Sours...I'm Hooked.

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by tjs3000, Apr 17, 2012.

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  1. Poorpatz

    Poorpatz Initiate (0) Apr 27, 2010 Massachusetts

    I like you tjs am also hooked on sours. Right now my favorite is La Folie. Also really liking my local offerings from Cisco.
  2. FunkyMacGroovin

    FunkyMacGroovin Aspirant (233) Sep 22, 2009 California

    Try the Oud Beersel sours, they're great and generally pretty easy to find.
  3. evilc

    evilc Initiate (0) Jan 27, 2012 California

    I love the RR sours = fav being Beat. What other sours are there that resemble it and are available?
  4. FunkyMacGroovin

    FunkyMacGroovin Aspirant (233) Sep 22, 2009 California

    The only really "available" sours I've had that taste similar to Beat are actual geuezes. Lindeman's Cuvee Rene is probably your best bet, though while it's on a similar level of sour it isn't nearly as complex or funky as Beat.
  5. DavoleBomb

    DavoleBomb Poo-Bah (2,927) Mar 29, 2008 Pennsylvania

    Cantillon is more of an acid factory than a brewery at times. Check out of breweries (3F being my favorite).
  6. tjs3000

    tjs3000 Initiate (0) Jan 15, 2012 New York

    Just had a conversation about how hard it is to get their sours last night... While living less than 25 minutes from the place might make it slightly easier to get a hold of his doesnt sound like it will be easy at all!
  7. tjs3000

    tjs3000 Initiate (0) Jan 15, 2012 New York

    While I'm new to sours I'm not new to stinky cheeses or pretty much anything food related and I've found that while your palate evolves you do have to have a taste for some of these things from the start. Even if its just one tiny hook to keep you coming back.
  8. deadonhisfeet

    deadonhisfeet Poo-Bah (2,098) Apr 23, 2011 Kentucky

    New Belgium La Folie is another nice sour beer. It's in the same style as Rodenbach, though a bit on the pricey side.
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  9. Shmeal

    Shmeal Disciple (355) Nov 9, 2009 Oregon

    Welcome to the most expensive segment in beer. Prepare to have you wallet punished
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  10. onefalsemove711

    onefalsemove711 Initiate (147) Jul 20, 2011 California

    I highly recommend RR Sanctification!
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  11. BrewDogRocks

    BrewDogRocks Initiate (0) Oct 15, 2011 Texas

    Hello. First off, I agree that with just about any food or drink, you have to develop a taste for it over time. But also, as with any food or drink, there are some things that some people just won't like ever. I am 44 years old and I have never liked the taste of coffee. I tried to get into it many times and I still don't like it. I drink tea. Similarly, some people can't drink single malt whisky neat, specially peaty, smoky Islay whisky. I myself love them. Some people can't drink Tequila neat. People have different taste buds, and they develop different taste buds.

    The same goes for me and sours. I have tried many sours over the course of many years and I can say that I just don't like them. The best I could say about a sour is that I didn't hate it. So, yes it's quite possible to never a develop a taste for them.

    As for suggestions for sours, you may look into Jester King in Texas. Das Wunderkind and Boxer's Revenge are two, and they sometimes make sour versions of their other beers. Just recently they made a Sour Black Metal which is usually an Imperial Stout. I don't like them, but people who like sours do, so you may give them a shot.
  12. MrTopher

    MrTopher Initiate (0) Aug 27, 2009 California

    Get someone to trade with you and get some Bruery stuff.
    Mother Funker
    Sour in they Rye
    Oude Tart
    Sans Pagaie
    Also some Russian River Sours always do the trick!
    Just check out the "American Wild" section and read some reviews.
  13. polishkaz

    polishkaz Initiate (0) May 30, 2011 Connecticut

    I couldn't agree more. Great gateway brews to Gueuze.
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  14. dukes

    dukes Initiate (0) Apr 2, 2012 Maryland

    I read through the thread and don't think I saw it directly answered, but on the spectrum of sourness, where does Highland Wild fall?

    I went out and bought the last bottle at M&R in South Windsor because of this thread and I'm loving it. This is my first sour, and it was quite a shock when I opened the bottle. I had JP Bam Biere which had a little bit of sourness to it, but this is quite a bit more and I'm starting to warm up to it. I can see what all the fuss is about.
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  15. TheFlern

    TheFlern Initiate (0) May 9, 2009 Idaho

    Sours are fantastic. I prefer them on tap when I can get them on tap. Anyways. Cheers to sours. I hope to head down to Stone for their little sour get together this summer.
  16. bebbcorp

    bebbcorp Initiate (0) Mar 6, 2010 Kansas

    I've only had a handful of sours and enjoyed most of them. Here are the ones I reccommend. New belgium la folie and tart lychee, Cantillon Iris, and Drie fonteinen Oude Gueze. I most enjoyed the La Folie. Something about the vinegarness and harsh sour tartness rubbed me just the right way. And the bottle lasted, took me almost two hours to drink the bottle. A most enjoyable two hours it was.
  17. Aml42000

    Aml42000 Initiate (0) Jul 21, 2011 Washington

    Drinking a Tilquin Ancienne Oude Gueuze right now. They are some of the most versatile beers with food. If you are having a hard time connecting, try with a meal!
  18. TicoCali

