Sixpoint Barrel-Aged 4Beans releasing network-wide

Discussion in 'Beer News & Releases' started by frozyn, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. frozyn

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    Sixpoint page here. Sounds pretty similar to the small batch barrel-aged 4Beans released last November. If its largely the same beer, I will definitely be seeking this out. Be careful if you're looking for it on Long Island -- @jrnyc may beat you away from any he can find.
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    DISKORD Aspirant (246) Feb 28, 2017 North Carolina

    Yes please!!!
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  3. Dmott

    Dmott Initiate (41) Oct 24, 2018 Indiana

    So when is this suppose to hit shelves?
  4. Hoos78

    Hoos78 Aspirant (219) Mar 3, 2015 Ohio

    I thought BA 3Beans was fantastic, so certainly looking forward to this.
  5. elohim

    elohim Initiate (183) Dec 4, 2010 Georgia

    This looks good. I have actually never seen a sixpoint brew on the shelf but I just checked seekabrew and apparently they distro to Georgia so I must be doing something wrong.
  6. EvenMoreJesus

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    Is it weird that this beer makes me think of 2 Chainz?
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    DISKORD Aspirant (246) Feb 28, 2017 North Carolina

    Yeah, very weird!
  8. DoghouseReilly3946

    DoghouseReilly3946 Initiate (157) Aug 17, 2018 Kentucky

    3 Beans was memorable and obtainable, so I will be on the lookout for this one.
  9. JasonJYoung

    JasonJYoung Initiate (93) Jan 7, 2015 Washington

    Found this in Portland Oregon during the summer months of 2018. Will definitely seek & purchase again. One of the more "subtle" barrel aged beers around.
  10. DIM

    DIM Poo-Bah (2,360) Sep 28, 2006 Pennsylvania

    3 beans was widely released last year and was wonderful. That is probably what you had. This year's release is 4 beans, the extra bean is vanilla. I have high hopes for this one.
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  11. SixpointMikey

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    Hey all, this is a master blend of liquid aged between 9 and 12 months, then aged on Madagascar Vanilla, and calibrated with Stumptown Holler Mountain Blend Coffee. As compared to 3Beans, this will have more body, a more "dark roast" quality to the coffee, and then of course the addition of real vanilla character. Pretty cool stuff... it's hitting nearly all of our markets in the next couple days, with West Coast and a couple select markets trickling in end of week and next Monday.

  12. jrnyc

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    Good to see you here Mikey, see you Saturday!
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  13. estans2

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    O know this is directly related to 4 beans, but are peanut butter and horchata beans brewery exclusive or are they getting distro?
  14. jrnyc

    jrnyc Meyvn (1,326) Mar 21, 2010 New York
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    I can’t say for certain, but the brewery only releases typically don’t go to distro.