The Oldest Beer You've Had

Discussion in 'Cellaring / Aging Beer' started by Sneers, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. DelMontiac

    DelMontiac Oct 22, 2010 Oklahoma

    2001 J.W. Lees Vintage Harvest Ale at the 10 year mark.
  2. Kuemmelbrau

    Kuemmelbrau Aug 2, 2008 Louisiana

    1953 john smiths coronation ale- brewed for queen Elizabeth's coronation. I brought it to a historic beer tasting with the owner of the avenue pub here in new orleans. Damn tasty for 60 years old!

    I've had quite a few Thomas hardy's from the 70/80s in the last year. Those bottles (really every old beer) are so dependent on how well they were cellared. The TH I had were very hit or miss, but the hits... Oh man.... they were out of the park!
  3. kzoobrew

    kzoobrew May 8, 2006 Michigan

    1992 Third Coast Old and and 1994 Expedition in December of 2011. Both were among the best of the respective beers I have ever had.
  4. SeaOfShells

    SeaOfShells Feb 22, 2011 California

    I had a 2007 Old Guardian last year, so it was close to five years old.
  5. Lantern

    Lantern Feb 27, 2011

    Not very old... 5 yr. old Raison D'Extra.
  6. stupac2

    stupac2 Feb 22, 2011 California
    Beer Trader

    I had a 1971 (or 1972, I forget) Rodenbach a while back that tasted remarkably similar to fresh Rodenbach.
  7. SeaOfShells

    SeaOfShells Feb 22, 2011 California

    I can't even understand what this means.
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  8. Bitterbill

    Bitterbill Sep 14, 2002 Wyoming
    Beer Trader

    The oldest, not drunk by me, that I can remember reading on BA was an 1869 Ratcliff Ale. Or at least, he has some. I can't truly remember which. Where the hell are you, Traquairlover????
  9. ChanChan

    ChanChan Dec 12, 2009 California
    Beer Trader

    I would refrigerate the thing for a few days, then pour slowly, and hope the sludge don't come out in chunks!! Alternatively, you can use a coffee filter! I'd still hit it!!

    Good luck dude!!!
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  10. match1112

    match1112 Mar 2, 2011 Illinois


    Found a couple of these at a flea market back in October. So naturally I had to drink one.
  11. mocktm

    mocktm Jan 3, 2011 Virginia
    Beer Trader

    Got to try a '87 Goudenband recently and it was absolutely phenomenal.
  12. Bitterbill

    Bitterbill Sep 14, 2002 Wyoming
    Beer Trader

    All I have is an empty. It must be drinking gloriously by now.:rolleyes:
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  13. match1112

    match1112 Mar 2, 2011 Illinois

    It wasn't horrible. Still have a full can that I don't know what to do with.
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  14. notchucknorris

    notchucknorris May 28, 2010 California
    Beer Trader

    Thanks! I know I probably shouldn't be as excited as I am to try this beer. I just can't wait though.
  15. Bitterbill

    Bitterbill Sep 14, 2002 Wyoming
    Beer Trader

    Find a can of Billy beer and mix 'em. :p
  16. beerFool28607

    beerFool28607 Feb 22, 2012 North Carolina

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  17. match1112

    match1112 Mar 2, 2011 Illinois

    Somewhere around here there use to be a full can of Iron City Beer with the Steelers team picture for a label. I believe it was to celebrate the 1978 Super Bowl. Is that right? Too lazy to google if that is the correct year.
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  18. beerFool28607

    beerFool28607 Feb 22, 2012 North Carolina

    It means a friend of his poured a can of 'Four Loko' brand flavored malt beverage into an empty Cantillon bottle and served it to him. The implication is that this was an unexpected surprise, which he found to be an experience.
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  19. Mgm54

    Mgm54 Apr 7, 2011 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    I had a 7 years old SA summer ale. Just so strange and bad, but interesting
  20. SeaOfShells

    SeaOfShells Feb 22, 2011 California

    Forgive me, it's still a little unclear.
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  21. beerFool28607

    beerFool28607 Feb 22, 2012 North Carolina

    I see what you did there :)

  22. Bitterbill

    Bitterbill Sep 14, 2002 Wyoming
    Beer Trader

    I have an empty of that one as well. I'm too lazy to go down to the basement and look. I'm too busy with this bottle in front of me.:D
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  23. InebriatedJoker

