Stowe, VT in November

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  1. thedaveofbeer

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    Hi all, I know that the VT trip asks have been made ad nauseam, but my wife and two dear children (5 and 4 years of age) are traveling to to Stowe in a few weeks-Nov 25-28 and I am looking for a few suggestions. I would love to just take the Mrs. to Hen of the Woods and then bone under a balsam tree, but alas I will be encumbered but two wild things that will not appreciate fine dining or my wife and I spending ANY quality time alone. Where can I go for some quality meals and fun with the kiddos? I want to get the best beer/food combos possible without pissing off adults trying to enjoy special occasions and my own stress of bringing kids to places that aren't really kid friendly. We are staying at Trapp Family Lodge, so we have some stuff to do there, but I would like to explore the rest of Stowe and Waterbury as well. I am already planning a trip to Hill Farmstead, which I will probably do solo, and Lawson's, but other suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Also If anyone is going to be at Hill Farmstead on the 27th and wants to share some bottles, please PM me-I am planning on getting there around open.
  2. BibsBrewing

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    Doc Ponds in Stowe has a relaxed atmosphere and a kid’s menu and is a sister restaurant (pub/après ski) to Hen of the Wood.

    Old Stagecoach in Waterbury for breakfast. If they were going to kill me in the morning time, the VT cheddar omelette would be my last meal. People swear by the Huevos Rancheros too.
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  3. vtcraft

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    Pro pig and the Rez in waterbury ok for kids the bench in stowe. Stowe Bowl is something to do with the kids and has adult beverages for the parents,
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  4. sosbombs

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    You can always walk Waterbury Dam with the kids. Interesting spot for sure (and you can have a beer).
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  5. Nichols33

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    Agree with these fine fellas (or ladies). My kids have had numerous meals at Doc Ponds, Reservoir, and Pro Pig. If you are out for lunch, Black Back in Waterbury is small but my kids love the maple nachos, and that happens to be my favorite pub in the US.
  6. Phreeballing

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    Butler pantry for breakfast
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  7. duchessedubourg

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    The Bierhalle at Von Trapps is very family-oriented. Also Idletyme brewpub.

    EDNOSE Aspirant (224) Oct 27, 2007 Connecticut

    I’d add Blue Stone pizza in Waterbury to the list assuming all kids love pizza, right? I’ve had kids slightly younger than yours at Blackback (pre-remodel) and Pro Pig. My now 8 year old loves smoked pork so Pro Pig would jump to the lead. If I’m not mistaken Blackback is 100% high tops (at least in my mind’s eye) so at that age that might be a negative. Admittedly, I’ve only been there with adults recently and sat at the bar so I could be mistaken. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.
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  9. thedaveofbeer

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    This is is exactly the kind of tips I am looking for- thanks. I do really want to go to Blackback but was/am wondering if I can bring the kids there for lunch.
  10. kinopio

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    There was numerous kids at Cork when I went there a few months ago. Good for beer and food and excellent for natural wine. Small beer selection to go as well.
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  11. jhavs

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    I agree with above, Pro Pig, Reservoir and Blue Stone best for kids that age in Waterbury. von Trapp is great in Stowe.

    I'll add that if you do venture to Lawson's it is very kid friendly, free old school arcade games and foosball, lots of room. I have been with kids of that age multiple times. They like it as much as we do. Worthy Burger Too is a mile away and great for kids.

    Parker Pie in conjunction with your HF trip is also a good spot for kids. Or you could stop at Lost Nation for food (and a few brews) on your way back to Stowe from HF.
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  12. Sheppard

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    Mad Taco in Waitsfield by Lawson's might be a worthy stop.
  13. TreeHouse_Erection

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    Doc ponds was great. Can get very busy but I'm not sure what it's like this time of year
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  14. Dmbphoenix

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    I was up that was 2 years ago, stayed at Smugglers (late summer) but Stowe was an easy ride. That said, At Smugglers, they had babysit services, where our kids watched a movie w dinner while we could go out on our own. We took advantage and went to Trapp for a drink, then to the Bench, which was even better. See if Trapp has something similar so you guys can scoot off for a bit. But if not possible, the Bench had oven fired Pizzas and an impressive tap list.

    our kids have, since they were in strollers, been to many a family pub. Places like Doc Ponds and Bench are totally normal for them.
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  15. thedaveofbeer

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    Quick question- can I buy Double and Triple Sunshine cans in Stowe or Waterbury? I might have to shelf the trip to Lawsons's but still want to get some cans .
  16. jhavs

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    They have been sent out of the brewery a couple random times, but most likely brewery visit would be needed.
  17. thedaveofbeer

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    Ah okay, then I better start banking some good will with the Mrs.
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  18. Nichols33

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    They have some regular tables off to the right as you walk in by the wall with all the beers on tap.
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  19. spersichilli

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    Piecasso was my favorite pizza place when I used to go up there. Food is dope and the draft list is usually really nice. It’s almost right by the alchemist
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  20. Givemebeer

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    Must be bought at the brewery. Every two months, they release a VT brewed beer. Currently its Fayston Maple Imperial stout. You may see that around next to Sip and super session.
  21. thedaveofbeer

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    Yeah, I actually bought a four pack of the Fayston stout at a packie in central ma just yesterday, but have never seen double and triple sunshine.
  22. KevTurnersBootburn

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    With little kids I think your best bet will be Piecasso. Doc Pond, Pro Pig and a few other places are all fine to take kids to but there is nothing for them to do when you are waiting around for a table so they will be annoying to deal with. Piecasso has a video game room/crane machine that will keep them entertained. Von Trapp is also probably a safe bet since I've never really had to wait to sit down there but maybe I have just been lucky.
  23. Dukies222001

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    Whenever I have my offspring with me I've found if you get there right at 5 when they first start serving dinner you can usually get one of those low tables.
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  24. thedaveofbeer

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    I am a firm believer in posting a trip report for folks that took the time to here it is:

    Highlight: The smoked porter at Lawsons was the beer of the week. We also loved the Lawsons experience in general- great food, beer and vibe.

    Sleeper hit: Drifter by Freak Folk-It was a recommendation at Waterbury Beer Cellar after I expressed a interest in wild ales. Wow- such a great beer! What do you all think about them?

    Alchemist: awesome as always

    HF- awesome as always- but I have to ask- why spend 45 bucks on an Anna Magnum? I was near the front of the line at open and saw plenty of folks buy one. I asked the retail guy about how it was different and he just said said that it was last year's vintage. That was not enough explanation for me to buy half the beer at twice the cost. Is there something I am missing? Not being sarcastic- I legitimately want to know.

    Piecaso was good

    Doc Ponds- awesome burger and 4 dollar Edward drafts- enough said

    We stayed at Trapp family lodge and it was excellent

    FYI- Downtown Waterbury is a clusterf your mother due to construction .

    All in all, a great VT trip. Happy Thanksgiving you filthy animals!
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