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Reckless Brewing Company: "Black Lagers Matters"

Discussion in 'Beer News & Releases' started by CB_Michigan, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. CB_Michigan

    CB_Michigan Initiate (145) Sep 4, 2014 Illinois

    So, this was posted yesterday:

    Again, it's not the overt racism that produces an exclusionary culture. It's all of this thoughtless insensitivity. This post is basically saying "Unarmed black men being shot by police = people not buying my beer." And it's topped off by the completely inappropriate bastardization of Dr. King's speech, to boot. Not to mention the use of racism and discrimination as a punchline. It's the ignorance trifecta!

    This sh*t makes me want to puke. And I'm not going to bother linking to this guy's "apology" because while it's marginally more direct than what's been said by Founders, "I'm socially awkward" is a p*ss poor excuse for this kind of crap.
  2. VoodooBear

    VoodooBear Devotee (417) Aug 25, 2012 Puerto Rico

    It's funny (or infuriating, I guess) to me that every time someone calls out the craft beer industry for this precise type of shit, people come out in droves like "OH THAT'S NOT TRUE AT ALL BECAUSE SUCH AND SUCH ARE TOTALLY GOOD GUYS AND NOT RACIST AT ALL"

    ...And then something like this dumpster fire of a Facebook post shows up.

    Insane how this type of shit flies under the radar.
  3. AccipiterofBeer

    AccipiterofBeer Initiate (157) Nov 28, 2016 New York

    yikes. There's out of touch and then there's this.
  4. FFFjunkie

    FFFjunkie Defender (693) Aug 26, 2014 Illinois
    Society Trader

    I’ll pile on here.

    This is a perfect example of a brewery trying to be hip and edgy and posting something without giving it a second thought.

    It is truly piss poor form and completely beyond any sense of dignity or respect. It’s not even remotely funny or excusable.

    I’ve never heard of this brewery before but they deserve every oz of blowback they get from that post.
  5. BayAreaJoe

    BayAreaJoe Crusader (707) Nov 23, 2017 California

    They know they screwed up big - from a Facebook post today:

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  6. beertunes

    beertunes Poo-Bah (5,745) Sep 24, 2007 Washington

    Maybe he can get a job with Melvin.
  7. MostlyNorwegian

    MostlyNorwegian Zealot (524) Feb 5, 2013 Illinois

    Geez. I don't even know what to say about a brewery that also has a beer named Crazy Stupid Bitch.
    The white male privilege is nauseatingly strong, and I hope they get financially dutch ovened with their own stank so that the owners LEARN there's shit you don't do because it is obviously stupid and arrogant to do it.
  8. mambossa

    mambossa Initiate (138) Jun 30, 2015 Ohio

    Looks like he also has one named Poor Social Skills....wtf is up with this guy??
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  9. Newport_beerguy

    Newport_beerguy Zealot (525) Feb 24, 2011 Rhode Island

    Yeah I make slightly stupid off color jokes and sarcastic statements time to time, but nothing to this extent. And I do it around my buddies who know my nature...anything online has to be assumed to be taken literally except when familiar with various posters like these forums.

    But at least the brewery name checks out. Maybe undersells it a little, should get a stronger name than Reckless...Negligent Brewery?
  10. thesherrybomber

    thesherrybomber Initiate (169) Jun 13, 2017 California
    Society Trader

    Well, I like the idea (always thought dark lagers were underrated), but think they're trying a little too hard to live up to their name.

    Does anyone know if "Once You Go Black..." is still around?
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  11. nc41

    nc41 Poo-Bah (1,706) Sep 25, 2008 North Carolina

    What was the whole point to the post? Maybe I’m a bit, dim but I don’t see it as edgy, informative, or the least bit entertaining. It’s hard to call someone names without knowing him, so I’ll just say it’s a stupid senseless post. Perhaps it was used to cause a negative reaction, a misguided attempt to try and be relevant.
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  12. nw2571

    nw2571 Initiate (50) Feb 26, 2017 Indiana

    So you're so offended by this that you reposted it for more to see? Sounds legit.

