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  1. alex24x7

    alex24x7 Initiate (0) Jul 18, 2013 California

    A buddy and I have a few days to spend around Raleigh. Wondering if anyone can recommend a few can't miss breweries or even barbecue joints.

    Also making a point of visiting Asheville pretty much just to go to wicked weed.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. dbrauneis

    dbrauneis Poo-Bah (8,075) Dec 8, 2007 North Carolina
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    My personal thoughts on the breweries in the Raleigh area to check out are:
    - Trophy (they have 2 different locations)
    - Lynnwood Brewing Concern (they have 2 different locations)
    - Bond Brothers
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  3. dbrauneis

    dbrauneis Poo-Bah (8,075) Dec 8, 2007 North Carolina
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    Wicked Weed is definitely worth the visit - make sure you go to the downstairs bar at the brewpub and check out the Funkatorium. Not sure if you are aware but you should be able to find plenty of Wicked Weed beers around the Triangle (bottle shops and on draft at bars).
  4. nas4atu

    nas4atu Aspirant (201) Dec 3, 2011 North Carolina

    If you end up going to Asheville to visit WW and end up at their Funkatorium, I'd highly recommend hitting up Burial, which is pretty much right across the street.
  5. Crim122

    Crim122 Aspirant (226) Aug 4, 2014 North Carolina

    Since beer has been covered I'll get you on BBQ

    In Raleigh: Backyard BBQ Pit. It's technically Durham but it's not that far out of the way. And is the best bbq in the triangle.

    In Asheville: Buxton Hall BBQ. It used to be easy to eat there but it gets busy now after all the accolades from last year. But you wont have to wait in a serious line like at 12 Bones.
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  6. wittyname

    wittyname Initiate (128) Aug 4, 2012 North Carolina

    Or, if you hit Bond Brothers, check out City BBQ. About 2 miles away from each other.
  7. dbrauneis

    dbrauneis Poo-Bah (8,075) Dec 8, 2007 North Carolina
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    The bottle shops I recommend in Raleigh are (in no particular order):
    - Bottle Revolution
    - Ridgewood Wine & Beer
    - State of Beer
    - Tasty Beverage

    The bottle shops I recommend in Asheville are(in no particular order):
    - Appalachian Vintner
    - Bruisin' Ales
    - Tasty Beverage
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  8. McAndrew

    McAndrew Disciple (366) Jun 12, 2013 North Carolina

    Save your time and money and head north to Richmond instead. Sheville is roughly 4hrs from Raleigh, Richmond is about 2.5hrs. Not as many breweries as Asheville but with Veil, Triple Crossings, The Answer/Mekong (crowler fills) and Hardywood you can scoop up better, more desireable beer in Richmond than you can in Asheville. Plus you save about 3hrs of driving. Just my 2 cents. That being said, Raleigh is pretty decent for local beer. Nothing super rare or tradeable per say but almost all the beer you'd find in Asheville should be around Raleigh/Durham. BBQ I will suggest Picnic (North Durham) and Backyard BBQ (South Durham)
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  9. Bryondes

    Bryondes Initiate (0) Nov 17, 2014 North Carolina

    While in AVL the whole South Slope is an awesome walking beer-tour. There are 10+ breweries all within walking distance and WW(brew-pub) works as a perfect starting or ending place because its a causeway to downtown.
    Sierra Nevada is worth checking out if you have the time. It is out of the way and gets very crowded, but it is amazing. It works well as a step on the way to Oskar Blues too.
  10. Sayson

    Sayson Initiate (142) Apr 16, 2005 North Carolina

    Picnic in Durham and Allen & Son in Chapel Hill are great bbq spots. Allen & Son is OG 'que.
  11. rgordon

    rgordon Savant (925) Apr 26, 2012 North Carolina

    The Allen and Son on 86 North towards Hillsborough from Chapel Hill has been great for decades....definitely on the way to Asheville.
  12. Mantooth

    Mantooth Meyvn (1,173) Dec 6, 2011 North Carolina

    "you can scoop up better, more desireable beer in Richmond than you can in Asheville"

