Tasting paddles/flights in Sydney

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Bollefisk, Sep 1, 2019.

  1. Bollefisk

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    HI, I'm new to Sydney and want to try out some Australian craft beer. What's your favorite pubs or breweries that have tasting paddles?
  2. Stoker41

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    If you haven't already, get over to The Rocks near Circular Key. There are many excellent bars serving the brilliant Aussie major beers as well as crafts. Hit Fortune of War, The Mercantile, Hero of Waterloo and Glenmore. I came of age in these old pubs back in the 80s. You should be sure to try the larger and smaller main brewers from each state as well as the craft brewers. Australia has a very mature taste-based beer culture compared to the US so even the big brewers make great flavored beers...except Fosters which is fake Aussie beer sold to Americans and Brits so they leave the good stuff for Aussies;-)! After The Rocks, head to Balmain for more great pubs and plenty of craft beers. Enjoy Sydney. Cheers mate!
  3. danieelol

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  4. sinkas

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    I was just in Sydney,
    and found it pretty hit and miss,
    places of note are The Quarrymans arms in Pyrmont, near darling harbour,
    ( sort of) Beer deluxe on King st wharf lots of interstate stuff
    Al hands brewing a brew pub on King street wharf, i thought was really good
    Harts pub in the rocks, ( does paddles)
    Lord nelson very old brewpub,better than I expected

    In short,
    many pubs and bottle shops have very little in my experience,
  5. danieelol

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    it sounds like you missed every place I would actually recommend in Sydney (although admittedly a few of them may have been closed over the new year)
  6. sinkas

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    yeh I didn't do much research,
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