Release Stone/Abnormal/Paul Bischeri & Patrick Martinez - Neopolitan Dynamite

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    An Imperial Stout Scooped from the Freezer into your Glass

    San Diego may be best known for its hop-forward IPAs, but this county has a long and proud history of stouts, porters and the dark arts. Case in point, the winners of this year’s American Homebrewers Association-sanctioned Stone Homebrew Competition: Paul Bischeri & Patrick Martinez and their champion creation, Neapolitan Dynamite. For our additional collaborator, we enlisted noted Stout Master Derek Gallanosa from Abnormal Beer Company to bring this ice cream sundae of a beer to life in full scale. The result is a rich, decadent beer, with the sweetness of the strawberry and vanilla balanced out by dark chocolate and coffee. Available in bottle and on draft, but not on a waffle cone, unfortunately.

    STYLE: Imperial Stout
    ABV: 8.5%
    SPECIAL INGREDIENTS: Vanilla & Fresh Strawberries
    RELEASE DATE: September 11, 2017
    PACKAGE TYPES: 22oz bottles, Draft
    AVAILABILITY: Nationwide
    WHEN TO ENJOY: Drink fresh or age at cellar temperature
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  2. EvenMoreJesus

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    The recent proliferation of "ice cream beers" kinda scares me.
  3. djtothemoney

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    This just hit in Ohio and I'm keeping my eyes open.
  4. Minnesota_beer_guy

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    Had this last night on draft at Stone. Walking in, I fully intended to buy a few bottles but after trying it, I passed. I didn't get any strawberry or vanilla, just a lot of dark chocolate and a little coffee. Blind taste test, I would swear that this was just a chocolate imperial stout. The chocolate was overpowering and made the beer very heavy, so I was glad to try a couple taster pours but there's no way I could finish a bottle of this.
  5. dcotom

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    This is one case in which I might check the reviews before deciding whether to purchase. If the consensus is that the strawberry and vanilla flavors are too subtle (or nonexistent), I don't think I'd chance it.
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    I grabbed one of these yesterday and opened it in the the evening. I thought it was a little bit of a disappointment. Don't get me wrong it's a good beer, but I just don't think that it lives up to what it is supposed to be. The taste is absolutely dominated by coffee with a bit of chocolate. I picked up only a slight hint of vanilla but there was zero strawberry, that I could detect at least. I let it warm up over the course of the evening (~3 hours) as I slowly drink that whole bomber and at no point did I really get a "neapolitan" flavor or each of those flavors individually. I thought it was good, but I absolutely love coffee and coffee stouts. If you're looking for that neapolitan flavor profile I'd most definitely look elsewhere.
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    I'd like to know how it compares to Saugatuck Neapolitan. That one definitely tastes like Neapolitan, although I'm not much a fan of sweet flavored stouts (they almost always taste a bit artificial to me). I know this is a bit higher ABV, and I'd expect a little more malt flavor from Stone rather than the essentially all-additive flavor of Saugatuck.
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    Saugatuck Neapolitan is much better in regards to hitting that flavor profile in my opinion. Like I said, the Neapolitan Dynamite isn't bad, but it just doesn't hit the flavors they were trying to achieve. It's still worth trying if you find it for a decent price.
  9. StartedwithSAM

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    Tried this a couple of weeks ago at Lost Dog Café (still on tap). I think it follows closely enough to how it's described so they achieved what they wanted in a Neapolitan Ice Cream tasting stout. Just not my jam, I like it roasty and viscous with just enough bitterness.

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    On draft the strawberry is very subtle with a clean palate, I paired it with a seasoned or mildly spicy hummus that brought it forward for me. Cheers.
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  11. BigJim5021

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    Having tried Saugatuck's Neapolitan and very much disliking it (mmm... artificial strawberry flavoring) I can't help but wonder why anyone would want their beer to taste like Neapolitan ice cream. Why not just have a bowl of ice cream? And before anyone asks, sheer morbid curiosity was what drove me to try the Saugatuck.
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