    Look I'm certainly not defending this guy's ignorant, lame excuse at a joke. But I'm also sick of the "look how woke I am" outrage about everything in life.
  13. puck1225

    puck1225 Poo-Bah (2,019) Aug 14, 2015 Texas

    Oh the pain! - Dr. Smith, Lost in Space
  14. VoodooBear

    VoodooBear Devotee (417) Aug 25, 2012 Puerto Rico

    I think the "apology" is even worse. "I'm socially awkward". Dude... Own up to it. I don't know why it's so hard to say: "I wrote that from a place of ignorance, it was obviously racist on my part and I apologize. I've learned from it, I'll work towards not being a racist asshole anymore and it won't happen again."

    These "apologies" where people expect others to take pity on them because they feel "hurt" that others think of them are racist are laughable.
  15. VoodooBear

    VoodooBear Devotee (417) Aug 25, 2012 Puerto Rico

    Discussing the problem of racism as it pertains to the craft beer industry on a craft beer forum, is not a "look how woke I am" outrage cry.

    If you're so "sick" of it, why are you commenting?
  16. nw2571

    nw2571 Initiate (50) Feb 26, 2017 Indiana

    I wanted my own two minutes of hate

    Look the guy was obviously trying to make a joke. It wasn't funny, and extremely tone deaf. If you think that necessarily makes him racist, given that I can assume you've never met him, then maybe you should consider that you've cheapened the term racism to the point that it's barely recognizable these days.
  17. AlcahueteJ

    AlcahueteJ Savant (906) Dec 4, 2004 Massachusetts

    I really don't know what he's talking about.

    The four highest rated beers on this site are dark beers.
  18. HopsAreDaMan

    HopsAreDaMan Defender (636) Jul 28, 2015 Missouri

    The real problem here, as I see it, is in his attempt to apologize.

    "Some people who don’t know me may think that my post indicates otherwise, and I wish there were something I could do for you all to know me as a person so that you would realize that it’s true."-- I get the impression from this that he sees himself as the victim here because he thinks there are some readers that do not understand him.

    If he really wishes there was something he could do, here are a few possibilities:
    1) Run his post by others that can be genuinely honest with him before posting anything.

    2) Make a more sincere apology.

    3) Make a sincere effort to try to see it from the angle of those that were offended.

    4) Ask someone who was offended by what he wrote what he could do differently, now, going forward, to demonstrate that he "... have always treated and thought about all people with equal amounts of compassion and respect regardless of race. "

    I hope he realizes how he is playing the victim in this situation, and that he in turn can make a genuine effort to make amends.
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  19. HopsAreDaMan

    HopsAreDaMan Defender (636) Jul 28, 2015 Missouri

    Where do you see evidence of the above bolded part of your sentence? Do you evidence of it on Beeradvocate?
  20. Jaycase

    Jaycase Meyvn (1,260) Jan 13, 2007 Illinois

    They are the ones claiming to be 'woke'. 'the most woke brewery in town'.

    But back to the original post, common sense is not as common as one would hope these days.
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  21. nw2571

    nw2571 Initiate (50) Feb 26, 2017 Indiana

    Are you asking where I might see outrage about everything in life? Well "everything in life" is a bit of hyperbole. But, if you ever watch the news, read partisan blogs on either side, read almost anything on social media, it's hard to say that faux outrage isn't extremely amped up in society today.

    Look I'm merely pointing out the irony of the OP reposting something that's so offensive to him or her that they want to puke when they read it.... Reposting it.
  22. CB_Michigan

    CB_Michigan Initiate (145) Sep 4, 2014 Illinois

    I posted in another thread as a response to someone who said that this crap rarely happens and to illustrate that “not using the N word” isn’t the same as being inclusive. Lots of anti-inclusive behavior flies under the radar but still keeps my friends away from this whole scene.

