Stella Artois Recall

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  1. Ray9230

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    Recieved a email about a recall on one of the first beers that got me into craft [​IMG]
    If you love Stella as I once did please avoid the bottles and ask your local beer stores for cans instead
  2. jageraholic

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    I dont see where it explains why or what wholesalers need to look for.
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  4. jesskidden

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    :astonished:Wait a minute - I don't usually get into the "What is craft beer?" arguments - hey, the Brewers Association has their definition of "Craft Brewer" and though I don't agree with it I accept that's sort of the industry standard - but if Stella Artois (one of the flagship beers of the world's largest brewer) is "craft beer"... well, it really means nothing.

    Try the much more informative BREWBOUND article
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  5. MNAle

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    It lists the SKUs.
  6. Ray9230

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    When I refer to craft I'm actually refering to quality above anything else but that's just my perspective...was just trying to share information with Stella enthusiast. Not trying to get into Whats craft and What s not, theyre other threads for that..
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  7. rypkr

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    Stella's beer quality is no better (if not worse) than budweiser or high life, it's just marketed as such.
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  9. Ray9230

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    I find Stella to taste more refreshing than bud or miller but that's my opinion
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  10. jmdrpi

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    Is Stella Artois all-malt? This webpage doesn't list any adjuncts, and the Budweiser page doesn't hide the rice.

    There are some real eye-rollers if you explore those pages, like anyone is pairing food with Bud Light. Also the random attributes they attribute to the Hops, Barley, and Rice that completely change from beer to beer:


    Lends a complex, BISCUITY SWEETNESS to the beer.


    Provides a CRISPNESS to the beer.


    The supplest, most AROMATIC HOPS are selected to create the distinctive flavor of Budweiser.

    Bud Light
    A blend of premium US and European hops lend the beer a CLEAN FLAVOR.


    Gives the beer its REFRESHING quality.
  11. jesskidden

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    ABInBev's Tap Into Your Beer website list ingredients for most of their major US (domestic and imported) brands but for Stella Artois it says only (and somewhat redundantly):
    Other ABInBev sites note more specifically they use corn or "maize"(European sites) - like this page:
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  12. JackHorzempa

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    Well, regardless of the specifics we now know that Stella Artois is brewed using adjuncts (grains beyond barley malt).


  13. MNAle

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    Much like the reviews of various beers on this site. All they need to add is "juicy"! :wink:
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  14. rgordon

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    Are you possibly saying that Stella was your gateway drug into a full blown craft addiction.......? Heineken, Lowenbrau and others "trapped" me.
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