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Discussion in 'Midwest' started by elliott1184, Mar 12, 2014.

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  1. elliott1184

    elliott1184 Devotee (430) Mar 31, 2011 Minnesota
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    I'll be visiting St. Louis briefly and plan to check out Perennial, as well as Wine and Cheese Place. I will have time for one or maybe two other stops; any advice? Ideally I'd like to find a spot with some vegetarian options, or at least a good pizza, to go along with some fun local beer.

    We have yet to book a hotel, but we are thinking about getting one near Forest Park, St. Louis Zoo, which I think my daughter would enjoy. What's this neighborhood like? Is walking an ok idea? Are there interesting beer spots and/or restaurants that are walkable, or within easy driving distance? The other spot we're considering is the Drury Inn Union Station on S 20th St. Same question regarding this neighborhood (Downtown West/Union Station?).. Seems like it would be walkable to Schlafly, which I may check out.

    Are St. Louis taprooms/bars kid friendly in general?

    Oh, and a question for the coffee geeks: is Sump available around town or only at the shop on Jefferson Ave? Does anyone know which coffee was used in Perennial Sump Coffee Stout? BA Sump? Was it the same coffee? Is it available for me to purchase and consume?? Questions that keep me up at night [​IMG]

  2. Jeffh84

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    I think the Forest Park area is nicer, and you would be closer to more things. The zoo is really nice and it is free. It is fairly safe around this area, if that is what you mean. However, you will probably have to drive unless you get a hotel that is right across from Forest Park, of which there are a few. Once inside Forest Park, it is fairly walkable as the Zoo, art museum, history museum, and Muny are all close to each other.

    Fairly close to Forest Park is the Delmar Loop which is a neat little street. I would recommend The Good Pie, which is a Neapolitan pizza place that just moved there. They only have a few beers, but they are usually good. Also on Delmar is Cicero's and Three Kings Pub. They have good selections of beer on tap and some bottles, including a number of Perennial beers. However, I wasn't impressed with Cicero's food. Three Kings is better, but has less beer on tap. Also near Forest Park is the Central West End, which has the International Tap House. They have 40-50 beers on tap at any given time, and they say about 480 different bottles of beer. There is no food, but you can bring in anything or have food delivered to the bar. You would have to drive to these.

    Not really sure about kid friendliness...

    The coffee used is the Colombia Los Pinos, Giagnte, Huila. I picked up a bag last time I was there, which was around 2/15, but I don't know if there is any left still. I might be going this weekend, and I can ask if he has any. The best bet is just to go to their shop if you want to get some bags as they are fresh and they always have two or three varietals for sale. It's a neat place and worth the trip, and you'll get to experience their coffee prepared the way they make it. Just don't ask for creamer or sugar…
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