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    Hi there,

    So about 8 months ago and bought this new dual gauge regulator to replace a stock regulator. It has worked great and very accurate. But I'm starting to noticed the knob I turn to increase and decrease the PSI is starting to get loose only when turned in the decreased "-" PSI direction. The knob is sticking out farther than before from over the months of slightly turning down the PSI.
    So my question is, can I turn the regulator completely off and unplug from c02 tank and turn the knob all the way in the "+" direction and then adjust it from there. I am worried the knob/screw thing is about to fall out.
    And if it did/does fall out will it make my regulator not accurate anymore?

    Thank You in advanced!
  2. IceAce

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    Lotsa questions...

    What brand regulator is it? We already know it’s not a TapRite.

    Why are you continuously dialing the pressure down?

    What PSI are you down to? The screw will naturally appear ‘loose’ as you get down to the lower end of the scale such as 2-3psi, especially economy regulators.
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    Clearly something wrong with the regulator. Once you set it, unless you drastically change the beer style it should be fine. I don’t think I’ve changed mine in years.
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