Should i be worry about this?

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  1. Jos3h2r

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    Hey guys. Im worried about something that happened with the batch i have right now. My fermenter is a 7 gallons bucket, its been working just fine for the last 7 batches. The airlock on top, i switched this time from the one that look like a syphon to this one, which is the one with a cilinder and a small plastic cap that bubbles inside. Well long story short, fermentation went great and today in the morning, 2 days from bottling day, i was changing frozen bottles of my swamp cooler and i almost fell down, pressed the top of the fermenter and after that some water(star san solution), 4 o 5 cc dont know if more, was sucked into the bucket very slowly. Now im really worried about this, dont know how much this will affect my beer and if i should still bottle it.

    I know i have to wait and taste it, but anybody experiment this kind of situation before? What was the outcome? Was the beer ruined or it was just fine?

    O switching to glass now and go back to my old airlock. But still.
  2. dmamiano

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    Happens to a lot of people
    Beer will be fine. Bottle it
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    yep, not to worry.
  4. epk

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    I had a LHBS shop owner (not one I use very frequently) once tell us you could pee in a batch of beer and no one could ever tell... I make sure to never ask to try his beer.

    Anyway, a lot of people have sucked a little airlock sanitizer into the beer, it'll be fine.
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    It sounds like you went from the p-trap style to a 3 piece. Either one will do the job, preference is bias. Dude, if star san ain’t near my beer and/in it I’m freakin out.