Three "Go To" mediocre beers

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by pro45, Nov 5, 2016.

  1. pro45

    pro45 Aspirant (274) Sep 11, 2016 New York

    What're your three average type beers, other than AAL's, that you find you drink the most of? Mine would be:

    Redhook IPA
    Genny Cream Ale
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  2. jwheeler87

    jwheeler87 Aspirant (226) Oct 27, 2011 Massachusetts

    Sam Adams Boston Lager
    Harpoon IPA
    Goose Island IPA

    The best options at place's like Chili's and the 99.
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  3. Shanex

    Shanex Crusader (745) Dec 10, 2015 France
    Beer Trader

    Leffe, but nobody will agree that it is 'mediocre', it's just cheap and okay/good. Grimbergen and Affligem too.

    SABL mediocre? Uh I'd disagree here... for the price and the flavor it's worth it, it's America everyday beer (outside of Bud)
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  4. zid

    zid Savant (909) Feb 15, 2010 New York
    Beer Trader

    I know I should avoid looking at people's suggestions for this backhanded compliment... it'll only make me unhappy, but I can't stay away.
  5. scottakelly

    scottakelly Devotee (487) May 9, 2007 Ohio

    I wouldn't call Jever mediocre. It's a great German Pils.
  6. eldoctorador

    eldoctorador Zealot (538) Dec 12, 2014 California

    First define mediocre. Mediocre=reasonable priced?. Mediocre=not a sexy style?
    Mediocre=Not a sexy brewery?
    Mediocre=brewing flaws?
    Mediocre=Beer Advocate rating low?

    Just asking.
  7. pro45

    pro45 Aspirant (274) Sep 11, 2016 New York

    It's the beer YOU would deem as mediocre. As an example, it could be DFH 90 Min. or it could be Shiner Bock.
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  8. TongoRad

    TongoRad Poo-Bah (2,283) Jun 3, 2004 New Jersey
    Premium Member Beer Trader

    This x 1000.
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  9. jrnyc

    jrnyc Meyvn (1,252) Mar 21, 2010 New York
    Premium Member Beer Trader

    Not to sounds like a beer snob, but a mediocre beer would never be a go-to for me.
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    THANAT0PSIS Crusader (708) Aug 3, 2010 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    I don't drink mediocre beer if I can help it, and it would never be a go-to if it was mediocre. Why would I drink mediocre beer when I could drink good beer? I have no problem finding great beer to "go-to," so even settling for good beer is something I seldom do.

    Jever is hilariously far from mediocre.
  11. ovaltine

    ovaltine Poo-Bah (1,906) Apr 6, 2010 Indiana
    Premium Member Beer Trader

    I expend an extraordinary amount of effort and money to avoid "mediocre" beer.
  12. SFACRKnight

    SFACRKnight Meyvn (1,126) Jan 20, 2012 Colorado
    Beer Trader

    I also avoid mediocre beer. There is so much good to excellent beer its not worth it to me, but lets assume mediocre means no ba hype, my three are:
    Ellies brown ale
    anchor steam
    90 Schilling
  13. cavedave

    cavedave Poo-Bah (2,358) Mar 12, 2009 New York
    Beer Trader

    I think "go to" is not the precise concept OP was looking for, but I'll let him/her speak for him/herself.

    It could be this was intended as a 'guilty pleasure beer' thread or 'when you can't find anything better what beer do you go for'?
  14. kilgore777

    kilgore777 Initiate (128) Oct 22, 2009 Pennsylvania

    This. I was going to reply but I don't want to rip ony my "go-tos" because they are pretty damn good. Who wants to drink mediocre beer? I might die tomorrow and regret it!
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  15. Matthew315

