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Discussion in 'Northwest' started by GolfingGq, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. GolfingGq

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    in liberty lake area, and going to do some drinking today. Probably only have time to hit up one brewery, which should it be? I have been to Iron Goat and Selkirk Abbey already. Any suggestions?
  2. beertunes

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    Those would have been my suggestions. Perhaps 12 String in Spokane Valley?
  3. stevesbeer

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    Yeah in that area is a bit of a dead zone, off hand I would say 12 String, or Mad Bomber out in Hayden. Post Falls brewing is doing better and there is always Perry Street in Spokane.
  4. catscadia

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    Perry Street or Post Falls Brewing would be my suggestions. Or if you want to try something unique; Bellweather.
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    If only having time to hit one brewery, I'd make it Perry Street (that will complete the Spokane/CDA brewery must try trifecta for you) which will also put you just up the street from the Lantern, who always have a good taplist and are doing a winter beer fest this weekend.

    Also, as already been mentioned, not far from Liberty Lake is Post Falls Brewing. I don't put them in quite the same category as Iron Goat/Selkirk Abbey/Perry St, but they also make some excellent beers.
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  6. ppilot

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    I've tried most of the breweries in CDA and I wouldn't go out of the way to go back, though there are a couple of places in downtown that have some impressive tap lists. In terms of Spokane, I really liked Perry Street. Still need to make it Iron Goat next time we are visiting the inlaws.