The Hops Farmer: John Segal Jr.

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    Determined to connect farmers and brewers, third-generation hops farmer John Segal rebuilt his family’s business—the first to commercially cultivate Cascades.

    Read the full article: The Hops Farmer: John Segal Jr.
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    Here's a great (well, I like it ) piece of trivia - Actor George Segal is the son of Segal Ranch's founder, George Segal, Sr.

    Now, others might find it more interesting that Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks father, Jess Nicks, was president of General (Lucky Lager) Brewing Co. in the 1960s or that Shirley Jones was the granddaughter of "Stoney" Jones of western PA's late-lamented Jones Brewing Co. (ah, those little returnable bottles of Esquire Beer, 42 to case....).

    But I guess I liked The Hot Rock more than the post-Peter Green Fleetwood Mac or that damn teenie-bopper TV show...
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    Really enjoyed this article. It's an exciting time in craft beer with many breweries making commitments to local, boutique producers of grain, hops, and fruit who grow excellent products.
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    Very inspiring article .
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