bottle shop "Alimentaiton L'impact". This is the biggest bottle shop!

    If you want to pop nice beers from Canada or US, come to see me at home! You're weclome!
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    Great thanks! How is the cider selection there?
  6. Steve_0

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    This is awesome, I am plotting a lot of these on our map. I looked into some of the fancier places. What is your favorite steakhouse in town?

    My wife and I will be staying near Old Montreal, but we can go all over. We will most likely be biking all over the city. Its our favorite way to get around when traveling.
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  7. TheDoctor

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    Moishe's or Gibby's for the steak. Good call on bikes. That's my primary mode of transportation, too. It's a very bikable city. Make sure to ride along the Canal Lachine from the old port if you have time. It's a nice easy ride, there are good views of the city, the Atwater market (*cough* cider *cough*) and 4 Origines and MacAuslan breweries.
  8. remsad

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    You have around 40-50 bottles available
  9. onezendad

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    You have beer covered, but if you don't go to Schwartz's Deli in Montreal you are missing out.
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  10. Steve_0

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    Definitely have them on the list. :slight_smile:
  11. Steve_0

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    For those of you that have made this trip before, what should I expect at the border crossing? Any info is much appreciated.
  12. hoser

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    Be honest and they are great 99% of the time.

    From everyone else’s post.

    Sutton is a standout would even put it above Dunham. The patio out back by the stream is a great little place and food is good. Both Dunham and Sutton have hotel rooms (B&B style)

    In Quebec City there is a ferry that takes people across to Levi. The view of the old city is amazing on the ferry ride. Four buildings up from the ferry dock in Levi is a brewpub Corsaire. The beers are okay but the ferry ride and the view are reason to go.

    Although they have a sort of patio on the street be warned Bateau du Nuit although one of Quebec’s best beer lists is a full on dive bar. It usually has metal or punk rock blaring and the bathrooms are scary, they do have foosball though.

    In Quebec City: Buvette Scott is a great restaurant that often has Cantillon or Hill Farmstead bottles on the menu.

    Between Quebec City and Montreal:

    Le Trou du Diable’s brewpub and restaurant in Shawinigan is rated as one of the best restaurants in Quebec. The brewpub was not part of the Molson’s sale, still independent and the beers are great.

    One of my favourite stops in Quebec is Brasserie Artisanale Albion in Jolliette, Quebec. They do historic English Ales and it is a sleepy quaint town that looks more like a postcard.

    I would remove Vice Versa and MaBrasserie from your Montreal part of the trip, A great little pub crawl near the bus station of Cheval Blanc, Amere Boire and Benelux and area is more fun, more scenic and not multi-tap rooms. The area is full of cool little shops.

    Isle De Garde brews an amazing pilsner and the food is great, make sure to check out their bathroom floors.

    Harricana haven't been in a long time but enjoyed it.

    Expect road construction everywhere in Montreal it sucks to drive in that city.
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  13. SHU06Les

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    Hi All,
    I'm heading to Montreal Thursday night for a weekend trip through Sunday afternoon. I was trying to see if there was anything interesting going on this weekend. Isle de Garde's facebook page mentions Party de Bureau des Brasseurs on Saturday, but doesn't give much detail. Le Saint Bock, which I'm staying a few blocks from mentions La Grande semaine des Lambics et Gueuzes from 11/25 to 12/8. Are either anything worth looking into? Are there any sites or apps that show events or tap lists?
  14. hoser

    hoser Aspirant (272) Feb 17, 2003 Alberta (Canada)

    Isle de Garde is always fun, as to Saint Bock are right next to it and many other good brewpubs. Le Cheval Blanche, Amiere Borie and Benelux.
  15. SHU06Les

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    Thanks, my hotel is on Sherbrooke in the middle of the places you mentioned. Any good places serving food late? I'll probably check in about 10 PM and will want food afterwards. I was thinking of heading to La Banquise for poutine and maybe Dieu Du Ciel afterwards. Any other suggestions for a late night meal with or without beer?
  16. TheDoctor

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    Chez Claudette is open 24h, is a couple blocks from Dieu du ciel and has some of the best poutine in town. Better than banquise without a doubt.

    Also, if I'm not mistaken, that event at Isle de garde is a Christmas party for and ilocal brewerst might be a private event. I'm not 100% on that. If you can get there though, they are making the best beer in town at the moment and have excellent food in my opinion. It's also close to Vices et versa, good bottle shops and semi-close to Mabrasserie. Lots of good bring your own wine (or beer) restaurants in that area too.
  17. TheDoctor

    TheDoctor Poo-Bah (2,128) Mar 7, 2013 Quebec (Canada)

    I was mistaken (what's new?) And the party de Noël thing is not private. I imagine it'll be packed, but you can go. It says they will have 12 different special beers on tap for the event
  18. SHU06Les

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    Appreciate it! I’ll check out Chez Claudette tonight.
  19. giantshrug

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    Two notable Toronto breweries (Bellwoods and Godspeed) are having a special tap takeover event at Vice Versa on Saturday. Definitely worth checking out!