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Discussion in 'South-Atlantic' started by Arsenal_MC, Apr 11, 2016.

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  1. TomCat11

    TomCat11 Zealot (531) Jul 21, 2012 Virginia

    By the time you read this it's probably too late but post from Veil about 30mins ago.
    - Daddy's Home is all SOLD OUT!!
    - IdontwanttoBU - approx 3.5 cases left; $13+tax per 4-pack; 3x 4-packs per person)

    We also will be selling 30 tickets today starting at 4PM when we open our doors to Forever Summer Fest. $100 per ticket. 2 tickets per person. Choose your session. Non-refundable, but transferable.
  2. Jay_P22

    Jay_P22 Initiate (0) Mar 17, 2016 Virginia

    Drank the child support hoppy pils the other night and it was damn good.

    Lord Lord Shredder Shredder was legit AF. So good.
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  3. TomCat11

    TomCat11 Zealot (531) Jul 21, 2012 Virginia

    All cans sold out yesterday

    70 or so tix remain as of an hour or so ago. Not busy at all and no rush on tix.
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  4. TomCat11

    TomCat11 Zealot (531) Jul 21, 2012 Virginia

    Update on tix posted this morning

    Only 29 tix remain. Session A (11am-2pm)
    Doors open at Noon. 2pp
  5. montman

    montman Devotee (406) Mar 10, 2009 Virginia

    Funny to me after all the hand wringing and social media complaints about getting tix, it ends up all you have to do is waltz in and pick them up.
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  6. ElGordito

    ElGordito Initiate (0) Jul 10, 2011 Virginia

    FOMO 101. On the local boards people were asking ridiculous stuff for tickets and putting up ridiculous trades to get a ticket.
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  7. coquet

    coquet Initiate (93) Aug 31, 2014 Virginia

    I see Veil is releasing Crucial Taunt on Tuesday with no can limits. What are the odds of cans lasting until opening on Wednesday? I will be driving through and would love to bring some back to NoVA.
  8. TomCat11

    TomCat11 Zealot (531) Jul 21, 2012 Virginia

    You should be good I would think. When Crucial was last released 3 weeks ago they started with 180 cases at no limit and 27 carried over into Wednesday. That was also next to a brand new can (Toof Ache) as well.
  9. TomCat11

    TomCat11 Zealot (531) Jul 21, 2012 Virginia

    Posted this morning with information about remaining tix and when to expect more info about Saturday's Summer Fest. With no additional information on cans looks like just Crucial Taunt and Lil' Kitty Boy this week.

    "We only have 17 Session A tickets available. We will begin sales for these when we open our doors at 4pm. 2pp. $100 each. Non-refundable, but transferable. We will be making a huge post by the end of tomorrow regarding Forever Summer Fest. This will include the final draft list for the fest and the after party at our place. It will also answer some FAQs and provide some info regarding how things will go. We're just about to start canning. Update on case counts/draft list coming soon."
  10. SlothB77

    SlothB77 Initiate (0) Dec 28, 2012 Virginia

    So i know Veil releases cans to go on Tuesdays. I am going down to Richmond over Labor Day weekend. Like Friday - Sunday. Any chance some cans to go will linger and I can pick them up on Friday?
  11. montman

    montman Devotee (406) Mar 10, 2009 Virginia

    There is a chance something is left, sure, but not likely.
    Its happened a few times, I've picked up some cans on a Friday before, however more often than not, they have sold out by then. For sure whatever is more popular by then will be gone.
  12. Shilt

    Shilt Initiate (0) Dec 26, 2011 Virginia

    It feels like Master Shredder should be returning next week since it hasn't been canned since July. If that is the case, I can see it lasting until Friday or Saturday. Then again, with possible no limits and people traveling on Labor Day, many may stock up. Just keep an eye on Veil Facebook page to see what they release next week.
  13. TomCat11

    TomCat11 Zealot (531) Jul 21, 2012 Virginia

    Been seeing several posts over the past few days of people trying to see tix to get their $$ back. Almost seems like a lot of people purchased their two limit and they either cannot get Sat free or someone they had planned to come with is unable to make it.I think all the posts I have seen it has just been 1 ticket these people are looking to sell.
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  14. TomCat11

    TomCat11 Zealot (531) Jul 21, 2012 Virginia

    Veil just posted info for today's release. Very quiet on the local group pages today so I'm guessing these will last a few days. Maybe until at least Thursday. Everyone must have spent their weekly stipend on Fest tix last week......

    EDIT (2:40pm): Someone just posted a picture of the line. Absolutely no one in line other than 2 empty chairs.

