Stone EnjoyBy 4/20/13 Confirmed

Discussion in 'Mountain' started by ssteigerwald, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. FishPondManager

    FishPondManager Feb 28, 2012 Colorado
    Beer Trader

    Get some sour cream and onion chips with some dip, man, some beef jerky, some peanut butter. Get some Häagen-Dazs ice cream bars, a whole lot, make sure chocolate, gotta have chocolate, man. Some popcorn, red popcorn, graham crackers, graham crackers with marshmallows, the little marshmallows and little chocolate bars and we can make s'mores, man. Also, celery, grape jelly, Cap'n Crunch with the little Crunch berries, pizzas. We need two big pizzas, man, everything on 'em, with water, whole lotta water, and........Funyuns....yeah
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  2. ssteigerwald

    ssteigerwald Mar 4, 2010 Colorado
    Beer Trader

    Taco Bell time!!
  3. narayan

    narayan Jun 28, 2007 Georgia

    that's it?
  4. narayan

    narayan Jun 28, 2007 Georgia

    Was able to purchase a couple of these bottles of onion juice and may enjoy one by tonight.
  5. SalukiAlum

    SalukiAlum Dec 19, 2010 Colorado

    Don't blame it on the beer! Got 2 as well, lovely bottles!
  6. SalukiAlum

    SalukiAlum Dec 19, 2010 Colorado

    The beer sucked, don't buy it:D
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  7. Bond111

    Bond111 Feb 14, 2011 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    Is anyone willing to ship a bottle of 4-20 to a guy in MN that really wants to try it? My person in Cali fell through at the last minute.
  8. tacosandbeer

    tacosandbeer Sep 24, 2010 Colorado
    Beer Trader

    Surely an ISO will get this done.
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