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The OFFICIAL Kuhnhenn Winter Solstice thread

Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by LiquidTable, Nov 7, 2013.

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  1. LiquidTable

    LiquidTable May 3, 2011 Michigan

    Starting this now cuz plans are more than well underway. Speculate away, beer lovers, I will post a list of bottle releases within the week.
    One new one I can mention now is Forbidden. Think DRIPA, brewed with black rice. Purple in color with as many antioxidants as blueberries, and deeeeeelicious.
  2. joromiller

    joromiller Apr 3, 2013 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Alrighty then!!! Let's do this.

    Good thing I'll have a week to recover from 4Elf Day for this.
  3. chrisbokmuller

    chrisbokmuller Sep 11, 2011 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    All I really need is BB4D and BBBW... lots of it.
  4. joromiller

    joromiller Apr 3, 2013 Michigan
    Beer Trader

  5. schepelz

    schepelz Apr 4, 2013 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    VERY excited for this event. My favorite part...after the solstice...my work is less than a mile from the brewery. Needless to say I go everyday after work for an entire week following any event.
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  6. Tony412

    Tony412 Jan 26, 2012 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    I am three miles away and fully support this statement.
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  7. Blowofftube

    Blowofftube Dec 26, 2012 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    I'll be ready. Hoping for some more BA solar eclipse, and of course bbbw and bb4d, and whatever else is available.
  8. Marti403

    Marti403 Jul 23, 2011 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Yah, drinking on the BBBW and BB4D for weeks after the event is what I always look forward to. Can't wait. Working a ton of overtime to cover this and 4-Elf.
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  9. yeahnatenelson

    yeahnatenelson Feb 8, 2010 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    Isn't it a little soon to be calling this thread official? It hasn't even been deleted yet.

    Also: points lost for MI beer event thread created by someone not from Chicago.
  10. EB1

    EB1 Aug 18, 2013 California
    Beer Trader

    @LiquidTable Any hints? Other new stuff? or mostly things that have been bottled?
  11. steebo777

    steebo777 Jun 30, 2009 Michigan

    I'll be there Friday for sure and for part of Saturday until the wife drags me out to head to the family Christmas up north.
  12. BeRanger

    BeRanger Dec 11, 2011 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    I'm still holding out hope that they will take some obvious and consistently repeated advice on how to make things run a little smoother. I know organized chaos is kind of the mantra for all Kuhnhenn events but I'm sure Frank and others would appreciate a little less stress. I thought the poor guy was going to have a heart attack ringing people up during St Pattys Day.
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  13. raymo55

    raymo55 Oct 3, 2011 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    BBBW or bust!
  14. ppohio

    ppohio Aug 5, 2011 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    Can anyone give me a general idea of what the Winter Solstice party is like? Is this a "line up at 3am the night before and wait all day for the chance to buy a couple bottles of rare beer" or is it a flow in and out kind of thing and if you get some bottles you get some bottles but also you can just come and drink delicious Kuhnhenn brews?
  15. hubsluvsbeer

    hubsluvsbeer Feb 12, 2013 Michigan

    NO! it most definetly is not a flow in kind of thing. expect long lines and slow check out. there is definetly less stress if you just want tap beer and not bottles. expect it to be wall to wall all day
  16. chrisbokmuller

    chrisbokmuller Sep 11, 2011 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    I'll tell you my experience from last winter. I got there at 9am when they opened, was #110 ish, got most of what I wanted and ended up having to go back later for BB4D (I live 15 minutes away, not a big deal for me). I drank a stupid amount of amazing beer, ate some ham sandwiches and ordered a pizza.
    It's crazy busy the whole day, but a fun time IMO. Depends on what you are going for in the end. Draft offerings and hanging out = easy. Specific bottles = getting there early and stress.
  17. elephantrider

    elephantrider Mar 25, 2011 Michigan

    It has never been a show up at 3 am type of party and I hope it stays that way. Great beer flowing on tap all day and pretty much for weeks after.

    If you want bottles, you will be waiting awhile for them.
  18. JakeT469

    JakeT469 Jan 13, 2012 Colorado

    Big Beautiful Black Women? They're present at Winter Solstice? Interesting... ;)
  19. mcomben

    mcomben Dec 2, 2008 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    I'm listening...
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  20. imfrommichigan

    imfrommichigan Jul 12, 2012 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    It is Detroit after all.
  21. MichiganderHB

    MichiganderHB Feb 7, 2012 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Its funny how much the Winter Solstice has changed in the past two years. In 2011, I strolled in around noon, got a table and all the beer releases were still available at that time. Last year, I think I was #34 in line and got there around 6AM.
  22. Corbet

