Three Floyds Floy Division dated late 2017. Still good?

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  1. ChiefFrogsplash

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    I’ve gotten a few olldd bottles from a friend after recently visiting home, namely the floy division 1-5 bombers, dated in late 2017.. any chance this stuff is still good?
  2. beersampler6

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    Love that place. But the Floy Division beers are a set of IPAs, right? Have those been refrigerated this whole time?

    There’s a good chance the hops have faded and now you’re just left with malt bombs.
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  3. toolbrew

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    Drink them as a horizontal and report back here! As noted above, hops will have faded but what it turned into may be interesting.
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    You "could" check the ratings for the beers. As they were aboot a year and a half ago.