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    Howdy Advocates!

    Ill be passing entirely through south Louisana (along I-10) in a week & a half.

    Ill be staying overnight in Lafayette so, definitely hitting Parish. However, Im also looking to find some Great Raft G&G. Any idea on any stores along I-10 that would have this (meaning .... not looking to go down into NOLA)?

    Also, Im planning on going to Gnarley Barley. Is Jucifer & Korova Milk always readily available at the brewery? If not, any bottle shops where I can also purchase these?

    Thanks for any input!
  2. JuliusPepperwood

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    Last fall I drove through southern LA and found some cool spots in Baton Rouge. If you want to stop there, check out the tap list at Corporate Brew & Draft for Parish, Great Raft, and Gnarley Barley beers. And for bottles hit up Calandro's grocery store. They have a good selection of LA and MS beers. I've been really impressed with Southern Prohibition out of Hattiesburg, MS. Try and snag some Devil's Harvest IPA, Paradise Lost IPA, or Crowd Control DIPA.
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  3. Best_Enjoyed_In_Texas

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    Rock solid advice! Thanks advocate!

    Regarding Calandro's - I notice they have two locations ... which one did you go to? Which one is the best one to go to for beer selection?

    Keep it coming...
  4. MarshallBirdhouse

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    The Perkins road calandros has the best beer selection imo. You’re probably not going to find any Grace & Grit cans as the last release (4/21) was brewery only I believe. Corporate Brew & Draft in BR is also insanely awesome and usually has all the hyped up haze on tap.
  5. Nhens0016

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    Agree with everything everyone has. G&G isn't around town. There are plenty of great beers available though in town.
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    I actually picked up 2 4-packs last weekend at a small liquor store when passing thru Marshall. I was surprised as hell to see them there. Do you know what hop they used in this release? It had a different taste profile than in the past releases.
  7. MarshallBirdhouse

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    Citra & Amarillo on the 4/21 release (per their IG). I don't hunt that beer at all so maybe some did go out for distro.
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    Last batch of G&G was sent to Texas, not sure of the hops used. We will get some of the next batch in NOLA but it will likely be a few weeks away.
    If you are looking for a bottle shop in NOLA and don't want to go downtown, stop by 504 Craft Beer Reserve. It's just off 1-10. Great selection of brews and you can buy singles of any beer. They also do growler fills and you can taste while you shop. They definitely have the Gnarly Barley brews there.
  9. tduecen

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    Gnarley Barley usually has those, if not hit Red White and Bre in Hammond (5 minutes from the Brewery) also I would recommend Low Road Brewery (off the interstate and 10 minutes from Red White and Brew)
    Driving through BR you can easily hit Bin-Q to buy beer or Corporate Draft and Brew to drink beer, also Tin Roof is not far off the interstate either. I would also make a stop at Bayou Teche (20 minutes from Parish) and sit out and enjoy some beer and a cigar
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  10. Johan69

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    As far as Bayou Teche , is Brass Techeticles still available?
  11. tduecen

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    Yes, Still on shelves and a few places have it on tap