    Matthew315 Initiate (144) Oct 5, 2016 New York
    Beer Trader

    my homebrew
    sierra nevada
    and if i am really reaching...ill simply settle for the letters IPA
  16. rronin

    rronin Initiate (191) Jul 4, 2005 Washington

    Depends so much in what your definition of "mediocre" would be. Since you are asking for a "go-to" beer I would define "mediocre" as consistent, inoffensive and available most places. Something that would appeal to a broad sampling of beer drinkers. There are few things as frustrating as offering a guest an expensive and hard to find beer only to have them take a couple of sips and find the nearly full bottle stashed in a quiet corner of the kitchen after everyone's gone home! I like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale for that job. It is consistently high in quality, not "too much" (too bitter, too malty, etc) and it's in every grocery and beer store.
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  17. SFACRKnight

    SFACRKnight Meyvn (1,126) Jan 20, 2012 Colorado
    Beer Trader

    Will someone just put some beers down and quit dancing around the question. ..
  18. K-jack211

    K-jack211 Initiate (180) Jun 22, 2014 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    For some, a beer is mediocre just because it can qualify as "go-to." In any event, my three average (by today's standards) go-tos are:

    SN Pale Ale
    SA Boston Lager
    Zywiec Porter
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  19. Jirin

    Jirin Aspirant (282) Apr 28, 2013 Massachusetts

    I don't often have to go to mediocre beers *because* I live around Boston and almost every bar has at least SABL.

    I will go to Blue Moon or Harpoon UFO if I have to, or whatever random porter or amber ale the bar happens to have.
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  20. tjwarren

    tjwarren Disciple (347) Dec 31, 2008 Ohio

    I think that the OP means - tested and true - traditional - easy to obtain. Mainstream if you will. My three are (and I do not consider them mediocre by any means):

    Anchor Steam
    Brooklyn Lager
    Two Hearted
  21. CNoj012

    CNoj012 Poo-Bah (1,510) Dec 7, 2014 New York
    Premium Member Beer Trader

    I always keep a 12 pack of Yuengling in the fridge to switch to if I drink a few hoppy beers in a row and wreck my palate and/or drink enough to get drunk past the point of really being able to taste the beer.
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  22. Brent212

    Brent212 Initiate (82) Jan 13, 2014 California
    Beer Trader

    I've gotten to a pretty ridiculous state where I essentially avoid any beer that I don't consider remarkable. If I'm not excited to drink it, either because I love it or because I've never had it, I don't.

    When I don't have options though, of course I'll drink any beer. Sober's just a terrible alternative
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  23. jakecattleco

    jakecattleco Poo-Bah (1,640) Sep 3, 2008 California
    Premium Member

    If one of the following isn't offered by draft or bottle (at least in CA), I'm looking to other beverage types:

    SN Pale
    Deschutes BB
    Anchor Steam
  24. Minnesota_beer_guy

    Minnesota_beer_guy Aspirant (271) Feb 15, 2014 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    I assume you mean "when at Applebee's or some other chain restaurant and there aren't many beer options..." and to that I would answer
    1. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (not mediocre at all)
    2. Sam Adams Boston Lager
    3. Blue Moon (if I have to)
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  25. SammyJaxxxx

    SammyJaxxxx Poo-Bah (1,865) Feb 23, 2012 New Jersey
    Beer Trader

    Anyone listing Sierra Nevada Pale as mediocre should look in the mirror. The person staring back at you is what is wrong with beer today.
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    IDABEERGUY Disciple (396) Jun 18, 2013 Idaho

    Sam Adams Boston Lager, Blue Moon and Shocktop......If I have no other choices....all three are drinkable and I can drink a bunch of them if forced to......
  27. 911CROFT

    911CROFT Devotee (475) May 18, 2015 United Kingdom (England)
    Beer Trader

    I try to avoid repurchasing mediocre beer but when I'm trying to cut back on spending I'll happily grab a Franziskaner: Hefe-Weisse instead of a Schneider Weisse: Tap 7
    Or a BrewDog: Jet Black Heart instead of a Left Hand: Milk Stout Nitro. If it's not the right time of year for FBS, I'm happy to settle for a Siren: Broken Dream.

