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    PSUDREW Initiate (0) Jun 14, 2002 Pennsylvania

    So, I may be relocating from the Philly area up to Rochester NY.Figure it might be high time to do some recon work. Any bars/breweries/distillery recommendations? Thanks!
  2. chefduff2

    chefduff2 Zealot (503) Feb 17, 2008 New York

    Well, since I just moved from there to PA I figure I will give you a run down of the places I miss.

    Tap and Mallet
    Rochester Tap Room (Same owner as above)
    Loving Cup
    Old Toad
    MacGregor's (Not my favorite, but I think the one in Henrietta has over 100 lines)

    Restaurants with Beer I liked: Owl House, Gate House

    Breweries: Rohrbach's- They mass produce but have been getting much stronger lately with their selections.
    Three Heads Brewing- Under the Custom Brewcrafters umbrella here, but I love those guys and I miss their beer.
    Abandon Brewing which is south of Rochester in the Finger Lakes. Mostly Belgian inspired beers, but great people, location, and tasty beers.
    ROC Brewing is hit and miss for me, but worthy of making your own decision.

    Beer Stores: Go to Nathianel's Corner Store. If I didn't give you enough information, Bob at the store will give you anything else you would ever want to know about beer in Rochester.'
    AJ's Beer warehouse. Friendly staff, lot's of regional growler selections and a huge beer cave.
    Go to Beers of the World to see it, but check for dates and open your wallet wide.

    There are other small new bars and other small breweries that have opened recently, but that will get you started.
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  3. rocbrewcrew

    rocbrewcrew Initiate (63) Dec 10, 2013 New York

    I'll add in Donnelly's as a solid craft beer bar.

    Also, Good Luck and Revelry both have a small but solid selection of craft. Great food as well.

    I haven't been to black button distilling in the city yet but unfortunately both the gin and vodka I've tasted haven't been great.

    There's Finger Lakes Distilling outside of Watkins Glen, NY about 75 min or so from the city. Stuff is pretty decent.

    The Finger Lakes wine region produces great wine if you're into that and would like recommendations.
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