    Mods moved it to its own thread. I’m not trying to show I’m “woke,” I’ve just been on the receiving end of enough racism (casual and otherwise) that I’m fine calling out this kind of B.S. I hope this a**hat loses everything, and I have zero remorse about feeling that way.
  23. BayAreaJoe

    BayAreaJoe Crusader (707) Nov 23, 2017 California

    You're expressing outrage about outrage? Uh ok.
  24. honkey

    honkey Zealot (549) Aug 28, 2010 Arizona
    Society Industry

    There was several other deleted posts not being shared here that have been screenshoted and shared in other groups... the guy is a dick, it’s really that simple. The “I’m not like other people” apology made me sympathetic for a minute before I saw the other posts. Sadly, this type of poor judgement has become commonplace in the brewing industry. Some of that might be the very nature of alcohol impairing judgement and the fact that in the industry, we tend to drink a lot of alcohol.

    That said, I still don’t get it. About a year ago, I was approached by a group of African American war veterans asking if I could brew a special beer for their group to help raise awareness of the organization. I jokingly suggested “Black IPA’s Matter.” They loved the idea and I was the one that backtracked due to concerns about how the name could be perceived as belittling something that is so important to some people, especially considering that the perception of craft beer is that it is a “hobby” for white dudes. I can’t imagine a situation in which a thought like this would come to mind, then I would type out the entire post, and still think it was a good idea to “hit send.” At some point, very early on, the initial humor would wear off and better judgment would prevail.
  25. CB_Michigan

    CB_Michigan Initiate (145) Sep 4, 2014 Illinois

    Don’t know what’s in his heart, don’t care. He’s engaging in racist behavior either way. This whole “it was a joke” defense is pretty tasteless when the item being ridiculed is literally about people being killed. Ask yourself this, would you be so quick to rush to the defense of a brewery using Sandy Hook or Parkland or Columbine as a cheap pun? Would you just say “lighten up, people?”
  26. HopsAreDaMan

    HopsAreDaMan Defender (636) Jul 28, 2015 Missouri

    Yes, I keep up on events.

    I hope you understand that the bolded part of your statement is a judgement, especially when you use the words 'faux' and 'outrage'. There are a number of people that are angry about what is going on in America today. And I believe that although anger is neither good nor bad, it CAN be used as in a positive way--as an agent for change, for example. There are many that are speaking up, out of anger, and I personally applaud them for it. If you don't like it, and if all of this so called 'faux outrage' 'about everything in life' makes you angry, then perhaps you could try to understand what it is all about?

    I personally believe what the Reckless Brewing Company owner posted is wrong, and that there is good reason to call him out. And as far as I'm concerned, here's nothing 'fake' or 'outrageous' about that.
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  27. nw2571

    nw2571 Initiate (50) Feb 26, 2017 Indiana

    I certainly wasn't rushing to this guy's defense. It obviously was an attempt at a joke, are you disputing that? I even called the post ignorant and tone deaf, which in my opinion it is. My comments are more about the appropriateness of the reactions to it.

    I guess I just don't see the value in posting it on yet another website if it truly is so offensive. I'm offended by KKK propaganda. I don't see the need to repost it on the internet to tell everyone it's offensive.
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  28. TrojanRB

    TrojanRB Meyvn (1,263) Jul 27, 2013 California
    Society Trader

    I think it’s funny.
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  29. HopsAreDaMan

    HopsAreDaMan Defender (636) Jul 28, 2015 Missouri

    So what if he does 'repost it on the internet'? Why does his decision to repost it seem to bother you so much? I invite you to consider: perhaps CB_Michigan is a mirror for you, and the so-called 'faux outrage' is your own?
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  30. VoodooBear

