Should we bring back New Beer Sunday?

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Return New Beer to Sunday?

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  1. Todd

    Todd Founder (6,642) Aug 23, 1996 California
    Staff Moderator Fest Crew Society Trader

    If you didn't know, New Beer Sunday was a weekly thread that lived for 804 weeks (365 of those on our old forum) before being converted to New Beer Weekend (around 46 weeks ago) in order to include more people on Saturday and Sunday. The change was met with some mixed feelings that still linger to this day, and the bump in engagement hasn't been much.

    So, I was thinking that maybe we bring it back to New Beer Sunday. What say you?

    What about Saturdays? Perhaps we start doing more online tastings for specific styles or even brands? More on the later, but in the meantime there's always WBAYDN.

    Vote and drop your comments in this thread.

  2. JackHorzempa

    JackHorzempa Poo-Bah (5,468) Dec 15, 2005 Pennsylvania

    I personally was not a fan of the decision to change NBS to NBW. My preference would be to go back to the original format of NBS.

  3. Smakawhat

    Smakawhat Poo-Bah (8,259) Mar 18, 2008 Maryland

    I am really not sure? I seem to be able to handle either or, although NBS sorta has a neat ring to it.
  4. TongoRad

    TongoRad Poo-Bah (2,982) Jun 3, 2004 New Jersey
    Society Trader

    If it's only going to be one day I'd much rather it be Saturday; otherwise I'm happy with things the way they currently are.
  5. gatornation

    gatornation Poo-Bah (11,079) Apr 18, 2007 Minnesota
    Society Trader

    Leave it the way it is . Some are off Saturday ,others Sunday probably more on Sunday. And some both, so I like the reviews/ pics all weekend.
  6. jonphisher

    jonphisher Meyvn (1,269) Aug 9, 2015 New Jersey
    Society Trader

    I’m with this, I didn’t start participating until it was weekend. I saw it more often and for an extra day, it caught my eye and I couldn’t be happier.

    It has been one of my favorite things about BA since i discovered it. Yes I know I’m late to the party :slight_smile:
  7. Shanex

    Shanex Poo-Bah (1,779) Dec 10, 2015 France
    Society Trader

    This here.

    I was a big aficionado of NBS as it was, but I’m almost certain that switching NBW back to only Sunday won’t all of a sudden dramatically increase traffic/posts into it.

    Happy with either, so not voting.
  8. DrStiffington

    DrStiffington Poo-Bah (1,785) Oct 27, 2010 New Jersey

    For some reason I can’t quite articulate, I liked New Beer Sunday more. Seemed like more of an event, being only one day? Maybe that’s it.
  9. JohnniEMc

    JohnniEMc Poo-Bah (1,735) Sep 5, 2015 Pennsylvania

    Sure, Sunday is in my top seven days of the week to have a beer.
  10. bobv

    bobv Poo-Bah (4,256) Feb 3, 2009 Vermont
    Society Trader

    I always liked NBS better because Sunday is my Friday. Definitely interested in some sort of “Style Saturday”, though.
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  11. champ103

    champ103 Poo-Bah (5,354) Sep 3, 2007 Texas

    New Beer Weekend is fine the way it is, don't change it. If you want to just review on Sunday, nothing is stopping you. Thats the beauty of it being on Sunday AND Saturday :slight_smile:

    Though seriously, without the snark, I don't see an issue at all with NBW as it is. Sometimes I have something I want to review right away on a Saturday, that I'm excited about. Other times, I just happen along something on a Sunday. The people that actively participate probably isn't going to change much either way, but I like the flexibility.
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  12. Roguer

    Roguer Poo-Bah (7,025) Mar 25, 2013 Connecticut
    Moderator Society Trader

    Thanks for the feedback so far!

    My two cents: I kind of like the Saturday tasting threads that pop up, but they're not "New Beer" threads. If New Beer "X" returns to a one-day-only event, Sunday is much better - out of both tradition (for New Beer Sunday), and to deconflict from those Saturday tasting threads. The focus of those two threads - NBS/NBW, and tasting threads - is entirely different. And hey, some of us partake in both!

    But I'm good either way. I respect the long-held traditions of NBS, but love that more people have been able to get involved by expanding it to Saturday. I'll be on the thread every week either way. :grinning:
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  13. rgordon

    rgordon Meyvn (1,253) Apr 26, 2012 North Carolina

    Same here. There was a seeming intimacy of exchanges that are very memorable these days. I don't really dislike the weekend idea, but I do think one day provides for better planning, writing, and a sense of anticipation.
  14. OU-CXpunch-DP

    OU-CXpunch-DP Disciple (320) Nov 17, 2015 Oklahoma

    I haven't participated in the old or the current so I have no history with either but hope to in the future. I'm wondering if the format is fundamentally different other than a smaller, more focused period of time in which people can participate and and interact? I do like the idea of focusing on a specific style with online tastings.
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  15. IKR

