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Third Annual Colorado Beer Roundup

Discussion in 'Mountain' started by Schmittymack, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. Schmittymack

    Schmittymack Defender (642) Sep 3, 2008 Colorado
    Subscriber Beer Trader

    Went to this today and while the setting, etc were great, instead of the 20 to 30 breweries that were advertised, there were only nine: Boulder, Wibby, Post, Tommyknocker, New Belgium, Oskar Blues, Prost, Echo, and Wonderland. Pretty underwhelming to say the least. Having used a Groupon, I can't complain about the cost but if I'd paid full price--or had paid for VIP, I'd be ticked.
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  2. Schmittymack

    Schmittymack Defender (642) Sep 3, 2008 Colorado
    Subscriber Beer Trader

    ...and on a positive note, I did win a $25 gift card from Colorado Keg House by spinning the wheel.
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  3. Fitshaced

    Fitshaced Aspirant (229) Feb 29, 2012 Colorado

    I also went and was very disappointed. 9 breweries actually showing up is a joke. I saw a list and there were over 20+ on there. Curious why so many didn't show up. I also won on the wheel. I have a thing for a free shirt. The old guy telling stories in the stage was so annoying. Only good thing is I live 1 mile from there. Me and a buddy left after a few hours got some bbq at Georgia boys and a pint of luponic distortion #2
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  4. JakeT469

    JakeT469 Disciple (346) Jan 13, 2012 Colorado
    Beer Trader

    Man, this fest is making WtF? 2015 look like a fucking gem! Didn't hear about this fest and don't know anything about it but having that many breweries "scheduled" and having less than half show up is a goddamn joke! People need to be called out for this type of shit.
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  5. Schmittymack

    Schmittymack Defender (642) Sep 3, 2008 Colorado
    Subscriber Beer Trader

    And with so few breweries, the lines got long by 2p or so. I found myself wondering "why am I waiting in line for Tommyknocker, Boulder, etc?"

    I agree whole heartedly about the story teller...
  6. dauss

    dauss Defender (665) Aug 9, 2003 Colorado
    Subscriber Beer Trader

    People is referring to breweries or festival organizers? I didn't see a list of breweries that were supposed to be in attendance.

    We have to turn down events regularly because some organizers are reaching out weeks prior, but we may have committed to another event at the same date and time several months ago.

    It could be that breweries bailed, but more likely the organizers over promised on the event details to try to sell more tickets.
  7. rscot231

    rscot231 Initiate (180) Mar 11, 2008 Colorado
    Beer Trader

    Do you recall where you saw the list? I was looking for one once I saw this thread today and couldn't find one with more than 10 breweries on it.
  8. rkarimi

    rkarimi Devotee (441) Nov 6, 2010 Colorado
    Beer Trader

    From a July 18 Facebook posting, breweries that were supposed to be there, but not on OP's list

    Left Hand
    Very Nice
    Old Mine
    Pateros Creek
    Fort Collins Brewery
    Beer by Design
    Grossen Bart
    Big Choice
    Open Door
    Black Shirt
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  9. JakeT469

    JakeT469 Disciple (346) Jan 13, 2012 Colorado
    Beer Trader

  10. Fitshaced

    Fitshaced Aspirant (229) Feb 29, 2012 Colorado

    Left hand was actually there but the rest on that list weren't..

    I have no idea who is to blame I would assume more on breweries imo. If all these guys did commit and flaked then that's terrible. But who really knows maybe they told told organizers a "maybe" and if organizers put them ad going off a maybe then that's on them. But I have no way of knowing what happened. It was just a bummer. If you go to there FB page there are a bunch of people complaining about the same thing and I was one that gave it a terrible rating..
  11. Fitshaced

    Fitshaced Aspirant (229) Feb 29, 2012 Colorado

    I should really spell check before hitting post, my bad. I do plan on going to the westy beer fest on the 13th. That one looks good and weldwerks is on the list as going
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