English/Irish/Scottish Ales The Manger – RIS – All Grain

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    The Manger RIS

    Russian Imperial Stout

    All Grain
    5.50 Gallons
    OG: 1.101
    FG: 1.030
    9.3% ABV
    64.0 SRM
    71 IBU (Rager)

    65% Efficiency

    Grain Bill:
    18 lbs Pale Malt (Northwestern)
    1 lb Pale Chocolate Malt
    1 lb Molasses
    1 lb Roasted Barley
    1 lb Special B
    .50 lb Chocolate Malt

    1 oz Magnum Pellets, 14.20% AA, 60 Minutes
    1 oz E.K. Golding Pellets, 7.2% AA, 30 Minutes
    1 oz E.K. Golding Pellets, 7.2% AA, 5 Minutes

    2 Packets S-04 Safale English Ale Yeast (sprinkled into wort)

    Other Ingredients:
    1 tsp Whirlfloc, 15 minutes (I have it in powder form)
    .50 tsp Yeast Nutrient, 15 minutes


    Local Tap Water. Charcoal Filter only, no other adjustments
    Ca: 100 ppm
    Mg: 24 ppm
    Na: 80 ppm
    SO4: 190 ppm
    Cl: 100 ppm
    HCO3: 254 ppm

    60 Min Boil
    Mash Target: 152 F
    1.00 qt/lb ratio (I would go higher, but my mash tun is at capacity with all the grain)
    Ferment: 68-70 F for 3 weeks.
    Rack to Keg, Age 6 months before enjoying
    Carbonate to 2.25 volumes.

    The beer is very much heavy on the dark fruits, esters and port like notes. If you prefer a roastier beer, this is not for you.

    So far I have entered in 1 competition and it placed.

    3rd Place, 2014 Pacific Brewers Cup. Not sure how many stouts were in the category, but the competition had around 500 entries.

    Scoresheets from 2014 Pacific Brewers Cup:

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    Congrats on the great scores and medal in the PBC. Its a great comp (Missed it this year :slight_frown: ).

    If you ever want to share a bottle of this, let me know. Happy to bring some of my bigger beers as well.
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    If you prefer a roastier beer, this is not for you.

    the 1lbs roast barley didnt get you a roasty flavor?
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