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  1. jp_4

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    Anything to check out in Tanzania? Also traveling to Malawi and Ethiopia, but spending the majority of our time in TZ.
  2. DenverBeerDrinker

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    Find anything for Tanzania? I'm heading there in a couple weeks
  3. jp_4

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    Yes I found ONE gem - Crafty Dee's in Dar es Salaam. They are the only craft brewery I could find. their tap room is at the Karambezi Cafe. 8 beers on tap, I had a few, all pretty good and more importantly RIDICULOUSLY good compared to the macro lagers otherwise available there.
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  4. TwigaBrew

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    And Twiga Brew in Arusha.
    At AIM Mall. Dodoma Road opposite TANAPA.
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  5. sweetsimon

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    All I can say about Tanzanian beer, from my time working there in the Peace Corps in the late '90s as a secondary school math and science teacher in a village with no electricity, is that Safari Lager is the most drinkable choice when no refrigeration is available... I found Kilimanjaro Lager to be comparatively skunky when warm, though it went down well as a "bia baridi" (Swahili for cold beer). :slight_smile:
  6. jp_4

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    wish I had known this at the time! Totally missed it! Will check you out next time.