    We will be releasing the following two brands in 16oz cans/4-packs beginning when we open at 4PM(we close at 10PM):
    -Lil' Kitty Boi-4.8%-Simcoe IPA($13+tax/4-pack; approx 175 cases; NO LIMIT)
    -Crucial Taunt-8%-our beloved flagship DIPA($14+tax/4-pack; approx 205 cases; NO LIMIT)

    Here's today's draft list:
    -Crucial Taunt-8%-our flagship Double IPA(FRESH batch)
    -Eternal Shredder-8.1%-Double IPA(limited supplies)
    -Child Support-4.5%-hoppy Pilsner with Mosaic(limited supplies)
    -IdontwanttoBU-6.9%-0 IBU IPA with Citra and Mosaic
    -Dreamless-4%-unspiced traditional Witbier
    -Cheryl Cheryl-6.4%-double dry-hopped sour IPA(limited supplies)
    -Daddy's Home-10.6%-Triple IPA(collaboration with Other Half Brewing Company)
    -Lil' Kitty Boi-4.8%-Simcoe IPA

    We still have 17 Session A tickets available for Forever Summer Fest(this Saturday August 27th). 2pp. $100 each ticket. No holds or phone sales. In person only.

    We have plenty of shirts and glassware(including Yeti tekus).

    Intergalactic Tacos will be slinging food all night. So come hungry!

    Open from 4PM-10PM! Come hang!
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  15. Crim122

    Crim122 Initiate (0) Aug 4, 2014 North Carolina

    I wish Richmond wasnt so far away. I did a evening trip after work one night and came back the same night and it was one of the worst things I've ever done.
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  16. montman

    montman Devotee (406) Mar 10, 2009 Virginia

    Seems like a good week to find someone to #gopickitupformebro. :slight_smile:
  17. TomCat11

    TomCat11 Zealot (531) Jul 21, 2012 Virginia

    Update on cans available going into today's 4pm opening. Impressed they sold so much considering the early line was nearly non-existent and saw posts of the it starting to form about an hour before ending up with maybe 40-50 in line at 4pm.

    -Lil' Kitty Boi - approx 64 cases left; NO LIMIT (111 cases sold yesterday)
    -Crucial Taunt approx 39 cases; NO LIMIT (166 cases sold yesterday)

    6 Session A (11am-2pm) tickets left for Forever Summer Fest (this Saturday August 27th). 2pp. $100 each ticket. No holds or phone sales. In person only.
  18. NCbeer

    NCbeer Initiate (0) Sep 6, 2012 North Carolina

    I am in search of two tickets to Forever Summer Fest this weekend. Any session will work. Thank you!
  19. ncaudle

    ncaudle Initiate (0) May 28, 2010 Virginia

    brewery said they have 6 tickets left to go on sale at 4pm when they open today
  20. scottdills

    scottdills Initiate (0) Dec 13, 2010 North Carolina

    I think he's in North Carolina though.
  21. TomCat11

    TomCat11 Zealot (531) Jul 21, 2012 Virginia

    With it being 2pp and probably not many people came by multiple days for more tix you will probably have to string together deals with 2 separate people. Worst case scenario just make the trip up and visit some of the other really good breweries in RVA and go to the after party that begins at 6.
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  22. TomCat11

    TomCat11 Zealot (531) Jul 21, 2012 Virginia

    Details posted about an hour ago
    Here is a full draft list and a bunch of info for Forever Summer Fest attendees. Friendly reminder, this is technically a private, ticketed event. The brewery will be closed to the general public on Saturday August 27th until 6pm. We will then open the doors to the general public for the official Forever Summer Fest After Party.

    Draft list:

    The Veil Brewing Co
    LOL Tho
    Cheryl Cheryl
    Daddy's Home
    Crucial Taunt
    Lil' Kitty Boi

    Ocelot Brewing Company
    Three Lovers

    Commonwealth Brewing Company
    Papi Chulo

    Oxbow Brewing Company

    Other Half Brewing
    All Citra Everything
    Topical Depression

    Cycle Brewing Company

    Bissell Brothers
    The Subtance

    Tired Hands Brewing Company
    We Are All Infinite Energy Vibrating At The
    Same Frequency

    Threes Brewing
    There You Are

    Dreaming of the Usual
    Swap Meets

    Suarez Family Brewery
    Believe You Me

    Trillium Brewing Company
    Galaxy Cutting Tiles
    Double Dry Hopped Fort Point

    Lawson's Finest Liquids
    Sip of Sunshine

    The Answer Brewpub
    Piece of the Action
    Making IPA Great Again

    We will open the gate for Session A attendees at 10:45am. Beers will not begin pouring until 11am. Feel free to line up prior to 10:45am so our security personnel can check ID's and give you the appropriate wristband in an effort to expedite the entry process. Anyone on the Will Call list for session A or session B can pickup their tickets from the Will Call table located at the entrance to the event beginning at 10am. We encourage everyone to Uber or carpool to the event. Our parking lot will be closed for the event. Street parking will be available. If you plan on driving please bring a designated driver. Designated drivers will be allowed entry into the event. They will receive a color coded wristband. There will be food, cold brew coffee and soft drinks available for purchase by designated drivers. If a designated driver is observed sampling beer the entire group will be escorted from the event.

