Store's lights effect on beers to be aged

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  1. CoreyC

    CoreyC Aspirant (205) Mar 16, 2015 Wisconsin

    I recently got some beers for aging that spent quite a while on beer store shelves before I purchased them. One they told me was there over a year, and the others are a 2014 vintage and one was bottled in the fall of '13, so maybe even longer. The question is should I adjust my planned targeted sweet spot aging times (Arctic Devil 2 years, Samichlaus Helles 5 years, and Courage RIS 5+?) due to worries of any negative effect of the light exposure?
  2. KornWallace

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    Respectfully, I think this might be overthinking it. I've purchased a lot of older beers that have sat on shelves and I can't ever recall a beer having lightstruck/skunked flavors. As for artificial aging I believe it's more a product of temperature abuse or even over handling then light damage.

    Depending on your palate I'd open one now to check for off flavors. If you're unfamiliar with skunking as a flavor try a Corona you left outside or next to a window for a day next to one you closeted. That skunk aroma is actually a desired in small quantities for the Corona. If your beer shares any qualities with the corona you're going to know if it is skunked or not.
  3. boilermakerbrew

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    Normal store fluorescent lights shouldn't be a big deal unless the beer was close enough to them to really get drilled with both light and heat (like less than a foot).

    On the other hand, if these were in a western facing window and caught the sun directly every afternoon, I would be concerned. I have bought beer off the shelf that had been there at least two years and had no problem at all. Be very thankful for amber glass and its light-killing abilities.
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  4. jmdrpi

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    I agree that I'd be more worried about heat than light for brown bottle beer.
  5. AnthonyFTW22

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    just curious...... Ive seen all the recommended temps. but at what temp. would a beer start to really spoil?
  6. phildow

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    I think once the temperature of the store exceeds the temperature the yeast is activated, assuming it's bottle conditioned?