Suggestion for Dual Co2 Regulator

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  1. JoeN1208

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    Hi everyone.

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a quality mid priced Dual Co2 Regulator ? I was sent a single regulator and want to the ability to have separate pressures between my two kegs depending on what I put in.

    Also, has anyone had any experience drilling a second co2 line hole in the back of their Kegerator? I currently have an Edgestar that only has one Co2 entry hole/

  2. billandsuz

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    Taprite. Or any name brand. Don't buy anything that is not branded or not named Taprite.
    Feel free to use the search function. Plenty of useful information is available.

    You want to drill a hole in your kegerator huh? That's never a good idea.

    But it can be done. Really it comes down to your preparation, nerves and sense of adventure. Are you an adventurous guy Joe? Because there is a good chance you'll get to hear what refrigerant sounds like. It will be exciting too. Because with all your preparation and nerves, you'll be surprised and annoyed all at once. Now that's an adventure.

    Good luck.
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  3. PortLargo

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    Ahhh yes, the thrill of victory or the agony of "oh shit". Yep, it can be done . . . but don't be boresighted on the back, if you can get to the compressor hump your odds improve.

    A couple of more options: If you have a decent primary reg you can "add" another primary. Just remove the hi press gauge and install a "nipple" (double male threaded) around 2 - 3 inches. Then connect your new primary in series with the hi gauge at the end. Be aware some mfg's have left hand thread on the hi side ((Taprite), but it should be marked. If right-handed you can get the nipple at HD, left-handed will require a search. All the fittings should be 1/4" npt.

    If you want to avoid the drilling trauma you can accomplish the same thing with dual secondaries inside the kegerator. Search your suppliers for secondary regs. This will accept a single pressure input and regulate two individual pressures out. Just make sure you have room and a place to mount.
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  4. mikehartigan

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    ^^^ this ^^^
    Set the primary on the CO2 tank to deliver, maybe, 20 psi to a single line into the kegerator. Then connect the secondaries inside the kegerator to that either using a manifold, or by ganging them with nipples (a handful of nipples is cheaper than a manifold, and it'll look a lot cleaner).