Stratton / Manchester (2019)

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    Seems all the old related threads are closed to replies...

    Heading up to ski Stratton this weekend, and looking for recommendations:

    * good local places to eat that are also beer centric with local / Vermont stuff on tap

    * good local bottle shops where I can pick up some Vermont/surrounding area stuff that's at least semi-fresh and worth bringing back to Jersey

    * any breweries in the area worth hitting without heading 1+hours further north? Anything on the route back to NY/NJ may be feasible as well

    Sounds like Mueleman's Craft Drafts is one of / the best options for cans/bottles in the area, so plan to hit that up for sure. Anyone know if they do singles?

    Thanks in advance for any input!
  2. Piels25

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    A lot to cover here. Let's take it in order:

    * Once you're on the mountain, there are a few options. I'm partial to Bar 802. It's pub food and pizza, but they have six taps that rotate pretty frequently. Be aware it's a small space and gets crowded quickly. A quick glance at recent Untappd check-ins show a lot of local VT draft and cans - BBCo, Frost, Stone Corral, Queen City, Rutland Beer Works. Firetower is a slightly more upscale menu and a few more taps. Recent check-ins include Otter Creek, Fiddlehead, Von Trapp, Zero Gravity. Grizzlys Bar tat he Stratton base lodge also has a good selection.

    * My suggestion would be to stop at the Brattleboro Co-op on your way to Stratton. Typically a strong selection of VT beers to cheers from. The Co-op is caddy corner to Whetstone Station. The house beers are forgettable, but their guest tap usually have at least one Hill Farmstead (right now they have both Everett and Twilight of the Idols).

    * If you're into sours, Hermit Thrush is just a few blocks from the Co-op and Whetstone Station. I'll defer to rest of the board for other suggestions in the area and/or on your way home.

    * Muelemans is an awesome hole in the wall - lots of VT options crammed in a tiny space. I know they have singles for sale, but I don't know that you can break up any four or six packs. Just know going in that you'll pay a premium for anything here but, combined with the Co-op, it's a far better can/bottle selection than you'll find in Stratton Mtn Village store (limited selection, price gauge).

    I love Stratton...some of the best terrain and skiing in the northeast when they have the snow. Have a great weekend!
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  3. andthevolcano

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    Depending on your route and timing, I've heard really good things about Suarez Family Brewing in Hudson NY. Primarily Sours, Saisons and Lagers.

    I was in Stratton two weeks ago.

    The gas station at the foot of the mountain had Burlington Beer Co, Fiddlehead, and I think Frost and Foley Bros for sale. Solid options.

    There's also a market/deli in the mountain town that had a similar selection. I didn't check dates for either, because I was coming down from Northern VT and was stocked up.

    Not in your criteria, but River Roost Brewing in White River Junction (1 hour 40 minutes north of Stratton) makes absolutely fantastic NEIPAs. Just my opinion, but I'd put them up there with any of the big names. Mostly it's growlers, but every month or so they seem to release some cans. There's also a great BBQ place (Big Fatty's) right across the street that will usually have HF on tap, and has a crowler station and liquor store attached.

  4. CraigMack61

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    Foley Brothers is a little over an hour away, and a great spot that does full pours now.
  5. sosbombs

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    The Red Fox in Winhall is a great stop. Weekly food specials, a fire place and live music (usually Irish).
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  6. OGShotzy

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    I’m going to Mount Snow this weekend. Is the Beverage Den in Bennington still worth a stop? Any other better options on my way in from I-87/Albany?
  7. OGShotzy

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    Bump in case anyone sees this before lunchtime today.
  8. OGShotzy

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    It was definitely worth a stop. I picked up beers from:

    Foley Brothers
    Four Quarters
    Fiddlehead (Second Fiddle)
    Lawson’s (Sip)
    Upper Pass

    They get Heady and Focal now but were sold out.

    I think Four Quarters were some of my favorite beers from the trip. Loved Phaze (cans) and Ghosts in the Sky (draft at the mountain).