    InebriatedJoker Sep 16, 2010 Ohio
    Beer Trader

    So far for me a 2008 Heninipin and a 2008 JW Lee's - The Hennipin was great the JW's not so much.
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  24. stxSS07

    stxSS07 Nov 23, 2010 Illinois

    Had a 2005 Third Coast from Bell's. It was...old.
  25. Bitterbill

    Bitterbill Sep 14, 2002 Wyoming
    Beer Trader

    I've always found the JW Lees need a lot of cellaring...apparently for that edition, more than 4 years. I had a 97 last year...that's what prompted me into saying this.
  26. semibaked

    semibaked Mar 27, 2007 Kentucky

    1985 Westy EXTRA 8. Very good too.
  27. dasenebler

    dasenebler Jan 26, 2008 Maine

    I'd agree. The 1999 vintage is the oldest beer I've ever drank, and it was delicious at 11 years out. Had a bottle of the 2005 around the same time and it wasn't nearly as good. Cheers
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  28. Hotmetal1

    Hotmetal1 Feb 28, 2012 Mississippi
    Beer Trader

    I'd like to have an empty can since my name is J.R.
  29. dannon71

    dannon71 Jun 19, 2005 Florida

    These two Ratcliff's are in my cellar but I've not tasted. 1902 King's Ale would be the oldest for me.

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  30. ChanChan

    ChanChan Dec 12, 2009 California
    Beer Trader

    One more thing... The cork can be very brittle, it snaps out easily so be very careful when opening this beer!
  31. notchucknorris

    notchucknorris May 28, 2010 California
    Beer Trader

    Sounds good. Thanks for the heads up!
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  32. hooliganlife

    hooliganlife Apr 12, 2007 Missouri
    Beer Trader

    1987 samichlaus helles. Front end was sweet and dark fruit, smooth. Back end was complete soy sauce.
  33. Retsinis

    Retsinis Sep 25, 2009 California

    A joke to make a point. It was mid way through a tasting, and a Cantillon Lou Pepe had already been served, but he also had an empty bottle of the same beer in his garage. He took this bottle of four loko that was years old, been baked in the sun, chilled it, and then poured it into the Cantillon bottle, and brought it out. It was funny those that knew immediately that something was very wrong with the beer and that it was not Lou Pepe at all, and those that sniff, drank, and said "wow, I love Cantillion, it's so awesome"

    Seen it happen in the wine world a bit. Invite some self described wine afficinado's over for a tasting, have a bottle of say Silver Oak and maybe a few others, and say a Charles Shaw (Aka $2 buck chuck) in a decantor, along with an empty bottle of a really high end bottle of wine you may have already had, and or served that evening along with other wines. Many often will still say, "man this is fantastic, I love Silver Oak" after being served the Chuck, since they perceive the bottle, not evening having a very discerning palatte to know the difference in the beverage, but the same person might be very snobbish about the wines they buy, taste the rare. I prefer blinds tasting myself, (as does the friend that did this) takes preconveived perceptions out entirely.
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  34. jedwards

    jedwards Feb 3, 2009 California

    Opened one of these earlier in the summer:


    There's some debate regarding their age, but they're definitely pre-WWII, possibly WWI-era. It was actually quite good -- had some really interesting smoky qualities that I was not expecting.
  35. dannon71

    dannon71 Jun 19, 2005 Florida

    Absolutely gorgeous bottles! We must have secured ours from the same I originally had four of these and have only drank one so far. The one I had was very drinkable and interesting. It was quite thin with a bit of the smokiness that you mentioned but also some very noticeable brett yeast characteristics. I've been told this was possibly from wild spores inside the brewery vats that were controlled and intentionally allowed to be exposed to the beer (not 100% sure about this though). It appears these were bottle by the publicans themselves as I had three from Mrs. J. Telfer in Musselburgh and one from W. Irvine in Edinburgh.
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  36. Bonis

    Bonis Jul 28, 2010 Ohio

    1999 JW Lees. Have also had the 2000 and 2001 versions. Still see these floating around occasionally. Can't say I thoroughly enjoyed them, then again I don't know how they were cellared for most of their lifetimes.
  37. nicks6217

    nicks6217 Jan 15, 2010 California
    Beer Trader

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  38. sacrelicio

    sacrelicio Feb 15, 2005 Minnesota

    Oh I bet. Love that beer.
  39. sacrelicio

    sacrelicio Feb 15, 2005 Minnesota

    No way, the hops are gone after 2 weeks.
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