Questions about Commercial Grade Kegerator

Discussion in 'Home Bar' started by Blackanese, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. Blackanese

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    Hey all,

    I've just recently moved into townhouse and finally have some room to have a proper bar setup. I've been looking at some auctions sites and there's a restaurant near me that is auctioning off a few of their kegerators. The kegerator I am looking at is the True TDD-2CT-HC and auction price is currently at $115.

    My question is this something that is practical to have in a home? Or will something like this cause a lot of necessary noise and raise my electric bill?

  2. billandsuz

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    Good question but no easy answer.

    The 2CT is a 2 bbl model. It is huge. You need a lot of space for that thing. Do not underestimate having a 5 foot wide metal box in your home. It occupies more space than an upright piano, and it isn't very nice furniture either.

    How loud is too load? Depends on the situation. If your proposed home bar will be a space with a loud TV, football, many people then perhaps it is not a problem. Movie space? No way. Next to a bedroom, also not a great idea. A commercial refrigerator can be fairly noisy, quite a bit louder than your kitchen fridge. And a used unit may possibly have some loose panels, a screwy fan, missing screws. All of that can make the appliance unbearable to live with.

    You should take a look at the unit. If it is well maintained, not covered in grease and fur, comes with the couplers, the lines are not moldy, the faucets are decent, the regulator is not damaged then maybe. $115 is a steal. That is a deal at $2,500 new. If you are adventurous you might consider picking it up for $500 or so.

    Everything in that unit can be rebuilt. But if the seller can't show you that it cools to less than 35F walk away. Bring a glass of water, plug it in, leave it on the coldest setting for 30 minutes and check the liquid temp with a good thermometer. Just keep in mind that regular maintenance costs money and a restaurant or bar on the downhill side is not going to spend a penny on maintenance. YMMV.

    A kegerator does exactly one job. If it does not make very cold air and your bother is not a commercial HVAC technician you do not need the headache.

    Good luck.
  3. Blackanese

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    Thanks for the reply. You bring up a lot of good points and after thinking about it more, I don't think it would be a good idea. The dream is to have an awesome budget bar in the basement and when I saw that price I got a little too excited. But yeah, the noise and and how well the unit was maintained, and the size makes me thing that it's not worth it.

    I think for me I don't really like the keezer look and want to do something different, but I'll keep looking around and see what I can find.