    These are all about half the cost of my preferred alternative/ better examples of the style but are still solid choices.
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  28. K-jack211

    K-jack211 Initiate (180) Jun 22, 2014 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Pretty much everyone that has listed it thus far has qualified their response. The OP is kinda vague and, despite the thread's title, asks for average beers, not mediocre.
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  29. akolb

    akolb Crusader (709) Aug 8, 2015 Colorado
    Beer Trader

    Fat Tire
    90 Shilling
    Dale's Pale Ale
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  30. beerindex

    beerindex Initiate (123) Jun 18, 2007 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    None...if there isn't a beer I either want to try, or which I've had and loved, I don't order one. I don't drink just to drink. And quite frankly I don't find myself in bars without good beers, because the bees offered determine the bars I visit. While I'm perfectly willing to get a beer at lunch or dinner, I don't really plan on it, so if the restaurant I opt to visit only has a few basic, boring options from Founders, Bells, or New Belgium, I have water, knowing I have tons of choices at home.
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  31. Hanglow

    Hanglow Defender (607) Feb 18, 2012 United Kingdom (Scotland)

    Tennents lager - not the worst commodity lager about , also available almost everywhere here and cheap
    Deuchars - again available in lots of places, not as good as it once was but better than the other easily available scottish ales like Best etc
    Hobgoblin - tedious marketing and slagged off by craft wankers :slight_smile: but I don't mind it
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  32. pro45

    pro45 Aspirant (274) Sep 11, 2016 New York

    Yeah, I'd have to agree with Dales Pale Ale and SNPA. Readily available. They are good and, although not excellent (IMO), they are in my rotation.
  33. nc41

    nc41 Poo-Bah (1,512) Sep 25, 2008 North Carolina
    Beer Trader

    I don't have a go to mediocre beer, even though I like a few AALs. Even those AALs I wouldn't consider mediocre or I wouldn't buy them.
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  34. Donco

    Donco Devotee (493) Aug 12, 2013 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    "Mediocre" Beers? Never touch the stuff...:wink:
  35. strohme2

    strohme2 Crusader (725) Nov 3, 2007 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    I'll play. My "mediocre" ( beers I drink the most of and always have on hand) are:

    Founders All Day
    Strawberry Short's Cake
    Two Hearted
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  36. zid

    zid Savant (909) Feb 15, 2010 New York
    Beer Trader

    I'm not trying to single you out - this really isn't aimed at you, but the problem is that mediocre means not very good. It's terrible that beer fans are starting to use that word to simply signify beers that are easily obtainable.
  37. pro45

    pro45 Aspirant (274) Sep 11, 2016 New York

    What's a "not very good" beer you could drink a lot of without you saying to yourself, "this isn't very good"?
  38. csurowiec

    csurowiec Devotee (427) Mar 7, 2010 Maryland

    This whole thing is a bit of an oxymoron. How can it be a go-to and yet be mediocre? If you thought it was mediocre then it probably wouldn't be a go-to. I think most people here have better uses for their disposable income than buying beer they perceive as mediocre.
    Now, if you want to know go-to beers for me that have zero hype, that's easy.
    Smuttynose Old Brown Dog
    Oliver Creator Destroyer
    Firestone Walker Union Jack
    If I'm out somewhere with a crappy list then SNPA.
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  39. seamus14

    seamus14 Initiate (120) Feb 21, 2013 Pennsylvania

    Wow, I guess you're not allowed to have your own opinion on here. If someone calls it mediocre then that's what it is to them. Not everyone has to like all the same beer/styles. As for readily available helping define what's mediocre, what's readily available for you might not be readily available for me. Distribution where I live is terrible!!
  40. pro45

    pro45 Aspirant (274) Sep 11, 2016 New York

    What's readily available to you that you don't mind drinking, but in your opinion is just run o' da mill?
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