    IKR Savant (905) May 25, 2010 California

    I occasionally participate (haven't been trying a lot of new beers) and all I have to add is "it's all good". I liked the thread before and like it now so I'm abstaining from voting. Flexibility is nice though but I can always do what I did the most recent one, drink and review on Saturday but post on Sunday if that's allowed!
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  16. tasterschoice62

    tasterschoice62 Poo-Bah (2,559) May 14, 2014 Rhode Island
    Society Trader

    At first I was against the NBW idea but Ive gotten used to it. I still almost all my New beers on Sunday. There was something magical about just Sundays though I have to admit. Im on board with tastings on Saturday and NBS though. Either way Im participating as often as possible.
  17. dennisthreeninefiveone

    dennisthreeninefiveone Initiate (135) Aug 11, 2020 New Jersey

    6 of that, 1/2 dozen of the other Are fewer people posting on NBW than used to on NBS?
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  18. Shanex

    Shanex Poo-Bah (1,779) Dec 10, 2015 France
    Society Trader

    It has only dawned on me that I won’t be able to see the results of the poll if I’m not voting. Guess it’ll be a surprise then. Abstention in a democracy is flawed. :wink:
  19. rgordon

    rgordon Meyvn (1,253) Apr 26, 2012 North Carolina

    I have no idea, but there was a continuity of discussion on one day that made me pay closer attention than I do now.
  20. bluejacket74

    bluejacket74 Poo-Bah (6,403) Jul 4, 2005 Ohio

    Not that I was a regular participant when it was New Beer Sunday, but I would at least pay attention to the thread in general most Sundays. Since the change to NBW I rarely bother looking at the thread at all, for whatever reason I don't think about it now.
  21. mickyge

    mickyge Poo-Bah (1,923) Nov 1, 2014 Massachusetts

    I like having 2 days, sometimes things are going on Sundays that prevents posting
  22. meefmoff

    meefmoff Devotee (493) Jul 6, 2014 Massachusetts

    This and your earlier post really capture the hard-to-pin-down thoughts I have about this. When it was one day it kinda sorta felt like we were all having a beer together and taking part in the same conversation. With a longer time span it feels more like a drive-by kind of thread.

    I'd hate to "kick out" the new people who are only able to participate on Saturday though, so it's kind of a tough call, even if I feel like the participation was more rewarding when it was a tighter thread.
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  23. cavedave

    cavedave Poo-Bah (3,097) Mar 12, 2009 New York
    Society Trader

    If adding a day and making it a weekend "event" didn't attract enough new folks, perhaps there are other ideas no one has mentioned yet, or ones we could create, to enhance whatever format is chosen as best? I don't have any new ideas right now, but I am going to think on it, hopefully others will do the same.
  24. meefmoff

    meefmoff Devotee (493) Jul 6, 2014 Massachusetts

    Given the kinds of threads that seem to get the most traction here, maybe a "New Complaint Thursday" would be worth a shot :sunglasses:
  25. Bitterbill

    Bitterbill Poo-Bah (8,079) Sep 14, 2002 Wyoming

    Your post irks me. I reckon that I will start a thread aboot it. :slight_smile:
  26. ovaltine

    ovaltine Poo-Bah (4,290) Apr 6, 2010 Indiana
    Society Trader

    I’m old, so I like tradition.

    I like beer, so I like more opportunities to share new beers with my beer nerd friends.

    Glad I could help.

    In all seriousness, NBS felt more “special” and I like the idea of more share by style/brewery (and/or state/region) events on Saturday.

    Either way, I’ll be here. But I believe NBS has more cache, baby, and the data proves it out. Save Saturday for special events. Just my 7.48 cents worth, corrected for inflation.
  27. gatornation

    gatornation Poo-Bah (11,079) Apr 18, 2007 Minnesota
    Society Trader

    Let’s get this up and running Call it NCT. Right B4 the weekend open to all .:stuck_out_tongue:
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  28. MacMalt

    MacMalt Poo-Bah (5,482) Jan 28, 2015 New Jersey
    Society Trader

    I always looked forward to a special time on Sunday afternoon. Although I do review new beers on Saturday, I still consider it NBS and save my most anticipated beers to share on Sunday afternoon. That said, I don't want to exclude folks who, for whatever reason, find Saturday the better time to post.
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  29. thebeers

    thebeers Poo-Bah (4,025) Sep 10, 2014 Pennsylvania
    Society Trader

    I always thought it was stupid to kill a 15-year (or whatever) thread on a whim.

    Having it as one day a week was a good excuse to sit down and relax and contemplate a beer. There was also a certain camaraderie to knowing you could read reviews from some of your favorite BAs all on one day. Spreading it out over a whole weekend killed the specialness for me. If I want to review a beer any time that's convenient, I could already do that.

    I was also frankly grumpy that the regulars and long-time hosts weren't really consulted. A few posts mid-thread one random weekend and then the decree came on from high.

