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    I’ll be visiting Vermont next week, but also spending Thursday up in Sherbrooke. What are some breweries, bottle shops, and/or beers to look out for up there. Merci!
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    For beers, most of the previous threads and especially the recent ones (for Montreal and whatnot) have good recommendations for beers to watch for. If not, the top Canadian beers list has a ton of Quebec beers and many of those should be findable without tons of difficulty.

    As far as I know, Au vent du nord is your best bet for picking up bottles. For having a beer at a bar there is Ciboire which is decent and Boquébière. The only thing with Boquébière is I haven't had their beer in forever so I can really speak to quality. It used to be really good then their place flooded and they had to close and reopen and stopped sending bottles out.

    I imagine you're coming up from Hill Farmstead, but if by chance you're coming up from Burlington you could stop at the Dunham Brewery, which is very good and wouldn't be too far out of your way.

    Enjoy your trip!
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  3. Coronaeus

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    I can’t speak to the quality of the beer anymore, but the Golden Lion Pub in Lennoxville is one of the oldest brewpubs in Canada. I drank and enjoyed gallons of Lion’s Pride back in 1990/91.

    Kidding aside, see above and enjoy!
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    My daughter's at school in Lennoxville and I've been anxiously watching this thread desperately hoping that someone would come up with something better than the Golden Lion.
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    Too late for the OP and maybe a year or more out of date, but here's what Tourism Eastern Townships thinks the seven worthwhile breweries are in the region...

    There's also a mapping feature...

    I don't know that it will save my settings but, select the Taste the Townships drop-down and check Microbreweries (17).

    [edited to add: it didn't. Click on the pinned map icon in the top bar, third from the right.]

    I'm going to get started on this soon.