    Session A ends promptly at 2pm and the brewery grounds will be cleared so clean up and preparations for session B can take place. The gate will open to session B attendees as soon as cleanup and preparations are completed. Attendees can line up prior to 2:30pm to help expedite the entry process. Beers will begin pouring at 2:30pm.

    Session B will end promptly at 5:30pm and the brewery grounds will be cleared so we can clean and make preparations for opening to the public at 6pm.

    As you enter the event you will receive your glass and meal tickets. You will receive a map of the event which will show you where each brewery will be pouring beers. The map will also serve as a checklist of samples you have received. After you receive a pour your map will be marked showing that you have received that tasting pour. This allows us to ensure everyone will be able to sample each beer.

    We will have several items to raffle off during the event. We are extremely thankful to be able to support Child Savers with the proceeds from this event. Representatives from Child Savers will be in attendance. The Child Savers tent will serve as the location for our raffles. Raffle tickets are cash only and will be $5 per ticket. You can buy as many tickets as you want. There will be a raffle drawing for session A at 1pm and a raffle drawing for session B at 4:30pm. You must be present during the raffle drawing to win. Raffle items for each session are identical.

    Items for raffle:

    1) Glassware package including our limited edition grand opening glass.

    2) Glassware package including our limited edition Hornswoggler glass.

    3) 4-pack of Sleeping Forever

    4) A private tour of the brewery for 4-6 people on a Saturday with Co-founder and Head Brewer Matt Tarpey.

    Child Savers will also be accepting donations at their tent.

    Veil merchandise will be available for purchase during the event inside at the far right of our tasting room bar. We are not reserving cans for purchase during the event. If there are any cans remaining from our Tuesday release we will split those and make them available to attendees on a first come first served basis. If you want a better chance to purchase cans we suggest you visit the brewery this week prior to the event.

    The brewery will be closed to the public on Saturday 8/27 until 6pm. We will be opened to the public at 6pm and closing at our normal time of 12am.

    The after party will begin at 6pm when the brewery opens to the public. If a line begins for entry to the after party please orient it south down Roseneath Rd and around the corner to Marshall St. We will have 4 designated points of sale at the bar inside the tasting room. Please go to one of these lines for service. Special beers made available at the after party, like Sleeping Forever, will be limited to two pours per person in an effort to let as many people as possible enjoy the beers.

    If you have any other questions, please post them (on the fb post) and we will do our best to answer them in a timely fashion. It's going to be a great festival for an amazing cause. Cheers!
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  23. TomCat11

    TomCat11 Zealot (531) Jul 21, 2012 Virginia

    I think I got the announced new Veil beers that will be tapped at the Forever Summer Fest After Party. This is an event anyone can attend, beginning at 6pm, and is when the tap room will open to the public on Sat. No entry fee for this. At least 2 of the pictures on Veil's FB page show sixtels so assuming each will be this. Not sure how many though. Sleeping Forever appears to be just a single sixtel so that will definitely go quick even if they do 6oz min. pours.

    - Sleeping Forever(our anniversary imperial stout) - sixtel. This will be the last time this beer is tapped in Virginia until our anniversary next year.

    - Never Again is a 4.9% Gose with Pink Himalayan salt and a ton of raspberries. Almost 700lbs/100 gallons of raspberry purée was added to this 15bbl batch. It's just insane! The aromatics are incredible. Smells just like fresh raspberries. Probably the cleanest kettle sour we've ever produced. Perfect level of acidity. We are beyond thrilled and proud of this beer. This will be a draft preview ONLY. Cans will be packaged and released the following Tuesday August 30th with 2 other brands to be announced soon.

    - Daddy Daddy(double dry-hopped Daddy's Home). This one and only pin(cask conditioned) of this double dry-hopped Triple IPA collab with Other Half Brewing Company is going to be straight insane. Loaded with Simcoe, Citra, and Galaxy it's going to go fast.

    - Jeune(French for "young") is a single barrel of a 100% spontaneously fermented turbid mashed beer. At only 6 months in age, this barrel is an incredible expression of our what we envision this project becoming. The acidity has developed to resemble a 1-1.5 year old traditional spontaneously fermented ale. Jeune is the blood of The Veil. It's the most passion driven element of our project. The spontaneous program is guided by patience. We allow the beer to tell us when it is ready. We may not see more from these barrels for months or years.
  24. trevord13

    trevord13 Initiate (0) Sep 30, 2010 Virginia

    Maybe it`s just me, but that seems like an incredibly short / disappointing list of IPAs for $100. Makes WW Funkatorium Invitational look like a steal at $80 and $100 for VIP.