    TicoCali Disciple (313) Jul 25, 2010 California

    Welcome aboard!
  19. cavedave

    cavedave Poo-Bah (2,972) Mar 12, 2009 New York
    Society Trader

    No, it isn't easy at all anymore, when they release Rosso and Cuvee De Castleton, the releases are the best bottle shares ever, and the worst managed shit shows of difficult to buy bottles of beer ever.
  20. kinopio

    kinopio Aspirant (275) Apr 30, 2009 Massachusetts

    No, there isn't any sourness to Hennepin. Some breweries that have at least a hint of sour to their beers but maybe aren't technically sours are Goose Island(sister series), Captain Lawrence and Jolly Pumpkin. Boulevard makes a sour saison as well.
  21. tjs3000

    tjs3000 Initiate (0) Jan 15, 2012 New York

    Just to add to this thread.... Drinking Goose Island Lolita tonight... Very enjoyable.
  22. copslovebeer

    copslovebeer Initiate (0) Mar 26, 2012 Minnesota

    Where would a curious sour virgin start his endeavor for a refined palate? Anything mild, and easy to find so I can test the waters???
  23. MattyG85

    MattyG85 Poo-Bah (3,443) Aug 31, 2010 Minnesota

    I've only had a few sours but I've really liked them and would like to see more around.
  24. ggfunk

    ggfunk Initiate (0) Mar 29, 2010 Oregon

    I have been told that the Duchesse is a great way to test the waters.
  25. drgarage

    drgarage Initiate (0) Aug 19, 2008 California

    Duchesse is artificially sweetened and nearly undrinkable. But that's just my take.
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  26. ggfunk

    ggfunk Initiate (0) Mar 29, 2010 Oregon

    Well that's just, like, your opinion man.
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  27. mjshearer1

    mjshearer1 Aspirant (260) Dec 16, 2011 Michigan

    I'm a bit of a sour newbie myself, looking to get into the fold. I'm still coming to grasps with what an actual sour beer is, but a shop by me recently picked up some bottles of Jolly Pumpkin's Bière De Mars. It's not categorized as a sour on this site, but a lot of people have characterized it as having a sourness to it. Is this a sour beer, or is "Sour Beer" it's own category, like Stouts or IPAs?
  28. tjs3000

    tjs3000 Initiate (0) Jan 15, 2012 New York

    Sours seem to be a general grouping for a handful of beer styles...Although I'm new to sours so that could be wrong... just my observation so far.

  29. DelicateDelirium

    DelicateDelirium Initiate (0) Feb 1, 2012 Massachusetts

    I've never had a sour before, but last week I stumbled upon a 375ml Cantillon Kriek and picked it up, should i hold onto it for a bit to try more noob friendly sours and get accustomed to it first, or just go for it?
  30. H0rnedFr0gs

    H0rnedFr0gs Initiate (0) Mar 12, 2012 Texas

    I found Monk's Cafe to be a good intro. Not too sour not too funky but it is very good and accessible. Slippery slope follows.
  31. dukes

    dukes Initiate (0) Apr 2, 2012 Maryland

    Went to the local liquor store tonight on a Stone IRS hunt (came up empty handed), and ended up picking up a bottle of Oude Geuze Boon. As I was walking toward the checkout counter, the owner said to me "you like sours?" and I told him I was just getting into the style. He recommended me a bottle of Cuvee Des Jacobins Rouge, and I am glad he did. Drinking it right now and it is phenomenal!!
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  32. evilc

    evilc Initiate (0) Jan 27, 2012 California

    Recommend Framboise de Amarosa - excellent.
  33. IpeeA

    IpeeA Devotee (496) Jan 22, 2010 Missouri

    Cascade. End of story.
  34. Zimbo

    Zimbo Savant (972) Aug 7, 2010 Scotland

    Earthmonk. Can't believe that hasn't been mentioned yet.
  35. Zimbo

    Zimbo Savant (972) Aug 7, 2010 Scotland

    You'll pay for your crimes against humanity.
  36. mikul93

    mikul93 Aspirant (254) Jan 13, 2011 California

    Today was my last attempt at sours and they're just not for me. I could not finish the bottle. I really wanted to like them with all of the great selection that is popping up. Oh well. More for you guys. Cheers!
  37. tfleming09

    tfleming09 Initiate (0) Apr 11, 2010 South Carolina

    The Duchesse really is one of the most divisive beers out there. I think it tastes like a ketchup and vinegar abortion, but that's just me.

    Rodenbach Grand Cru is a good starting point. La Folie if you want something more tart. Russian River Supplication is my favorite that I've had so far.
  38. Fermenticusrex

    Fermenticusrex Initiate (0) Dec 21, 2011 Pennsylvania

    Sorry if this is off topic, but how do i tell how old my rodenbach grand cru is?
  39. PaulQuinn

    PaulQuinn Initiate (87) May 27, 2011 Canada

    3 years before the date on the bottom of the bottle if I remember correctly.
  40. tylermains

    tylermains Initiate (0) Apr 6, 2010 Kentucky

    I'll chime in. Those looking for something well balanced, pretty mild, and not too sweet... check out Rodenbach Grand Cru or most of the Jolly Pumpkin selections. Those looking for something very acidic and tart, go with the acetobacter bomb Mother Funker. Looking for something a little more sweet? Go with some of the Lindeman's stuff. Looking for some of the most amazing experiences ever? Go with Cantillon or Drie Fonteinen gueuzes or fruit lambics.
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