    Uh... what? I dig me some Richmond, but come on.
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  13. rburgette

    rburgette Initiate (70) Aug 21, 2013 Illinois

    Coming to Duke in 3 weeks. Looking for bottle shops and good breweries. Any tips helpful. Planning Sam's quikshop for sure. Also any good releases hitting then? Thanks
  14. Andy311x

    Andy311x Initiate (108) Apr 28, 2008 North Carolina

    ....and if you got to Backyard BBQ Pit, The Glass Jug is practically next door
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  15. nick_perry

    nick_perry Disciple (374) Mar 11, 2017 North Carolina

    Buxton Hall is great! Love the Rick and Morty profile icon, too!
  16. wilymobastardo

    wilymobastardo Disciple (385) Jan 12, 2015 California
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    Heading to RTP next week, and my preliminary itinerary for post-work fun is:

    Sunday: Brewery Bhavana, State of Beer
    Monday: Growler Grlz, Sam's Bottle Shop
    Wed: Bond Brothers
    Thur: Glass Jug, Barrel Culture
    Fri: Bottle Rev, dailypint

    Any must-stop spots I'm missing?
  17. miguel_loves_beer

    miguel_loves_beer Initiate (20) Feb 7, 2017

    Trophy on Morgan Street. Pizza and beer (and cocktails).
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  18. Vikings1201

    Vikings1201 Aspirant (230) Sep 8, 2012 North Carolina

    Brewery Bhavana and State of Beer are downtown and within walking distance. I would considering doing that Friday, State of Beer is open until 2 AM and the weather looks nicer than Sunday. If your interested in bourbon and cocktails check out Foundation since it's located between those two places.
  19. wilymobastardo

    wilymobastardo Disciple (385) Jan 12, 2015 California
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    Thanks... the reason I have it scheduled the way I do is that I get in Sunday evening and have to leave Friday evening. The late close for the downtown Raleigh spots was a plus for my late Sunday arrival.
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  20. miguel_loves_beer

    miguel_loves_beer Initiate (20) Feb 7, 2017

    I would also try to hit up Ridgewood Wine & Beer at some point, if nothing else because it will be very convenient to other places you are headed, but also because they usually have an excellent tap list. I believe they close early most days, however.
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  21. Dtrain22

    Dtrain22 Initiate (46) Nov 2, 2017 North Carolina

    Bottle rev and daily pint are great ones on your list! Try to make those happen for sure. The guys that run daily pint are awesome and have such a cool spot. Since it’s in the same general area, if you can make it to House of Hops give them a visit, too. Probably the most booming bottle shop/drafts in that area of Raleigh right now. Very nice and personable, tons of knowledge.

    Most unfortunate you can’t get in Saturday! Burial is having their mobile beer truck at State of Beer with some very limited releases starting at noon.
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  22. wilymobastardo

    wilymobastardo Disciple (385) Jan 12, 2015 California
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    Didn't quite make it everything on my list (and detoured to some unplanned stops), but thought I'd report back just the same.

    I did manage to visit all three breweries I wanted to see. Bhavana was unique --I can guarantee I'd never been to a brewery/dim sum restaurant/bookstore/florist before. It was crowded despite the bad weather, but I managed to snag a seat at the bar. I enjoyed Grove, Pithy, & Cart (especially Grove), plus Bloom and Boult. Had excellent duck egg rolls. Just an awesome place. Picked up a bottle of Bouquet to bring back home.

    Was only able to grab a couple beers at Bond Brothers. It was even more crowded than Bhavana --I guess there was some sort of 5k race of something that had just concluded. Long Story was solid, but I thought the Cinnamon Vanilla Variant stout was a bit heavy on the adjuncts, and bit light on the stout part of the stout.

    Barrel Culture was a gem. Tasty, fruity sours & berliners, and a nice chill vibe. Nice to have some low abv options when going from place to place, too.

    Best curated taplist was probably at State of Beer, where I had to select judiciously because I was driving. Dug the new, expanded place at The Glass Jug, and brought home far too many beers from its shelves (including Southward, which I was very pleased to grab). I also managed to visit North Street Beer Station and the Raleigh Beer Garden on my last day, both of which I'd missed on my previous visit. Overall, the area's beer scene has blossomed even more since I last checked in a couple years ago. One week was not enough to get to all the place I wanted to go.
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