Solution for infusing and recapping stouts

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  1. thewoodenshoe

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    I have some situations that I want to combine
    1. I like to infuse adjuncts with bought bottles of stouts. For example, use GI Bourbon County as a base and add coconut flakes. Another example, when I think a stout is a bit dull to my tasting at that particular moment, I enjoy adding whatever. I do this often.
    2. I also have too many stouts in my fridge. I want to drink the big 14% 75 cl ba stouts, but it's just too much for me during the week. Ideally, I drink half of it and drink the other half the next day, or some days later.
    I'm asking for some advice on how to handle this. How do I keep my beer fresh and carbonated on the short term (infusing something into a beer for a couple of hours) and also on the longer term (couple days)?

    I'm about to purchase the ukeg 64. But how well does it work with the above-listed options? I mean, the growler will only contain 0.33 stout since I drink the other part. Is simply recapping good enough to keep a stout good for a couple days? I tried using a plastic bottle with a valve and co2 but it leaks and just doesn't work well. That's just my experience. The ultimate goal, the one-liner, is to keep open a beer and to keep it at a premium for some time. The ukeg seems to do the trick but I wonder if it works well if you only have so little beer in it... I'd love to hear other peoples opions!

    Any advice is appreciated! Thank you and cheers!

    Disclaimer: This question has been asked a few times before and, in fact, I have started my own thread about infusing before at The reason for creating a new topic is because I feel I'm very specific in my question.
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  2. Beer_Economicus

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    I know someone that will open a BC, drop in a vanilla bean, and leave it for a month. They did not pour the BC out or anything else. They then recapped it with a new BC and their own capping machine. I do my home brew, so no idea what these are called.

    Anyway, at a month it tasted fresh. I don't think this would work with French pressing something and then pouring it back, as the carb would go away. But, I think it would work just fine if you added ingredients just like the vanilla bean.
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  3. thewoodenshoe

    thewoodenshoe Initiate (86) Dec 10, 2013 South Carolina

    Thanks for the reply. I ended up buying the ukeg 64. So far so good.
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  4. ktr5010

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    With the ukeg, do you place the adjuncts in there along with the beer? Any experience with vanilla beans and how long you can leave them in there?
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  5. thewoodenshoe

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    I’ve been using it a lot and love it.

    Coconut: I bought “Organic Cotton Reusable Produce Bags“ (the small ones) on amazon and use this to add coconut flakes in it. Night and day difference, to me, compared to just dumping it in a bottle.

    Vanilla beans: I just throw them in there- so without a bag. You can leave it in there for days/ weeks but I haven’t been that patient to be honest.
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