Redstone Customer Appreciation Annv Tasting/Release Event

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  1. Ganglani

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    Customer Appreciation Anniversary party!

    When: April 8th 2017 from 1pm to 3pm

    Where: Redstone Liquors Stoneham

    As a HUGE thank you to our customers for keeping us running (2 years Andover and 1 Year in our new Stoneham spot) we have decided to throw a GRAND tasting like none other! This event will be held on April the 8th from 1-3PM at our Stoneham location (sorry Andover folks we have some other plans in the future for you, but worth the drive down for the day). In addition to being able to taste some world class beer, wine and whiskey you will also be able to purchase some goodies (Whalz broh) that day during the event. (Al la Redstone Black Fridays)

    Admission is FREE however we will be accepting a “suggested” $5 donation to be given in its entirety to Shriners Children’s Hospital. (more or less will be appreciated as it is ALL going to a good cause)
    the list of Attendees Pouring (thus far) include:

    Trillium Brewing
    Night Shift Brewing
    Jacks Abby Brewing
    Fort Hill Brewing
    Lamplighter Brewing
    Exhibit A Brewing
    Funky Buddha
    J Wakefield
    Pipe works
    Prairie Artisan Ales
    Idle Hands Craft Ales
    Tap Brewing
    Finback Brewing
    More Breweries added as we get closer to the event!

    Single barrel Cellar (barrel aged maple syrup)

    Over 25 Different wines!

    Compass box Distillery will have open 4 unique expressions that we collaborated on to select (Only available in 3 spots on the east coast)

    Union Square donuts will have a pop up store open from 1-4pm (their maple bacon doughnut will change your life!)

    List of items that will be available to purchase that day include but not limited to: (details on how these will be divvied out along with limits, etc will be posted as we get closer to the event)

    Angels Envy Cask Strength
    Bookers Rye
    Thomas Handy
    EH Taylor Barrel Proof
    Weller 12
    Old Weller Antique
    Weller Special reserve
    Rock Hill Farm
    Elijah Craig Barrel Proof
    Michters 10 Rye
    Parkers Heritage
    Elmer T Lee
    Hibiki 12
    Hibiki 21
    Yamazaki 12
    Yamazaki 18
    Sazerac Rye
    Stagg Jr
    Firestone Walker Annv
    Firestone Bravo
    Tilquin Gueuze
    Tilquin quetsche
    Tilquin Mure
    3F oude gueuze arnand & Gaston
    3F Doesjel
    Wicked Weed BA french Toast
    Wicked weed chocolate black angel
    Funky Buddah Maple Bacon Coffee porter
    Jester King OlOi
    Jester King Hibernal Dichotomous
    Jester King Boxers Revenge
    Oskar Blues BA Ten Fidy
    Evil Twin Michigan maple Jesus
    Off Color Dino Smores
    Prairie Bomb
    Prairie Pirate Bomb
    Prairie Vanilla Nior
    Prairie Coffee Nior
    Prairie/Evil Twin BA Bible Belt
    Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine
    Trillium (will announce what, day before event)
    Springdale (will announce what, day before event)

    * This is a TASTING event only (pours sizes will be limited) …Please taste responsibly any patrons showing signs of intoxication will be cut off and may be removed at our discretion.
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    definitely very excited about this event.
  3. Ganglani

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    Just wanted to post how well run this event was! These guys are probably the fairest in the beer world, and it shows. Everything was posted, and everyone got a fair shot at what they wanted. The tasting was busy, but for the size and for what was pouring, it was still manageable. Excited that Pipeworks will now be in Mass, and am excited that I was able to snag NinjavUnicorn. Also got a ton of BA Bomb variants, FW XX, BA French toast from Wicked Weed, and a couple BA Ten Fiddy...just to name a few.
    Anyone else go? Experiences? What you bought or tried?
  5. joberlander

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    I thought tell event was run very well. The only complaint I had is not with the staff but rather the customers. I was waiting for Firestone xx and was probably in the best position to grab one of the 24 bottles. But when one girl slides in and starts handing bottles back to her "friends" I think it's pretty rediculous. I refuse to be a jerk and shove and push for a bottle of beer and I guess the beer was that important to some. Just disappointing to see that side of craft drinkers. Other than that awesome beets to taste and great beers I'm excited to try.