    Corbet Nov 7, 2010 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    It's still one of the more laid back releases - I almost always show up an hour or less before they open and the only allotments I've missed out on are the really limited meads. You could have purchased French Toast, Raspberry Eisbock, Blueberry Eisbock, BB Solar Eclipse, and BBBW if you had gotten there when they opened over the past year.
  23. BeRanger

    BeRanger Dec 11, 2011 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Yeah, no need for long lines.
    Blueberry Eisbock was available for people showing up four hours after opening
    Banana French Toast was all day
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  24. JohnnieNepal

    JohnnieNepal Feb 16, 2013 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    In fact, BBFT was available for a day or two after St Patty's Day this year.
  25. EB1

    EB1 Aug 18, 2013 California
    Beer Trader

    The week is up, and the excitement is to high... So I'm going to make a bunch of stuff up and hope...
    Blueberry/Raspberry/Cherry/Other: Eisbock?
    BB American Imperial Stout?
    American Imperial Stout?
    American Imperial Java Stout?
    BB Barley Wine? (With different Barrel Variants / PVW/Four Roses/Heaven Hill/Buffalo Trace)
    Imperial Java Creme Brulee Stout?
    BB Imperial Java Creme Brulee Stout
    French Toast Mead?
    Cinnamon Roll Mead?
    Mixed Berry Mead?
    Vanilla Latte Mead?

    Scorecard: ...
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  26. chrisbokmuller

    chrisbokmuller Sep 11, 2011 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    BB American Imp. Stout would kick ass!
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  27. ms333

    ms333 Jun 5, 2013 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    i've got a friend coming to chicago from michigan and i'm hoping they can pick me up some kuhnhenn. don't know much about this brewery or their bottling/distribution. any advice on where i could have them stop to get any of the eisbocks or 4th dementia? any others? same question for plead the 5th?
  28. camil1mj

    camil1mj Oct 4, 2010 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Won't find much of any Kuhnhenn anywhere. The have very, very limited distro. Once in a while they send a few things to some distrubutors. They won't find any Eisbock anywhere. 4D was distributed a couple of years ago, but I would say there is slim to no chance any stores still have any.
  29. chrisbokmuller

    chrisbokmuller Sep 11, 2011 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Like Cam said, there really isn't any Kuhnhenn bottles out in the stores anywhere, you really need to get them at the brewery. Depending on what bottles you want some are left over for a while, some are gone the release day.

    For Plead the 5th, regular comes out Feb., if there's any left anywhere I'd be surprised. For BBPt5, that is a one day release at the 4 elf party and sees zero distribution.
  30. LiquidTable

    LiquidTable May 3, 2011 Michigan

    Yeah I know it's been over a week, but things have been bananas around here.
    Here's the list as it stands now (6 beers and 6 meads for package release).
    -4th Dementia Olde Ale
    -Bourbon Barrel 4D
    -Cherry Oude Bruin
    -Raw Michigan (a Barleywine brewed with 100% MI malt)
    -Michigan Mud

    -A Taste of Peach Icewine
    -Rye Barrel French Toast Mead
    -Vanilla Gorillabilly
    -Cinnamonster-Redneck Frankenstein
    -Mint Julep
    -Manhattan Project

    There may be a few more surprises as well, but I won't say for sure right now.

    I know the biggest concern is the lack of BBBW on the list. We recently tasted it and feel that it will probably not be to our standards by Solstice. Our tentative plan is to hold a January release...We will hold a bottle release and Burns Supper (in honor of Scottish poet Robert Burns) on Jan 25 - releasing both Bourbon Barrel Barleywine and A Few Shillings Too Many. (More details to come on this event in the coming weeks...)

  31. steebo777

    steebo777 Jun 30, 2009 Michigan

    Well, at least it is coming from the official Kuhnehnns peeps and not just word of mouth. Good to know about BBBW, still stoked for everything else.
  32. ereye

    ereye Nov 4, 2012 Michigan

    Oh boy. December is really getting expensive... Cant wait though!
  33. psykosis

    psykosis May 21, 2009 Indiana
    Beer Trader

    Details on Forbidden? Never heard of it...
  34. sarcastro

    sarcastro Sep 20, 2006 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Check the initial post in this thread.
  35. psykosis

    psykosis May 21, 2009 Indiana
    Beer Trader

    ugh. Working on Saturday has me off my game.

    *slaps forehead*
  36. hubsluvsbeer

    hubsluvsbeer Feb 12, 2013 Michigan

    mmmmmm french toast
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  37. raymo55

    raymo55 Oct 3, 2011 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    I promised my kids BBBW for Christmas. They will not be happy.
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  38. FrankHammer

    FrankHammer Jan 31, 2013 Michigan
    Beer Trader

  39. SournRare

    SournRare Dec 2, 2012 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    I heard they have American Impy Stout sitting in BT barrels.
  40. Tony412

    Tony412 Jan 26, 2012 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Good lawd, that would be awesome.
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