The Phoenix on Westheimer (brewpub) Houston, Tx

Discussion in 'Southwest' started by Ford, Nov 26, 2014.

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  1. Ford

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  2. champ103

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    They are just a pseudo Irish pub, I think it was built by a company in Ireland and shipped over in pieces to be assembled here (that kind of thing was sort of popular about 5-10 years ago around Houston). It use to be called the Firkin Phoenix, and would be crowded with the retired Ex Pats having lunch during the week. As is, pretty standard and generic food, with some Saint Arnold, Karbach, and 512 on occasion. Really not bad by any means, kind of surprised they chose this rout though. Hopefully they have a good brewer hired.
  3. Dicers

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    It's always nice to see a brewpub come up glad they hit their goal and I will definitely give them a try when the time is right
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  4. Can_has_beer

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    I think they had a launch party for this last night. Anybody go or hear anything about it?
  5. tx_beer_man

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