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    Hello everyone - figure this is a long shot, but anyone know any must-stop breweries or brewpubs in the Syracuse/Lake Wawasee area? Going up for a family wedding and probably will have a free night. I’ve searched the forum and haven’t see any threads for this area. I saw Goshen Brewing and Man Cave on a map but havr no idea if they’re worth checking out.

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    Goshen Brewing is not that bad. They were one of the hold outs moving to the NEIPAs but now they have a few on. They do a good stout too and its a neat little scene, it is in an old electric company facility. Nice outdoor area with cornhole and bands most of the time. The food is ok.

    Man Cave is a pass, instead of going there, consider HopLore in Leesburg. It is closer than Goshen but it is the other direction. It is in an old grain facility in the middle of nowhere. They do a lot of interesting good beers, nothing that is going to blow your mind but you won't regret much. The food there is just alright. The nice thing about HopLore is they have a few decent guest taps most of the time but they have good local to-go cans that you can even have at the bar if it isn't too busy.

    Good luck! That is kind of a tricky area to get anything in, but, it will be a nice background for a wedding.
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    Don’t know about brew pubs or breweries, not much around there that I’m aware of, but you should likely be able to find some Zombie Dust and other 3F stuff if you’re interested.
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    Hoplore in Leesburg is your only option in the area. A few solid ipas and a stout on tap at the moment. If your looking for bar with good beer go to Huntington Street in Syracuse. They have 30 taps and Zombie Dust is always on tap. Usually have about 10 Three Floyds on tap. I know Firestone Walker Union Jack is on tap right now.
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