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    Placing this here instead of in one of several possible subfora since it is an event in DC featuring breweries from VA, NC and NY. Plus anyone that is heading to DC may be interested.

    "America has always been a nation of people on the move. In every era and under many circumstances, Americans have crossed borders and oceans or simply picked up and moved across town. We may not realize it, but the history of our very mobile United States has been recorded in the beer we drink. Brewing techniques, the ingredients we use, the flavors we prefer, and our habits related to consuming beer draw from the traditions of many groups. As a result, Americans enjoy the richest, most varied brewing culture on the planet.

    Join us for a conversation with four brewers who bring unique stories of movement and migration – through personal experience or inspiration – to their beer. How have these histories influenced the beers they brew? How do the brewers define the role of beer in American society, past, present, and future? How can their journeys expand our understanding of American history? Come learn, taste, and enjoy."
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    This sounds like a good event. Celeste and Oscar were way ahead of the curve with craft brewing and marketing. I remember Oscar peddling kegs along Walker Ave in Greensboro back in the 90s. I was selling beer too and was intrigued by his stories of turning old dairy equipment into a brewery. He was very cool and I've been a fan ever since. Highland is very under-rated. In the early 2000s, as a wholesaler, I tried to market Harlem Beer, but the times weren't quite right. I remember Celeste to be very sharp and dedicated. The beer was very good! If I'm in D.C.I'll check this out.
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