    VoodooBear Devotee (417) Aug 25, 2012 Puerto Rico

    Exposure is the best cure. Shoving these things under the rug and not talking about them because "they're offensive" is what doesn't have any value. The way to fix this is to have it out on an open forum and discussed.
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  31. HopsAreDaMan

    HopsAreDaMan Defender (636) Jul 28, 2015 Missouri

    Out of curiosity: what do you think is funny?
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  32. stevepat

    stevepat Devotee (494) Mar 12, 2013 California

    I can't see any of the facebook posts being referenced so I'm not sure what really is being talked about, but I think the phrase 'Black Lagers Matter' is funny. It's a play on a hot button phrase. And the issue of black lagers underrepresentation on the american beer scene is a source of consternation for many. I'm assuming there's lots of more ignorant and thoughtless stuff in the FB posts that he had to apologize for but I don't see why the phrase 'black lagers matter' can't be kinda funny
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  33. CB_Michigan

    CB_Michigan Initiate (145) Sep 4, 2014 Illinois

    If a brewery were engaging in that kind of stuff, I'd want to know about it, and this would be an appropriate forum for making it known.
    The outrage comes from the fact that I have friends who enjoy craft beer but feel unwelcome at many craft breweries on account of the thoughtless racism they encounter. I've posted on a couple of threads (the Founders lawsuit one, the Beer Kulture one) about what my friends have encountered. In most (if not all) cases, it's NOT motivated by hating black people, it's just ignorant and usually followed by "relax, it's just a joke" as if my friends are the ones in the wrong. And them saying "Dude, that's just not funny" shouldn't be met with an agitated "Why are you getting so worked up about this?" The lack of racist intent doesn't make it any easier for my friends to deal with it. I'm just so fed up with it.
  34. TrojanRB

    TrojanRB Meyvn (1,263) Jul 27, 2013 California
    Society Trader

    The original post, and your reaction.
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  35. BayAreaJoe

    BayAreaJoe Crusader (707) Nov 23, 2017 California

    Whoa hold up, this is pretty much THE discussion site for anything and everything beer related, definitely not "yet another website" the way you're throwing it out there.
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  36. CB_Michigan

    CB_Michigan Initiate (145) Sep 4, 2014 Illinois

    And l don't mean to single you out on this, but I have heard that phrase more times than you can imagine and it's just not an acceptable excuse. It's a convenient way of deflecting blame (it's so-and-so's fault for taking it the wrong way) and evading responsibility.

    It's like me tossing a can of beer and hitting you in the face. "Sorry man, I saw you headed to the fridge, thought I'd get one for you." OK, you might brush it off once, maybe twice, but if I did it on a regular basis? I'm guessing you'd get pretty tired of having to duck, and the "save you a trip to the fridge" line would probably ring hollow, huh? You might even think I'm an a**hole. "But that wasn't my intent, I was just trying to be a good host. Why can't you just catch better?" Oh, and instead of just happening at my house, it happens at a bunch of people's houses.
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  37. thebeers

    thebeers Poo-Bah (2,412) Sep 10, 2014 Pennsylvania
    Society Trader

    Anything can be kinda funny. But a lot of parents worry when their kids leave home for school, for work, for church, to hang out with friends, wherever, that they might be murdered by police. Making a pun out of that to market beer seems in bad taste. And to do so as a business is a pretty clear statement that you don’t give a shit about the business of the people you offend.
  38. HopsAreDaMan

    HopsAreDaMan Defender (636) Jul 28, 2015 Missouri

    And how exactly, is it funny? What are your judgements?
  39. stevepat

    stevepat Devotee (494) Mar 12, 2013 California

    Ya I can definitely see thinking its in bad taste. Not the best business decision. I still think it's a funny pun
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  40. HopsAreDaMan

    HopsAreDaMan Defender (636) Jul 28, 2015 Missouri

    I could explain it to you, but then again, it would be better if you figured it out on your own by simply reading all of the posts that are in this thread. If you still don't understand after doing that, then get back to us and I'm sure someone will help you out.