    I`m sure it will be a great time though - enjoy!
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  25. dsigmon

    dsigmon Initiate (0) Jun 20, 2007 Florida

    ^^^ Don't worry, after sampling 5-6 everyone's pallet will be so shot it won't matter if it's Founders All Day IPA or Heady Topper.
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  26. beernuts

    beernuts Initiate (0) Jan 23, 2014 Virginia

    Not a great list for sampling tons of different beers, but an amazing list for drinking awesome IPAs all day. I wish I could have made it, but not too sour about missing it (work, not ticket issues).
  27. guinness77

    guinness77 Poo-Bah (1,789) Jan 6, 2014 New York

    So, I left Virginia with 11 left each of Crucial Taunt and Toof Ache (I drank one of each while I was still there) and I now am down to 4 each left. They've been cold the entire time too. This is from the 8/2 release.

    I gave 4 CTs away and split another with a friend, and I gave 4 TAs away, and these are people that all know their beer, and all of them came away thoroughly impressed. Not that none of you know this already, but cheers to The Veil. Lol, I'm drinking the rest of them all myself.
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  28. TomCat11

    TomCat11 Zealot (531) Jul 21, 2012 Virginia

    Anyone coming into town tomorrow night and looking for something to do....The Answer is releasing their collab w/ Cycle beginning at 4pm. Cycle is also bringing up several of their beers to tap. Details on The Answer's social media pages.
  29. Crim122

    Crim122 Initiate (0) Aug 4, 2014 North Carolina

    This may not be the proper thread to ask this. But would Richmond be a good place to do a day beer trip? Like if I got an airbnb. LCCB doesnt look too far away either which would be fun.
  30. TomCat11

    TomCat11 Zealot (531) Jul 21, 2012 Virginia

    Can update for Friday......41 cases of Lil' Kitty Boi going into today's 4pm opening.

    Definitely! You almost need to plan at least 1/2 day for LCCB. Depending on where you are in Richmond that trip (one-way) would be 40-50 minutes most likely. There's a lot of breweries so you could easily stretch it into a couple days if you were to even make a weekend out of it.
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  31. reidjoshua

    reidjoshua Initiate (0) May 3, 2013 California

    Thanks for the info. We will be going to the answer after session a
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  32. TomCat11

    TomCat11 Zealot (531) Jul 21, 2012 Virginia

    The Answer keeps their tap list updated on Untappd so check that out before heading over to help decide. As of last night they still have a couple from the CCB takeover on. Definitely give they Andalls a go. They never disappoint!
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  33. cj8311

    cj8311 Aspirant (256) Nov 12, 2008 Maryland

    100% yes. there is plenty to occupy you, buddies and i have done this a few times from DC

    + The Veil
    + The Answer
    + Mekong
    + Triple Crossing
    + Strangeways can be fun
    + Hardywood
    + Black Sheep for food

    etc. Theres plenty more to add, you can easily fill a 1 night trip
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  34. Crim122

    Crim122 Initiate (0) Aug 4, 2014 North Carolina

    That was going to be my next question, food. Ok I need to do this soon.
  35. TomCat11

    TomCat11 Zealot (531) Jul 21, 2012 Virginia

    Mekong has awesome food if you like Vietnamese. The Answer also does very good food too.
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  36. reidjoshua

    reidjoshua Initiate (0) May 3, 2013 California

    That Andall list... good lord.

    If we wanted to pal around downtown Sunday AM is there anything or anywhere to walk around to in order to kill time? (Center of the Universe opens at 1PM). Brunch at Black Sheep looks like a possibility. We're staying near the capitol it looks like, so we can probably walk around there and down to James River (Brown's Island/Gambles Hill Park).
  37. Shilt

    Shilt Initiate (0) Dec 26, 2011 Virginia

    Go to Saison or Saison Market. Grab the Nashville Chicken biscuit. Alternatively brunch at Millie's is also fantastic, but you need to get there early, like 9am. Brown's Island is fine, but would also suggest Church Hill. Grab a beer at Union Market and can walk around Libbie Hill park. Tons of options, for sure.
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  38. ncaudle

    ncaudle Initiate (0) May 28, 2010 Virginia

    the Scotts Addition/Fan/VCU area will have lots of extra traffic as students returning now
  39. hoppytobehere

    hoppytobehere Champion (818) Aug 10, 2012 District of Columbia

    Anyone at the after party? Heading over soon. Wondering how crowded it is.
  40. Kanger

    Kanger Initiate (0) Sep 3, 2013 New York

    Forever Summer Fest was a great time.
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