Scottsdale Restaurants with Solid Tap Lists

Discussion in 'Southwest' started by MCDForm, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. MCDForm

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    I'm traveling to North Scottsdale for two nights with my kids and looking for restaurants that have great tap lists and solid food. A few years ago you guys did an awesome job of guiding me.

    Also heading to a D-Backs game so any beer related tips for the game or area would be great.
  2. Ten_SeventySix_Brewhouse

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    I don't spend a ton of time in North Scottsdale, but McFate's North location is a must, IMO, even if it's technically central Scottsdale. Good food, some of the best beers in the valley, and usually a couple of good guest taps. I might also check out Four Peaks. I've never been to that location, but if it's anything like the one in Tempe, the food is good, and the beer is better than decent if you don't mind supporting AB InBev. Maybe someone who is more familiar with the area will chime in, but I think you'll have more luck if you're willing to venture south to old town. There are plenty of recommendations there if you search the forums.
  3. Beaverhuntr

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    Scottsdale has Gold Water Brewing Co in old town Scottsdale. You wont be far from Phoenix and you came at a pretty good time.. One of the best breweries in Phoenix ( Wren House ) is having their 3 year anniversary all this month and their tap lust is freaking amazing plus they have a beer release this Saturday. Also down the street is Wandering Tortoise they have a huge tap list. Both places are kid friendly too. Enjoy and cheers.
  4. MCDForm

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    Thanks for the recs. We will be sure to head out of N. Scottsdale during the day so PHX anywhere is fair game as long as there's some sort of indoor activity nearby.