Refreshing raspberries join the Tröegs Tart & Fruit Series

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    MEDIA ADVISORY: Tröegs Independent Brewing announces the release of Raspberry Tart Ale. The second release in our Tart & Fruit Series, this beer features notes of tart raspberry jam, wildflowers and a hint of salt.

    Raspberry Tart Ale is currently available in 6-packs of 12-ounce cans everywhere Tröegs beer is sold. Additionally, it’s one of the featured beers in our Anthology Summersampler pack and will also appear in our forthcoming Greetings from Tröegs variety 15-pack of cans, which is set to release on June 10.

    Read more about Raspberry Tart Ale and our Tart & Fruit Series on our blog.

  2. jonphisher

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    Looking forward to this. I really enjoyed the boysenberry one. It was really well balanced in terms of sour and sweet.
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  3. ESHBG

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    Totally agree. I wish Troegs would focus a little more on other styles vs IPAs, as those beers are usually pretty good.
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    According to their website, it looks like the Troegs 15 can pack will feature:
    Field Study IPA
    Sunshine Pils
    When In Doubt Helles
    Raspberry Tart Ale

    That’s a solid summer mix, I’ll probably grab a couple when its released.
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  5. ESHBG

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    Agreed! Read an article recently that said that it should be dropping around June 10th but I wouldn't mind if it was before then.
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  6. jonphisher

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    That is a 15 pack I would love to buy, hopefully I’ll come across it.
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