Question about Melange 9

Discussion in 'Beer Trading Talk' started by kapkenobi, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. kapkenobi

    kapkenobi Aspirant (257) Nov 27, 2011 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    So, was just curious to see what the fellow BA's were thinking about this beer. Noticeably less in cost than M8 was last year, and i would think a higher bottle count *maybe*. But the addition of white oak sap has to be a concern. has the bruery corrected their sap infection issues from last year? Has anyone tried it yet? The Hoarder Society beers last year were very good (though i never had french oak bois). Think it would be worth trying to trade for one now or wait to see if it has contamination issues?
  2. JustXBeer

    JustXBeer Initiate (0) Nov 29, 2012 California
    Beer Trader

    Its goes on tap today...
  3. kapkenobi

    kapkenobi Aspirant (257) Nov 27, 2011 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    sorry, i saw a trade post yesterday saying someone had gone to pick up their bottles so i thought it was ready.
  4. drummermattie02

    drummermattie02 Crusader (724) May 10, 2009 Texas
    Beer Trader

    Guessing roughly 2700 bottles of this. Everything I have heard so far is good and not indicating infection; so, I guess they've got that under control.
  5. vacax

    vacax Initiate (0) Jun 3, 2008 California
    Beer Trader

    It's a sour so I don't think infection is a concern.

    The price should not be compared to Melange #8 because it was one of the most costly beers they ever made as it had $125/lb. coffee in it. Melange series is just a series of blends, the price is going to depend on what is in it.
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