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    This might get long...so thanks for reading and any feedback!

    I've homebrewed for about 1.5 years focused on IPAs, NEIPAs, and DIPAs... but I've recently enjoyed New Glarus raspberry tart and New Glarus Strawberry Rhubarb. I'm looking to make a beer inspired by those two (I wouldn't say clone), and have some questions.

    I want the beer to be opaque with a raspberry red color. To get this, I'm going to keep SRM low of base beer, ferment with Wyeast 1318, and give it 2oz fermentation hops with el dorado. I'm also going to use oat milk (which has gone well in my NEIPAs). Then I'm going to do a secondary with Rasperries, some raspberry extract, and raspberry juice for color.

    I chose Wyeast 1318 because I'm familiar with it, I don't want any belgian flavors, and a sour is out of skill range at the moment. I was also thinking about a clean yeast like S05.

    My primary questions:
    Water chemistry? What type of water chemistry would be appropriate for a fruit forward beer?
    Carbonation? I would like this to be in the 2.6-2.9 range...does that sound right for a champagne like carbonation?
    Quantities of raspberry? After some searching, my initial thought is to do 4 lbs of raspberries, 5mL raspberry extract, and 16 fluid oz of raspberry juice - all in the secondary for approx 2-3 weeks. Any suggestions on these quantities?

    Current recipe (I'm open to major/minor changes/suggestion):
    5 gallon batch, BIAB
    OG 1.054
    FG 1.015
    5.12% ABV
    4.28 IBU
    2.94 SRM (before the addition of raspberries)

    6lb 2row
    1.5lb Flaked wheat
    1lb Corn sugar
    .5lb Lactose
    64 fluid oz oat milk added towards end of boil

    2oz el dorado whirlpool 170F for 20 minutes
    2oz el dorado fermentation dry hop for 5 days

    Wyeast 1318 (from starter) fermented at 68F

    Rack to secondary on top of 4lb raspberries, 5 mL raspberry extract, and 16 fluid oz raspberry juice for 2-3 weeks

    Thanks for reading and any feedback!
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    I take it that you mean raspberry flavoring with that amount. Have you used it before? If you haven't, I'd think twice about it.

    Why not just use 2 lbs. per gallon of the actual fruit?
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    Why don't you just make another milkshake ipa? IIRC those new glarus beers don't have much hop character. I love brewing with raspberries, and typically utilize a wit yeast, but could see L3 working well. The fruit esters should pair well with the actual fruit.
    Fruiting doesn't have to happen in secondary, just make sure your primary is large enough for the volumes you're going to be dealing with.
    Raspberries are packed with flavor, unless you want fake flavors in the beer, you won't need the flavoring. I use 6lbs for a 5gal batch, and the raspberry flavor is borderline overwhelming.
    Lastly, when building your grist, remember the extra sugars will dry the beer out and leave the beer lacking body. Oats may help, but I recommend mashing that bastard high, like 163 high. Get that beta rest going, avoid the alpha, you will have great body to build with. And no, it won't be overly sweet mashing this high.
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    Supplementing the grist with beta-glucan heavy fermentables like oats and/or rye is definitely an excellent idea. Or using a sugar that the yeast can't ferment, like lactose or maltodextrin.
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    Also, why the lactose AND corn sugar? Seems counter active... if you are going for a fruit beer drop all the simple sugars from that recipe, it'll be too dry.
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    partially because to limit how much space the raspberries will take up in the bucket. I'll have 5gal of beer in a 6.5 gallon bucket.
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    What color do you get from those 6lbs of raspberries? Thanks for the heads up about quantity vs flavor.

    Looking back, the recipe is definitely milkshakeish (minus the vanilla and aggressive hops).

    The corn sugar was a low SRM way to add fermentables. I really want the base beer to be a cloudy pale beer so the raspberries and raspberry juice give it some (hopefull) awesome raspberry red color. With the lactose and FG 1.015, I figured any dryness from the corn sugar wouldn't be an issue (I certainly could be wrong here).
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    If you can drink your tap water and like it, I would use that, treat for chlorine. I would worry about other things more than the water profile.

    My guess is NGBC uses more raspberries than 4 pounds in 5 gallons. I think I would go 1.5-2 lb per gallon. That stuff is raspberry juice.

    I would use the raspberry extract if you need it.

    I would not use lactose. lots of people cannot drink lactose and would not expect it in a fruit beer. Carapils IMO better choice.

    I would cut back on the hops. I also think El Dorado is the wrong hop I would go with a noble type hop. Hallertau would be perfect. You want to taste the raspberry not the hops. I would also just use a bittering hop, no flavor hops. The raspberry with be your finishing "hop."

    But what ever you do I think you will like the beer.
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    Using pils and wheat and six pounds of raspberries I net a beer that is bright red with a pink head. It's really close to the hibiscus sour pictured in the recent 1318 thread.
    Regarding the corn sugar, with the raspberry addition you will be adding more sucrose which, in effect, will do for you what you want with corn sugar. I still recommend mashing high, it will leave you with a more dextrinous wort than a lower mash temp, without the added cost of maltodextrine or the added sweetness of lactose.
    Also, bramling cross hops throw a ton of berry flavors, they may be a better option if going for berry flavors. El Dorado may give it an interesting jolly rancher vibe though.
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    Also using pils for a base malt will net that lower srm you are looking for.
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    Update in case anyone sees this thread after searching "raspberries"
    I used 5 pounds frozen raspberries in a 5 gallon batch. Went through the freeze/thaw cycle 3 times to break down the fruit. After the last thaw I strained the juice from the fruit pulp and netted about ~48oz of juice from that process. I then macerated the remaining raspberry pulp with 2 tablespoons of sugar over night to coax out another ~16oz of juice. I then put all the juice and raspberry pulp in the secondary and racked beer on top of it.

    Thanks for the input in this thread... the raspberries were more than enough flavor. No extract needed.

    Next time I will just use the 64oz of juice collected and discard the raspberry pulp as the raspberry pulp and seeds caused some problems while kegging. It's worth noting I didn't cold crash after secondary, which probably would have helped a lot.

    Very happy with the end result. I can post the recipe if requested! I'm about to drive through Wisconsin next week and hoping to grab some raspberry tart for a comparison. From memory, this homebrew tastes very similar.
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