    I've bowed out of NBW and the related BIF. May join occasionally from time to time if it goes back to NBS, but I'm still salty about it.
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  30. Beersnake1

    Beersnake1 Poo-Bah (3,446) Aug 17, 2013 California
    Society Trader

    I personally like it spread over 2 days. It simply provides more opportunity for people to participate. Maybe not immediately, but perhaps it will show with more time.
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  31. BBThunderbolt

    BBThunderbolt Poo-Bah (9,779) Sep 24, 2007 Kiribati
    Society Trader

    I was among the most vocal in opposition to the change to NBW, and my base point was that expanding it would take away the "special" feeling NBS always had. And, IMHO, that has shown to be true: it's just a 2-day WBADYN thread, with reviews, now. There's not as much interpersonal banter as before. Folks in their first post of the thread aren't taking a minute to tell us about what's going on in their worlds, which was a driving core of the @malty / @mattcrill days. It seems to have slipped into more an "all about the beer, and beer only" thing.

    One of the reasons stated for the change was to increase involvement. Now, if the folks who are posting are posting over two days, is that an increase? Are folks who didn't post in the one-day format posting in the 2-day format? Has it increased not the number of posts, but the number of posters?
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  32. BBThunderbolt

    BBThunderbolt Poo-Bah (9,779) Sep 24, 2007 Kiribati
    Society Trader

    It's been a year.

    Give it a decade and see if it flies?
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  33. ChicagoJ

    ChicagoJ Poo-Bah (1,801) Feb 2, 2015 Illinois

    "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."

    The one idea I would like to reconsider was the change from the traditional two alternating hosts. I don't think it being restricted to Sunday made it special, but rather the thought provoking introductions prompting good conversations, both of beers reviewed and other topics, beer related or otherwise.

    I am somewhat intimidated in starting a NBW/NBS thread, really want to have something to add and provide a good discussion area, and have refrained at times from kicking off the thread as a result. With the previous hosting arrangement, the hosts had a well thought introduction, now it's started by whoever is having the first new beer. Perhaps not restricting the thread to two rotating hosts, but rather having someone propose to start the following week's thread, and allow them a week to come up with a solid opening and discussion topics would be the best way to proceed.

    In terms of my input, some may think I'm a zealot for continuing naming my Sunday posts as New Beer Sunday (849 last week), but I am just a traditionalist by nature. Participation ebbs and flows more based on the interrelated BIF thread. I don't mail beers, so not involved on that aspect, but to me whether or not there are BIF packages going around is the primary current driver of participation beyond 3-4 pages.

    I only started posting a few months in national threads including NBS/WBAYDN before the NBS change. Didn't post for a few weeks into the NBW change, perturbed I lost my beer review (didn't save in my notes, planned on copying and pasting from the post) when my post was deleted for having a video, allowed previously but abruptly changed that week.

    Two days give more flexibility in terms of other life commitments, so no strong feelings one way or the other. I do, as others, save my "best" beers until Sunday, though sometimes the reviews prove I selected the wrong one.

    Will keep the updating the NBS # regardless in my Sunday posts, and hope we can make a change to allowed more thought provoking kick off/introduction posts on a go-forward basis. In terms of individual style tastings, the ones hosted every 1-2 months have had solid participation, I wouldn't add or change anything with that format. @FBarber and others do a great job curating that thread, and we get solid participation as a result.

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  34. bbtkd

    bbtkd Poo-Bah (14,229) Sep 20, 2015 South Dakota
    Society Trader

    Let's keep NBW and include Friday night too! After all, the weekend starts Friday night for most people.
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  35. BillAfromSoCal

    BillAfromSoCal Devotee (485) Aug 24, 2020 California

    Nope....unless it REPLACES new beer weekend. New beer weekend and New Beer Sunday are too nuanced in difference. What's beer in a std pint glass consumed before 3PM when the temperature is above 75 deg F? Expand new beer weekend to include Friday, name a theme each week if you must, and leave it at that.
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  36. Beersnake1

    Beersnake1 Poo-Bah (3,446) Aug 17, 2013 California
    Society Trader

    I think your point (and that made by @ChicagoJ ) about how the thread is started makes a lot of sense. Having dedicated people who kick it off each week is probably the way to go. That, and perhaps not restricting things to Sunday, might be a way to make it feel "special" again.
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  37. Beersnake1

    Beersnake1 Poo-Bah (3,446) Aug 17, 2013 California
    Society Trader

    It has only been 46 weeks! Things take time :stuck_out_tongue:
  38. Junior

    Junior Champion (846) May 23, 2015 Michigan
    Society Trader

    I did not participate much with it was on Sunday's. It was hard for me to find the time on a Sunday. I do not participate a lot more now, I did at first. My new beer intake is way down. I would prefer it to stay the way it is. If not, I would like it to move to Saturday.
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  39. Todd

    Todd Founder (6,642) Aug 23, 1996 California
    Staff Moderator Fest Crew Society Trader

    It wasn’t on a whim. My understanding is that it was discussed by the community, the mods brought it to my attention, we discussed, and then I gave it a thumbs up.
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  40. thebeers

    thebeers Poo-Bah (4,025) Sep 10, 2014 Pennsylvania
    Society Trader

    As a long time participant, it sure as hell seemed like a whim to me. It was offered as a suggestion mid-post one Sunday. Fewer people replied than have already applied to this thread. And a few weeks later NBS was gone.
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